Lux Ant Digital Is The Latest Electronic Banking Of Cryptocurrency

Lux Ant Digital Is The Latest Electronic Banking Of Cryptocurrency

Welcome, dear readers. I’m delighted to share with you the most promising ideas and startups in the world with cryptosystem conversion. They are designed to make our life easier and change the world in the future.

The development of cryptocurrency was quite significant, with the help of traditional financial support some years ago, the economy changed slightly from the digital fortune. From our perspective and within the entire cryptographic community, lack of innovation in financial tradition management means that we have been past the past. Being part of the new digital era leader is so great and so beneficial for everything. After this, why the central banking system started with the same method of thousand years ago?

Every day we have suffered losses of tens of millions of dollars, due to irrelevant reasons, additional commission for all types of maintenance or account card etc. The central bank is misusing the cost. The function is to create EMI or e-money organizations, to provide users with the ability to interact with this online account with an official bank account, not relied on users who are not dependent on third parties, inter alia Work on continuing to cooperate and concentrate on managing cash usage Please.

Lux Ant Digital is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in alternative investment strategies, in which a new digitization era.

At Alux Bank we are betting on technology development and the future today. We are the first ICO to look for alternatives to traditional banking, we fight for all rights, give back strength to people, are supported by Ethereum Block chain and AI protocols. We use various electronic banking services which include: Trade Bots, ATM Manufacturing, Loans, and Payment Gateways etc.

Lux Ant SL is a technology startup that focuses on projects and development related to Block chain and Smart Contracts. The company’s philosophy is based on the following principles:

-We are the future: the palpable coins we use every day will soon disappear from our pockets.

– Mediator exceptions: during economic transactions two people do not need to have a third member.

– Increased efficiency: pay directly without delay.

-Increasing the economy: we support alternative economies that give back power to the people.

To fulfill its objectives, Lux Ant Digital will request additional banking licenses in key jurisdictions to operate with different fiduciary currencies and facilitate international transactions without the need for third party commissions. We will have legal and physical jurisdiction such as ALUX BANK in Luxembourg. Our initial product design completed, as well as our website and technical documents.

The main objective of Lux Ant Digital is the creation of EDE or electronic money bodies that will focus on economies of scale, elimination of third party fees and provision of basic banking services, such as savings and loans. This is also defined as a project that seeks the purpose of capitalization needed to manage all processes the types of licenses and permits in the jurisdiction that are needed to finally have EDE. Our software and patents are being handled by some of the most expert developers and the code starts to be published.

Trading we guarantee to work efficiently even during the bearish market, while we also provide the option to create 2 different ATMs that will be able to process all the necessary procedures. Our mobile application will make it easier for you to use various functions that you can use for you through our platform.

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