When is the Next Bull Market Crypto

7 Reasons why Next Bull Market Crypto will Happen in 2025

Coming to mid-2022, the most confusing topic is- ‘’Is the Crypto bull run still ongoing in the second quarter of 2022, or the 2021 Bull market has already finished? Why does this topic arouse that much confusion? And, when is the Next Bull Crypto Market? We adorned today’s article- ‘’Next Cryptocurrency Bull Run’’- with a long-detailed analysis-based discussion. In brief, we would like to say one thing- our CryptoOOF team, according to our research, believes that the 2021 Bull Run has already gone past and the Next Cryptocurrency Bull Run will happen in 2025. We brought seven strong points that support the next crypto bull market in 2025 in the caption of ‘’7 reasons why the next bull crypto market will happen in 2025’’ . We will begin with the definition of ‘’what is Bull Market in Cryptocurrency?’’, and then we will gradually go into the main area of this article. Let’s cut to the chase quitting the intro part.

What is Bull Market in Cryptocurrency?

Look, If you ask us, ‘’what is Bull Market in Cryptocurrency?’’

In reply, we will say that Bull Market in the Cryptocurrency industry refers to a certain period when people from all-around flock to buy Cryptocurrencies. All walks of people, ranging from retail investors to institutional players, get high confidence in the Cryptocurrency market during this period. Confidence is the driving force of any market, not only the Cryptocurrency market. Confidence is like a cancer cell, which spreads around rapidly (Cryptocurrency Bull Market). Similarly, the impact of low confidence also spreads quickly (Cryptocurrency Bear Market). Indeed, confidence in this volatile market is something like inspiring; for example- this confidence works the way any heart-wrenching movie scene of your favorite actor makes you cry.

Whenever Cryptocurrency Bull Market appears, all Cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin to Altcoins give several folds of profit. Contrarily, unprofitable projects are seen distributing profits during the harvest, meaning in the later period.

Now, we hope you have already understood the definition of the Cryptocurrency Bull Market. So, let’s come to know the 7 Reasons why the Next Bull Market Crypto will Happen in 2025.

7 Reasons why The Next Bull Market Crypto will Happen in 2025

  1. The 4thBitcoin Halving is set to occur in 2024.
  2. The post-halving year is always the ‘’Next Bull Market Crypto’’- according to the last 10-12 years of history.
  3. The last Bull Market Crypto took place in 2021.
  4. We are seeing Bear Market Crypto in 2022.
  5. The Bitcoin 4-year cycle rule is still in effect in the Cryptocurrency market.
  6. 2024 halving will halve the bitcoin block reward, decreasing the amount of supply for Bitcoin release, and driving the demand for Bitcoin to increase.
  7. Bitcoinhashrate chart is in the parabolic mood.

1)     The 4thBitcoin Halving is set to occur in 2024

If you ask us to show only one reason, why will the Next Bull Market Crypto occur in 2025? Then, we will answer-

  • The 4thBitcoin Halving will occur in 2024 and it is the sole reason for the Next Bull Market Crypto occurring in 2025.

That’s why we kept this Bitcoin Halving point at first position out of the top 7 reasons why the Next Bull Market Crypto will occur in 2025.

Why are we saying so?

Look, according to the history of Bitcoin Halving, ranging from institutional investors to retail bitcoininvestors flock towards the Bitcoin market after the halving takes place. And we always saw that Bitcoin creates a new ATH the year after the halving year. So, we are expecting 2025 to be a bull year as the next halving is scheduled to occur in 2024.

2)     The post-halving year is always the ‘’Next Bull Market Crypto’’- according to the last 10-12 years of history

One of the core reasons behind the Next Bull Market Crypto occurring in 2025 is the 10-12 years Bitcoin chart. According to history, the Bitcoin’s price soared intensely in the Bull Cryptocurrency Market after every Bitcoin halving past, like what happened in 2013, 2017, and the price made a record-breaking high, $69k, in the most recent 2021 post-halving year. We shed light on this topic in the ‘’History of Bull Crypto Market’’ part.

3)     The last Bull Market Crypto took place in 2021

We witnessed the last Bull Market Crypto in 2021 and we saw that the Bitcoin’s price was bullish all across the year. And Bitcoin’s price created a new ATH on November 10, 2021. This creation of the new ATH price is a sign that proves that Bitcoin was in its Bull-Run.

So, how does the last Bull Market Crypto in 2021 hint at the Next Bull Market Crypto 2025?

  • Actually, it’s a sequence as Bitcoin halving occurs once every four years. Based on this calculation; as the last bitcoinBull Run was in 2021, the next one will certainly take place in 2025.

4)     We are seeing Bear Market Cryptoin 2022

Indeed, dropping a product’s price leaves a possibility of price increase. As Bitcoin was in its bull market in 2021, 2022 was destined to be a bear market, according to the Bitcoin 4-year rule. However, the interesting fact is-

  • Things have come true. Presently, Bitcoin is 45% down from its ATH price and it is the first stage to the Crypto Bear Market.

So, the 2022 Crypto bear market leaves a several-fold possibility for 2025 to become the next bull crypto market.

5)     The Bitcoin 4-year cycle rule is still in effect in the Cryptocurrency market

The possibility of 2025 becoming the Next Bull Crypto Marketis linked toBitcoin’s 4-year Cycle at the root. We described Bitcoin’s 4-year Cycle in detail below. To know more about Bitcoin’s 4-year Cycle, you can read that part.

However, in brief, we are making you know that Bitcoin’s 4-year Cycle is a sequence consisting of 4 years, based on which we can determine the ‘’Next Bull Crypto Market’’ & ‘’Next Bear Market Crypto.’’

6)     2024 halving will halve the bitcoin block reward, decreasing the amount of supply for Bitcoin release, and driving the demand for Bitcoin to increase

The block reward will drop to 3.125 from 6.25 after the 2024 halving.

The Bitcoin block reward is reduced by half after every Bitcoin halving and so will happen in 2024 too. As a result, the addition of new Bitcoins to the circulating supply will lower the number of Bitcoins after the next Bitcoin halving. On the other hand, the demand for Bitcoin is increasing worldwide. Due to this fact, Bitcoin is more likely to create another new ATH in 2025.

7)     Bitcoinhashrate chart is in the parabolic mood

Bitcoinhashrate is a technical fact that shows the confidence of Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin miners work hard spending their valuable time to mine Bitcoin in the expectation of earning profit. Upon seeing the current BitcoinHashrate Chart, we can find that- The Bitcoinhashrate chart is in a parabolic mood. This chart proves that Bitcoin miners are very optimistic and it hints at Bitcoin is bullish technically. And this parameter also supports that the Next Bull Crypto Market will occur in 2025.

Let’s come to know the TOP 4 signs of Cryptocurrency bull market:

Top 4 Signs of Cryptocurrency Bull Market

  1. When maximum popular Cryptocurrency projects create ATH.
  2. When buzzing about Cryptocurrency from Twitter to Tiktok is noticed.
  3. When Warren Buffet & Peter Schiffstart-alike personalities start commenting on Cryptocurrency.
  4. When everyone remains bullish.

1. When maximum popular Cryptocurrency projects create ATH

Look, the price increase in Cryptocurrency Bull Market is not the same thing as a price increase in the general market. Take Bitcoin’s price, for instance. Increasing Bitcoin’s price by 7% on a frequent basis is not a consistent issue. But, let alone a 7%; even a daily 15% Bitcoin price increase becomes a common phenomenon in the Bull Crypto Market.

It goes without saying that the bull Crypto market cycle is the center of attention of all in the whole cryptocurrency cycle. In this regard, we would like to let you know that the cryptocurrency cycle consists of four seasons, which are-

  • Cryptocurrency Bear Market
  • Price Accumulation
  • Price Re-accumulation
  • Cryptocurrency Bull Market

Most of the Cryptocurrecy projects create their ATHs in the “Cryptocurrency Bull Market” session among these four. Indeed, if you look at the earlier parts of 2021, you will see that maximum Cryptocurrency projects almost hit their ATH levels at nearly the same time. You can see the chart below in his regard.

CryptocurrencyATH PriceATH Date
ChainLink (LINK)$52.8810th May, 2021
Binance Coin (BNB)$690.9310th May 2021
Dogecoin (DOGE)$0.748th May, 2021
Uniswap (UNI)$44.983rd May, 2021
Parsiq (PRQ)$2.6112th April, 2021

Besides so, we have already published a descriptive article over Cryptocurrency ATH. Reading this article could be beneficial for you, provided that you would like to gain skill over deep analysis about Cryptocurrency ATH Price.

2. When buzzing about Cryptocurrency from Twitter to Tiktok is noticed

It is the easiest way to take a hint that the cryptocurrency Bull Market is ongoing. For instance, we saw in ‘’Bull Crypto Market 2021’’, Crypto community members were sharing videos on TikTok and retail investors stumbled upon buying Cryptocurrencies at that time.

You can understand that, maybe, a Cryptocurrency Bull Run is ongoing, seeing the insertion of talks all around. When Cryptocurrency ascends to its bull trend, it becomes a hot topic on TV media, Social media, etc. Even you may have heard from one of your bosom friends, ‘’Hi Chris, I saw on TV yesterday that Bitcoin had given a 20X profit in the last three years. What is Bitcoin actually? What is its use?

If you confront such a question, you have to assume that you are already in a Bull Run so you should not search for the ‘’Next Bull Market Crypto’’.

3. When Warren Buffet & Peter Schiffstart-alike personalities start commenting on Cryptocurrency

There is an adage, ‘’the reign of two tigers in a forest never lasts long.’’ This saying resembles the situation of our traditional financial system. The growing popularity of Cryptocurrency has taken away the sleep of the think of our traditional financial system.

So, whenever cryptocurrency enters its Bull trend, people start stumbling upon it. And at that time, Warren Buffet & Peter Schiffstart-alike personalities get into the action of cautioning crypto-interested people with a heap of fear. Their talks remain so illogical that they apprise people of all gloom-ridden sides of Cryptocurrency. They even don’t find confidence in their words.

On the other hand, Warren Buffett himself is engaged with Bitcoin investment in his company, albeit he has been against Bitcoin since before. So now, people understand that these kinds of people tell a lie for their own profit. Therefore, these kinds of negative comments from financial veterans pile up when Cryptocurrency reaches its bullish trend. So, you should assume that the Cryptocurrency bull market is ongoing when you see all the financial veterans start chattering.   

4. When everyone remains bullish

Do you know what the strangest part of the Cryptocurrency market is?

  • The thing is- when the Cryptocurrency market moves upward, everyone thinks the market will never decline. They also start imagining that now, Bitcoin will reach $100,000 and Ethereum at $10,000 in one go.
  • The same happens when the Cryptocurrency market moves downward, meaning everyone thinks the market will never go upward.

Consequently, the synopsis is that when the Cryptocurrency market is bullish, it leaves no confusion in investors about the bull trend because all cryptocurrencies around remain bullish at that time. Such a situation strongly represents the Cryptocurrency bull market.

To be specific, the Cryptocurrency bull market doesn’t last long in its strong bull trend. That’s why there is a frequently asked question from the Cryptocurrency community members-

‘’How long does a Crypto bull run last?’’
  • The record says that a Cryptocurrency market holds extreme movement for two to three months in its Bull Run. But, the length of a bullish trend is generally twelve to fourteen months. The market moves averagely in the earlier months of these 12-14 months, just like other markets. But gradually, the market starts to show more intense movement in the later months of that specified period and ends up showing an extreme level of bullish movement. We previously said too that this extreme movement stays stable for some months.

But, the trouble comes into place right after the end of this extreme Bull Run because the thing is not like the market will tell you ‘’the Bull Run is now over, and we are bearish from now on ’’ after the termination of the bullish move. Just at that moment, Cryptocurrency holders sink into confusion, thinking ‘’are we still in a Bull Crypto Market or not?’’

Therefore, if you can perceive that you are already in an extreme Cryptocurrency consistent bullish move, be careful then because that extreme bullish move may vanish soon.

History of Bull Crypto Market Cycle

In the intro part, you may have already noticed that we alluded to 2025 as the next Bull Crypto market while answering the question- when is the next Bull Crypto Market ? You are mistaken if you think of this prediction to be a wild guess. We will describe it in detail in the ‘’history of bull Crypto market cycle’’ part why we pointed at 2025 as the next bull market year.

To figure out ‘’when is the next Cryptocurrency bullish market trend?’’, we analyzed all the data of previous Bull markets. The result we obtained is 2025, more likely the next Bull Year. Let’s come to provide you with the analysis detail-

  1. 2013 (first crypto Bull Run in the history of Cryptocurrency).
  2. 2017 (second crypto Bull Run and the most popular one).
  3. 2021 (third crypto Bull Run that has recently taken place).

These three Crypto Bull Run years might appear to you as randomly-picked ones, and you are probably thinking there is no connection among these years, but things are not like the way you think. Indeed, Crypto Bull Market is just a part of the Crypto Market Cycle, which is widely known as Bitcoin’s 4-year Cycle. Now, there is a question in your mind-

What is Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle?
  • Look, Bitcoin follows a 4-year cycle and has been doing so since 2012. This Bitcoin 4-year cycle consists of four sessions, which are- 1) Crypto Bear Market. 2) Price Accumulation. 3) Price Re-accumulation. 4) Crypto Bull Market.
  • You should know the name of Bitcoin halving to find out the Crypto Bull year easily. The reason is the following year of halving year always goes Bull.

Does our speech seem chaotic?

Wait, let’s clear it with examples. As said previously, the first Crypto Bull Run was in 2013, the second one was in 2017, and the last one took place in 2021.

So, if you even have a little idea about Bitcoin halving years, then you already know that the first halving took place in 2012, the second one occurred in 2016, and the last one in 2020. And the subsequent year of the halving year always sees huge price gains by several Cryptocurrency projects (like 2013, 2017, and 2021).

Now, the question is-

Why is the subsequent year of Bitcoin halving year always ‘’Next Bull Market Crypto’’?
  • ‘’Supply & demand’’ is the straightforward answer to this question.

Bitcoin halving schedule is hard-coded, and it works according to the source code. Indeed, we enter the next Bitcoin halving session once the ongoing session replenishes the 210,000 blocks. The block reward of the bitcoin blockchain is cut in half after every halving; for example-

  • The initial Bitcoin block reward was 50 BTC.
  • After 2012 halving, the block reward became 25 BTC.
  • Then, it became 12.5 BTC after 2016 halving.
  • Afterward, the number became 6.25 BTC after 2020 halving.
  • Similarly, the 2024 Bitcoin halving is destined to deduct the number to 3.125 BTC.

So, upon noticing carefully, you can see that Bitcoin miners are getting the Bitcoin block rewards at regular intervals. And these block rewards are getting added to the circulating supply. Here, Bitcoin miners have two options: either they can cash their bitcoins received as block rewards or hold them. But the matter on which we are drawing your focus is-

  • Look, after every halving, block rewards are cut in half. It means that the Fresh Bitcoin coming as a block reward after the halving is over loses the half-power to be added to the Circulating supply. As a result, the force of being Bitcoin’s supply decreases; more specifically, it loses half the force.
  • On the other hand, the adoption of Bitcoin is increasing, like EI Salvador and PayPal have recently accepted Bitcoin. And many pieces of such news are coming at regular intervals. So it is expected that the demand for Bitcoin will grow over time.

Consequently, when the supply becomes narrow, the demand increases. So, we know what happens actually at the time, and the same thing will again happen in 2025. Let’s shed light on why we believe that the next Cryptocurrency Bull Market will come in 2025. So, the question is-

Why will 2025 be the Next Bull Crypto Market?

If you had already read the above paragraph- Why is the subsequent year of Bitcoin halving year always ‘’Next Bull Market Crypto’’? -you would have already known the basics for why 2025 is the most possible next Crypto Bull Run year (due to the scarce Bitcoin supply and increasing demand). To be honest, it’s not enough because there remain so many ifs and buts. So, in this part – why will 2025 be the Next Bull Market Crypto? -we will discuss all these ifs and buts based on which we predicted that 2025 would be a bullish year for the Cryptocurrency market, like 2017 and 2021.

Crypto Investors ranging from Retail to Institutional Flock to Bitcoin after Halving

Well, have you ever seen any fair in your locality? If you do, you might have noticed that the open field or ground where the fair took place lay as a fallow or empty desert before the fair was organized.

More interestingly, the actual scenario is blotted out as the fallow land wears an ostentation look when the fair is held on the field. As a result, no want can guess its previous state.

  • Indeed, the aforementioned example resembles the event of Bitcoin Halving.
  • The previous state of Bitcoin Halving is quite like the empty desert. When the Bitcoin Halving takes place, ranging from Cryptocurrency retail investors to institutional investors flock towards Cryptocurrency Bull Market like bees to gain massive profit.
  • To come clean, not only seasonal Cryptocurrency investors but also pro-level Crypto investors, who hold their cryptocurrencies throughout the year, also wait to grasp the advantage of the next Cryptocurrency bull market after the halving year. Indeed, they seek for ‘’Next Cryptocurrency bull market’’ to sell off their already-retained cryptocurrencies for a high price. 
  • So, if you count up the number of active users in Binance and other centralized and decentralized exchanges after the halving is over, you can see that there is a sudden quick increase in the number. 

It was noticed in 2017 and 2021 halving and is expected to happen again in 2025 after 2024 halving. The Cryptocurrency Bull Market money flow is another significant calculation to discuss. We will make you understand this Cryptocurrency Bull Market money flow so that you never get confused about ‘’are we still in a bull Crypto market ?’’; and thinking the Crypto market is over, you start selling your retained crypto projects at a low price.  So, the thing you need to know is-

Bitcoin Season to Altseason- The Money Flow Theory

In the Cryptocurrency industry, every bull market abides by a sequential manner. You can reap massive gains from your already-retained projects once you understand the sequence clearly. Even you don’t need to make questions like ‘’are we still in a bull market crypto or it’s over?’’ If you know the sequence of the money flow theory, you can find out projects by yourself that can get their price increased in the next Bull Run. You can also identify the projects of which Bull Runs are over.

1st Phase of Crypto Bull Market

Indeed, all the excitement in the Cryptocurrency industry is enclosing Bitcoin. The 1st phase of the Cryptocurrency Bull Market starts with a huge influx of money into Bitcoin. During this period, Bitcoin sees investments in bulk that drive the price of Bitcoin higher.

Alongside the massive price swing of Bitcoin, Ethereum also does well during the 1st phase.

2nd Phase of Crypto Bull Market

You can dub the 2nd phase of the Crypto Bull Market ‘’Ethereum Session’’ because Ethereum reigns in this phase considering its price. Ethereum creates its ATH very often in this phase. Considering the price, Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin during this phase.

Alongside this, popular Cryptocurrency projects with big market caps start to ascend to the bullish trend in this session. On the other hand, Bitcoin stays on the sidelines in this phase.

3rd Phase of Crypto Bull Market

In this third phase, large market cap-affluent Cryptocurrency projects witness a huge influx of money. These projects create new ATHs through parabolic moves during this phase.

4th Phase of Crypto Bull Market

It is the last phase of the Crypto Bull Run, and Cryptocurrency projects with mid, low, and micro market caps start moving toward the bullish trend massively in this phase.

And it draws a happy ending for the Crypto Bull Market for the next four years. So, whatever your Crypto project type is, you can sell it off, identifying the sequence of the money flow theory of the Crypto market. If you follow this rule, you can reap much profit from your retained project.

How do you prepare for the Next Bull Crypto Market ?

‘’Plant crops with great care and enjoy after reaping the harvest.’’

Crypto investors cultivate a very silly mistake which is they buy Cryptocurrencies at a high price when most of the Cryptocurrencies create ATH in the Bull Market. If you do so, you have to hold the project for a long time; otherwise, you have to go bust with the project because the bull Crypto market is always followed by a Crypto bear market, according to the Crypto market cycle.

You must follow two rules, provided that you want to take preparation for the next Bull Crypto Market.

Rule number one: Buy Cryptocurrency at cheap rate in bear market.

Rule number two: Make sure the normal price swing doesn’t panic you. Wait until the next Bull Run to sell off your retained cryptocurrency for high profit.

Taking good preparation for the next Bull Run may start with buying cryptocurrency on the best days. Best days refer to those days when the prices of Cryptocurrencies are cheap. Indeed, you will find the best days in the Cryptocurrency bear market. There are some other significant calculations that you need to know. Don’t worry; we have already published a detailed article about the best time to buy Cryptocurrency. You can read this article if you want to arm yourself with proper skills.


The Bitcoin 4-year cycle has been a regular phenomenon over the last ten to twelve years, albeit the Cryptocurrency market is pretty unpredictable. That’s why we confidently said 2025 would be the next Cryptocurrency Bull market year in this ‘’when is the next bull market Crypto?’’ article. The seven points that we covered in this article- 7 reasons why the next bull crypto market will happen in 2025- will accumulate confidence in you to understand the scenario of the Crypto bull market in 2025 in advance. So, do whatever you would like to in this bear market, meaning invest in potential Cryptocurrency projects at a cheap price. Bear one thing in mind the cryptocurrency bear market is never inauspicious for you rather than that it comes to offering you cryptocurrencies at a cheap price. So, don’t forget to take the advantage of Crypto bull market. May the next Crypto Bull Run carry truckloads of profits for you.

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