How to Make Money in Crypto Bear Market?

Top 5 Ways of Making MORE Money in Cryptocurrency Bear Market

Indeed, nowadays, the money-making opportunities of retail investors from the Cryptocurrency industry are playing a role head-to-head with the innovation of the blockchain industry behind the growing popularity of the Cryptocurrency industry. Right now, there are opportunities in bulk in the Cryptocurrency industry for earning money. That is the reason; projects are seeing large communities grow so quickly. It’s not a big problem when the crypto market is bullish because the market provides a 10% gain on average daily to its projects. At that time, cryptocurrency investors remain in a festive mood. But, the bearish market comes with some setbacks, causing maximum crypto projects to fall. Those setbacks yield losses for investors. However, it is the 2022 market, not 2018. In 2022, a bear market doesn’t make investors be in dire straits because there are too many ways to make money in the cryptocurrency bear market. We adorned today’s research-based article with the Top 5 ways by which a general crypto investor can earn more money even in the cryptocurrency bear market. This article is for you if you are willing to know about the ways.

Top Cryptocurrency Project By Total Revenue in January 2022

Project NameMonthly Revenue (January 2022)
Ethereum1.3 Billion USD
Binance72 Million USD
Bitcoin14.2 Million USD
Avalanche11 Million USD
Fantom6.8 Million USD
Polygon6.3 Million USD
Helium5.1 Million USD
Solana4.6 Million USD
Cardano1.5 Million USD
Near Protocol960 Thousand USD

What is Cryptocurrency Bear Market?

Cryptocurrency bear market refers to the gradual sinking process of the price. Put simply, Bitcoin’s price gains 1.5% today but tumbles by 3% the next day. That’s how the overall market flows downward. Consequently, fear lurks in the mind of cryptocurrency investors before taking an entry in the prospect that the market may tumble more.

Indeed, if you are already reading the ‘’what is cryptocurrency bear market?’’ section, we would like to assure you of one thing, which is cryptocurrency bear market is not always something bad. We are saying it because this bear market generates new entry points of potential projects for cryptocurrency investors. So, our suggestion is for you not to be panicked if you find the cryptocurrency bear market. Refrigerate your mind and search for a good entry point. Moreover, nowadays, in the modern cryptocurrency era, you can do well in the bear market too. Let’s come to know by which ways you can make money even from the cryptocurrency bear market.

Top 5 Ways of Making Money in Cryptocurrency Bear Market

  1. Staking
  2. Airdrop
  3. Providing Liquidity
  4. Farming
  5. Stable coin staking

1) Cryptocurrency Staking

You can deem cryptocurrency staking as the first weapon of earning from the cryptocurrency bear market. Pragmatically, after buying any crypto project, you have to hold it in a specific place according to their recommendation. As a result, that project will provide you with cryptocurrencies for free, and you can withdraw them too. Consequently, this free cryptocurrency earning opportunity is an ongoing process regardless of the cryptocurrency bear market. Staking is a very popular term in the cryptocurrency industry. Passive earning is possible by staking on popular crypto projects ranging from Polkadot to Solana and Solana to AVAX. So, you have to make a wise decision on which way you will follow to earn during the cryptocurrency bear market. The reason is wrong selection of a staking process can lead to loss. If you are incapable in this regard, don’t worry, we will help you in finding good staking providers. It will be discussed in the section below namely ‘’make money by cryptocurrency staking.’’ So, now, move to the other money-making ways.

2) Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Cryptocurrency airdrop is not an available option like cryptocurrency staking. Interestingly, we know the ways by following which you can win a valid cryptocurrency airdrop from potential cryptocurrency projects.

Our request is to you not to verify your KYC in the expectation of winning a free airdrop just by reading instructions from any website searching on Google writing ‘’how to make money in cryptocurrency bear market by airdrop?’’ As said previously too, winning a valid cryptocurrency airdrop is challenging. And so, you have to be more cautious about finding out a valid cryptocurrency airdrop.

3) Providing Liquidity

Indeed, decentralized exchanges have come not only with fair trading opportunities but also with passive money-making opportunities. Providing liquidity is a big option for you if you want to earn a handsome amount of money from the cryptocurrency bear market. If you want to earn money by providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Cake, Trader Joe, you have to keep in mind the matter of impermanent loss.

What is impermanent loss?

  • To say in brief, suppose- you are staking Ethereum on Uniswap. And you get 100 ETH per month for staking 1K ETH on Uniswap. But, by the time you are providing the liquidity of ETH to Uniswap, the price of ETH is $1. So, when you started providing liquidity, the total value of your ETH was 1000 USD. However, after a month, the value of your ETH will be = 1000 (the liquidity you provided) + 100 (your reward) = 1100 ETH.

Then a month later, the ETH price fell to $0.5. Along with that, the ETH value of your portfolio became $550. In that case, you are in the loss according to dollar value, albeit you earned 100 ETH. It is called impermanent loss. You have to keep this thing in mind while earning through providing liquidity.

Now, we are teaching you a trick on liquidity providing. Always try to provide liquidity to a pair consisting of a popular cryptocurrency project and a stable coin. You can profit from these kinds of pairs on average in the long run.

4) Cryptocurrency Farming

Cryptocurrency farming is a popular term. Indeed, cryptocurrency farming is a bit riskier than staking, albeit it generates more earnings. Cryptocurrency farming might be a perfect place for you providing that you are eager to know the answer to ‘’how to make money in cryptocurrency bear market?’’In the below, we are naming those places for cryptocurrency farming with details.

5) Stable coin staking

Cryptocurrency investors have a different taste for stable coin staking, which has been in the industry for a long time. But, the reward from stable coin staking is very little. That’s the reason for the distaste of cryptocurrency investors. But, the good news is that the cryptocurrency market has recently witnessed a huge amount of stable coin staking reward providing. So, follow the below section on stable coin staking if you are eager about the huge reward from stable coin staking.

How to make money in cryptocurrency bear market by staking?

Look, as we previously said, staking is the best way of earning from the cryptocurrency bear market. So now, we will keenly describe the ways by which you can earn make money from the cryptocurrency bear market.

Before cutting to the chase, we feel the significance of sharing with you a trick. And that is, exchange coins have an exceptional demand in the Cryptocurrency industry. And that demand for exchange coins is creating another market for earning money through staking. Our today’s discussion stretches from centralized exchange coins like Binance, Kucoin to decentralized exchange coins like Uniswap, Trader Joe.

You should plan differently for holding these types of coins. If you can do so, you can make passive earning in a variety of ways from the cryptocurrency bear market in the future. Now cut to the chase.

Earn Money by Trader Joe Staking

However, Trader Joe comes first in our discussion according to the trick. Indeed, we are compelled to bring the topic forward because Trader Joe is the main decentralized exchange of the Avalanche ecosystem, which is quite exceptional than others in the crypto industry.  Avalanche is comparatively more crypto-friendly than other cryptocurrency ecosystems. The same exists in Trader Joe, why are we saying so?

  • Upon seeing the roadmap of Trader Joe, it will be obvious to you. The reason is other decentralized exchanges will offer you some staking reward for holding your coins in those exchanges.
  • Upon holding Trader Joe, you will receive a 30% staking reward. Moreover, you can earn another 15% by further Trader Joe farming through xJoe. And, you have another option too for earning rJoe.
  • Indeed, rJoe (Rocket Joe) is a Launchpad of the Avalanche ecosystem. Using this Launchpad, you can access the IDO of new potential cryptocurrency projects. You can do so by Trader Joe staking.
  • Right now, the XAVA project is the number one Avalanche ecosystem. What we can predict is rJoe may outsmart the XAVA project considering its potential in the future. In order to participate in the Launchpad of XAVA, you have to verify your ID. You can participate in the IDO of rJoe by connecting your metamask in a decentralized way.
  • Furthermore, Trader Joe will introduce the Metaverse marketplace very soon, where all the popular Metaverses and NFT products of Avalanche can be bought and sold. It means that the use-case of the Trader Joe ecosystem will increase.
  • The slogan that Trader Joe holds is- ‘’One-stop-shop decentralized trading on Avalanche’’. It means that you are going to enjoy all facilities of the Avalanche ecosystem with only one coin.

Now, come to the value of Trader Joe according to its price. Right now, the price of Trader Joe is below $1, with a $162M marketcap, which is very unfitting considering the real value of Trader Joe. We strongly believe that Trader Joe will have its use-cases expanded in the future. So, if you buy Trader Joe now at a low price and start staking, you can earn money even from this cryptocurrency bear market. Moreover, you can even further expand your earnings by using the opportunities of xJoe and rJoe. That’s why we believe that the Trader Joe token can the best weapon for you for earning from the cryptocurrency bear market.

Make Money by Binance Staking

Yes, you can earn money in bulk from the cryptocurrency bear market by Binance staking. Indeed, Binance is the number one centralized crypto exchange and one of the most successful cryptocurrency companies in the industry. So, you have a number of opportunities of earning from the cryptocurrency bear market by holding Binance coin. But, how you can do that is being described below elaborately:

  • Binance Locked Staking: Binance locked staking is a popular way for making money by holding Binance coin. 30-days-lengthy staking of Binance coin will provide you with BNB in a 5.86% APY. On the other hand, a 60-days-lengthy and 90-days-lengthy staking will offer you consecutively a 6.53% APY and an 8.69% APY.
  • Indeed, Binance locked staking is becoming popular day by day because you can stake not only BNB but also maximum popular cryptocurrency projects for earning passive income. And for so, no hard work is even required. For example- you can earn more than 100% APY by staking Acala Token, a popular token of the DOT ecosystem. Moreover, DOT will provide you with a 16.62% APY, which is something massive.
  • Binance Auto-invest: It is a new feature of the Binance exchange. Till now, this feature seems so exciting to us. This Binance auto-invest feature is really a massive opportunity for long-term cryptocurrency holders as the feature offers a high return for its holders. If you lock your Binance coin under the Binance auto investing process for three years, you will get a return of 1250%. Yes, you heard right. Binance has already added popular cryptocurrency projects like AVAX, XRP, DOT, SOL, ETH, and BTC to its auto-invest option.
  • For locking ETH for 3 years under the Binance auto-invest option, you will get a return of 707%. And 500% return is for those who lock AVAX for 3 years.
  • But, let us tell you caution about making money under the Binance auto-invest feature. Look, 3 years is a long time. So, once you lock your coins for that period, you will never be able to retrieve your coins for the intention of selling them off before the completion of three years. Contrarily, Binance being a centralized exchange is prone to hacking. So, make a calculation before locking your coins in any centralized exchange for the long term. 

Moreover, you can safeguard yourself against loss by making passive income from Binance’s liquidity farming, Dual investment, and Binance Pool.

Make Money by Ankr Staking

Nowadays, Ankr staking is a very popular option because you don’t need to have any technical knowledge for ankr staking. For example- if you want to stake on Ethereum blockchain officially, you will need at least 32 Ethereums. But, suppose, you have 25 Ethereums in your hand, what will you do then? Can’t you earn money by Ethereum staking?

  • Yes, you can. And, in this case, Ankr staking even can be the best solution for you. The reason is you can use a small amount of Ethereum in Ankr staking. And, if you use 25 Ethereums in your Ankr staking, you can earn 1.1 ETH yearly, which is a massive amount.

Indeed, you can hold a small amount of the required popular currencies for Ankr staking and can earn a huge sum of money by Ankr staking. The options of AVAX staking, DOT staking, Matic staking, Binance staking, and Kusama Staking are now available on Ankr staking. This Ankr staking can be the best option for you providing that you feel you can lose from the cryptocurrency bear market.

How to Make Money in Cryptocurrency Bear Market by Airdrop?  

Airdrop is a massive way of earning passive income from the cryptocurrency bear market. Don’t worry; we know which issue you are concerned about. Maybe, you are thinking- is it possible to make a regular income through cryptocurrency airdrop in a legit way?

  • The answer is yes. Many brainy people are now working in the cryptocurrency industry. And it resulted in the innovation of many exclusive new features that weren’t available even 2 to 4 years ago.
  • Such an airdrop option is now available. Let us explain elaborately. It’s true that it is tough to get airdrops of potential cryptocurrency projects. And ColonyLab has made this tough work simple. Indeed, what Colony does is they invest in the upcoming potential projects on Avalanche blockchain at their seed and private level. And after the launching of those projects, the Colony team distributes those projects as an airdrop to the Colony community members who have been staking Colony tokens.
  • So, by staking Colony, you can get airdrops of all potential projects of Avalanche Ecosystem for free.
  • Platypus Finance has become the most hyped-up project on the Avalanche ecosystem in recent time. The price of this token has recently been $17+. But, more interestingly, Colony stakers obtained this Platypus Finance in the form of airdrop recently for free.
  • Colony gives 6 to 8 airdrops of new potential projects of the AVAX ecosystem every single month. So, Colony can be your first choice providing that you would like to get airdrops of all potential projects on the Avalanche ecosystem.

The interesting fact is that Colony not only gives free airdrop but also gives liquidity provider rewards, index rewards, and AVAX rewards. Colony staking is the best option for you if you want to earn passive income from the cryptocurrency bear market. We have published an article regarding Colony where we described Colony staking ways, terms and conditions obligatory to fulfill, and other relevant details. If you are an enthusiast about knowing the details of Colony passive income, you can read this article.

How to make money in Cryptocurrency bear market by Farming?

Farming is a very popular thing in the cryptocurrency industry right now for earning passive income in return for providing liquidity. Our recommendation is always in favor of the popular cryptocurrency projects for farming. The reason is that maximum new farming facility providing crypto projects announce to offer unrealistic profit ratio but they do scam with the cryptocurrency community members after a few days. That’s why it’s an important issue to choose the right platform for enjoying cryptocurrency farming facilities.

We adorned this part with those cryptocurrency projects that we think secure for cryptocurrency farming. To be frank, we are sharing with you that we intentionally permuted uniswap from our list because of the high gas fee of ETH. The reason is, suppose, you earned a total of $100 throughout a month. But while withdrawing, you saw that the gas fee became $70+, which is not profitable indeed.

So, the removal of Uniswap has been done because of its absence of user-friendliness. This is the end of the disclaimer part. So, let’s cut to the chase.

Make huge money in Cryptocurrency Bear Market by Pancakeswap Farming

Yes guys, Pancakeswap seems to us to be the best option for farming. Pancakeswap can be the best option for you for earning passive income if you are serious about the cryptocurrency projects under Binance Blockchain.

  • You can earn a 37.85% APR by farming in the Cake-BNB trading pair in Pancakeswap farming. This APR percentage increases if you run farming for more years, like for 5 years.
  • The profit percentage takes a growth if you run your farming in a pair consisting of a stable coin and a volatile coin. For such a type of farming on Pancakeswap, we think the BUSD-BNB trading pair is a perfect one for you. The reason is this pair provides you with a profit of 24.21% APR.
  • One thing that you should always remember about cryptocurrency farming is- always do farming in a pair that has high liquidity.

Cryptocurrency Farming with Trader Joe

We are again in front of you with Trader Joe. The reason is that the Trader Joe exchange is a kind of All-rounder. In this decentralized exchange, you can do everything like cryptocurrency farming, lending, borrowing, and many others.

To be honest, the profit ratio is higher in Trader Joe than in Pancakeswap. Money-making options are also in bulk here compared to the other one. Let’s know about Trader Joe without making any delay.

  • In Trader Joe, you will get a long list for farming. But, for the trendy and upcoming projects on Avalanche, Trader Joe exchange manages double reward farms, and they do so to inspire cryptocurrency farmers.
  • This ‘’double reward farms’’ is a very congenial option to you if you are willing to make a huge amount of money within a short period.
  • For example- Luna is the latest addition to the Avalanche ecosystem. So, Trader Joe offers a profit of 42.91%, which is a massive amount as a reward, as a reward in the pair of AVAX and Luna. Having such a massive percentage on a popular coin is something exclusive. And Trader Joe is the sole exchange in the industry that can offer something such exclusive.

How to make money in Cryptocurrency Bear Market by Stable coin staking?

Platypus Finance has brought a revolution in the space of stable coin staking. And it is right now the highest return providing a single pool of stable coins. So now, come to know the details of the stable coin of Platypus Finance.

Make money by stable coin staking with Platypus Finance

You can say what Platypus is doing is a kind of history of the AVAX ecosystem. Platypus Finance had a reign throughout social media by the time they launched their beta version. There are valid reasons for so.

  • The reason is that Platypus Finance offers the opportunity of earning almost 100% APR through stable coin staking, albeit in a valid way. That percentage of earning is ever possible was beyond imagination before Platypus Finance offered this opportunity.
  • Consequently, almost $800M+ TVL is deposited in Platypus Finance at the moment.
  • So, we believe that Platypus Finance can be the best option for you for earning passive income by stable coin staking from cryptocurrency bear market upon your will.


You may have noticed that we talked about a variety of options for making money from Cryptocurrency Bear Market in this article. Do you know the reason behind so? The reason is that if you ask us ‘’how to make money in cryptocurrency bear market? We cannot answer you in a word as there are tons of options for earning passive income in the cryptocurrency market. 2022 cryptocurrency market is not like that of 2018. As a result, maximum cryptocurrency users believe that they won’t see the 2018-bearish-market behavior again in 2022 because there are many options available for making money, which were not available before. Even then, if you see the market goes bearish in 2022-23, what are you afraid of then? You can follow any of the aforementioned options for making money. That is how you can continue earning indeed..…………….

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