MIN- A Crypto Currency Platform of Payments System

MIN- A Crypto Currency Platform of Payments System

MIN is a blockchain company that is building an installment structure that provides time for experts and consultants. The basis of this installment structure is the blockchain, which ensures a flexible, clear and honest system for every expert, as well as the customer. Consultants are paid every minute, and on the other hand, buyers can directly understand the results they have achieved. The MIN token is used in the system to obtain the management provided on the platform.

MIN is a cryptocurrency platform for payment systems consisting of professionals, consultants and experts to charge their time in a flexible, transparent and fair manner. This system no longer has extra working time. Customers will know what they are paying, and freelancers will get too much reward for every minute of time.

Possible use cases for MIN are extensive, including translation, language tuition, programming, mobile applications, mentoring, and marketing. The minimum can be used as a wallet and a minimum reward engine.

Expert organizations on the MIN platform will set a fixed cost per minute. When a customer registers with the platform and associates with the minimum wallet, he/she can view the administrative rates of different administrative providers and select the person that best suits him/her. After the customer agrees to cooperate with the expert, the customer starts the charging meter. The meter also enables the client to check the progress and cost of the job at any time. After the management is completed, the expert organization or customer stops the instrument. After the administration is completed, the store will quickly exchange with experts.

MIN Wallet: This is an online cryptocurrency wallet that allows members to pay or receive payment for services or activities they offer or receive. The cost based on the fair pricing model is fixed at a specific market average interest rate.

MIN Reward Engine: It is an online time administrator that allows social platforms and other applications to increase their value through the per minute reward system consumed in the tour and activities. Here, it is used as a fee and used as a reward.

MIN as a charge – here, individuals can charge their administration at MIN, which is all that should be possible, by setting their minutes cost and using the MIN wallet’s fee schedule to encourage them to charge for their administration.

Innovation is created by the introduction of mobile automation errands as the main development of human life, as it may be diverted by external quick-view windows and warnings. Basically, administrative providers charge the most extreme sum because buyers will manage the costs and their value is different from the openness to accommodate. Although the program plan of the treatment consultant or legal counselor is postponed in the administrative department, additional cash is charged, and finally, the buyer can pay further fees.

MIN is considered a decentralized platform arrangement that provides both customer and other parties with adaptive and direct installment management. Meetings like experts, consultants, and experts are billed based on the minute installment structure.

The progress of social media is very low, because it may, their message group is essentially dynamic. This website and the white paper disclose personal and direct understanding, respectively.

There are eleven center individuals in the relationship government group UN organization has a development background, interface style, improvement, digital advancement, social media and code. They lack blockchain capabilities.

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The roadmap will be developed before 2019. MVP is a reality as a Thirtymin app in the Google Play Store and Apple Store as well.

Therefore, Min is a stellar blockchain that pays for fast facilities at low cost, handles escrow with smart contracts and releases funds, and calculates minutes. It is the best cryptocurrency payment system on the blockchain platform.

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