Lightning-Savvy Hardware to Utilize Bitcoin During Blackouts

Lightning-Savvy Hardware to Utilize Bitcoin During Blackouts

We know that Venezuela is a country plagued with power failures issue because of its economic crisis that led the country a widespread blackout covered much of Venezuela in darkness on Thursday night causing problems around the country. The sudden blackout issue normally makes hindrances to normal life and workings. So they are thinking of such a project, namely Locha Mesh initiative, which will enable them to send private messages and payments without internet connection.  

Low graded internet supply; crypto adoption here will hardly be accepted. People were issuing dollars as they preferred cash. Lacking of well-structured infrastructure will make obstacle to people even to download a crypto wallet indeed. So sophistication works in adopting crypto in Venezuela.

Turpial and Harpy, two hardwares developed by Locha Mesh works without depending on WiFi, to pass messages around the ‘’mess’’ one outlet has an interneet connection. Through using the devices users can send and receive payments using the bitcoin network. The device has been described as ‘’easy to carry and hide’’ for safety purposes.

The device’s experiment has also been done working for 22 consecutive hours. In the experiment those devices tried to connect harpy devices to the Blockstream satellite and relaying that connectivity to other users via the Turpial device. Enabling small and fast payments can be done by Lightning networks that require you to be connected otherwise you won’t be confirmed of your counterpart’s lying. It’s going to be a revolution that bitcoin will be used without electricity widespread. And this latest mesh-network hardware have been introduced by Brito for such transactions at the Lightning Conference in Berlin held in2019. The team of Locha consists of 6 members and they will start selling the device in the first quarter of 2020.  The tasks of development kits and second prototype have already been done indeed. They aimed at issuing an accessible and safe form of communication for anyone in the world.

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