ONe Social Network - Social media platform maintain privacy

ONe Social Network – Social media platform maintain privacy

Wherever you are, hello for all the blocks. At this time, I want to explain through a social network, social media has different roles and activities for the general public, such as a tool or media campaign.

Recent incidents such as data violation, Great Hackers, have forced people to uncover the bitter truths of the Internet. Nothing on the Internet can be qualified as a completely safe. But this does not mean that we can not improve security or reduce the chances of security interruptions. Because of this they were able to chain the block.

Today many people feel comfortable communicating with social networking platforms. Actually, social media offers many benefits, such as quick communication, easy communication with many people, or the opportunity to meet new people. But due to recent incidents of user privacy violations, many started to look at their privacy and security. Cambridge Analyzing Case Examples of the lack of security on the social networking platform for user privacy.

What is One Social Network?

One Social Network is the first social networking platform compatible with Block Chain Technology and allows people to communicate with others firmly and fluently. This platform allows users to communicate without risk or other threats so that users can express concern about their privacy without contacting others.

To solve this problem through the One Social Network social networking platform that is compatible with secure and transparent blockchain technologies. One Social Network is the first social networking platform built with blockchain technology so users can communicate securely and without any interference. In addition to communication, users can use services like market, GPS, image sharing, etc., which can work for users.

Core Functionality of One

  • Confidentiality, One ensures that user privacy is guaranteed as best as possible.
  • Opt-in Advertising, the advertising system will be designed in such a way as not to interfere with the user’s comfort.
  • Market, users can buy goods or services on the market provided by ONe.
  • Public and private channels, chat and GPS, users can view public or private message channels.
  • Self-destruction of publications: Users can customize the self-destruction of publications that they send to public or private channels.
  • GPS: Find friends and public users here, users can search and find people around you.
  • Anonymous and non-listed messages and comments, people can use some functions, such as messages or others, without registering with the ONe platform.
  • Images: sharing, editing GIF-files and others, users can share, edit or take pictures.
  • Video: users can share or play videos of other users.
  • Friends, family and followers, users can control who can see your information or messages.
  • Integrated / decentralized structure, several servers running on centralized and decentralized systems.
  • In the same portfolio, users can store and store ERC20-based tokens in this portfolio.

ONe Network is a licensed social networking platform that provides privacy and control over user content and data. The ONe Network platform will allow millions of users and content creators to give, buy and exchange digital tokens directly from the platform without using centralized objects. ONe supports Onebit tokens (OBT) and relies on Blockchain technology to ensure free expression for the next generation.


ONe Social Network aiming to build a social media platform based on block chain technology, which will handle the problems associated with privacy and the convenience of the users, and become the social media platforms that understand what is needed and wanted by the user.

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