Multi-part payments as a solution to some limitations

Multi-part payments as a solution to some limitations

The announcement of c-lightning v0.8.0 by Blockstream, which is a blockchain technology company led by co-founder Adam Back, comes with some major updates that includes receiving multi-part payments that provides more unified user experience and allow users to bundle their channel capabilities. The Bitcoin mainnet is now the default network and nodes will now use a network-dependent subsidiary, so one can run nodes for multiple networks without having to specify different –lightning-dir S.

As a result of the change, users can send larger lightning payments with small risk indeed. The lightning software team is working on improving status quo and other lightning implementations. They aim at making the lightning easy. It is not easy now because there is a chance there won’t be enough liquidity in the network to support the transaction. On the off chance a user send 0.5 bitcoin across the network, it bounces from one node to another until reaches its destination. Each of those nodes requires having 0.5 bitcoins that it can pass on to the next node. Fact is that the sending of the payment fails when any node doesn’t have enough bitcoin in the path.

But the solution has been brought up with multi-part payments because the system breaks a payment into smaller pieces to send across the network. And in this methodology, a user can combine bitcoin from several channels they have open to send payments. Actually Multi-part payments allow a lightning node to bundle the capacity in all its channels at the time of making a payment, making larger payments than any individual channel on its own would allow. But the functionally is not yet at hand and it is still being worked on. The elasticity of the entire payment network has been increased drastically because of the changes in code. Actually the point of failure was the users sending payments are less likely to have to transact with a large node and users were incentivized to open a single node with as many funds as possible. But with multi-part-payments, users can now open multiple channels to multiple nodes along with that the funds will be there when they need it.

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