PARSIQ and Shyft Network are now hand in glove with one another

A partnership has been signed in between Shyft and PARSIQ. Shyft Network is a public blockchain protocol designed to aggregate and embed trust and validation into data stored on public and private ecosystem, and permissioned and permissionless network. On the other hand, PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users.

Integration of PARSIQ Monitoring into Shyft

Identity authentication and verification are very significant features for flourishing blockchain technology. For the protection of users and the platform, PARSIQ is going to create smart triggers. These triggers can be structured as alarms so these are well capable of protecting digital identities. PARSIQ will provide real-time updates to users and platform compliance terms if any strange activity catches sight of PARSIQ.

Strengthening of Technologies from Both Sides

Besides enabling sender identity authentication, Shyft Network also announced to be an ‘’identity layer’’ for the permissionless blockchain network of Polkadot. Binance applied the Shyft Network to deal with the FAFT ‘’Travel Rule’’. The Shyft Network Co-Founder Juan Aja thinks that PAQSIQ’s technology has a natural fit with our identity and compliance-related partnerships.

PARSIQ connects on-chain and off-chain systems using ‘’Smart Triggers’’ technology. A recent announcement has come from PARSIQ about its integration of Layer1 into the Polkadot Relay Chain. Smart Triggers supports real-time on-chain events to trigger off-chain actions that bring developers the possibility to automate workflows and builds endless ways to interact with real-world applications. Smart Triggers are the greatest addition that has brought fame to PARSIQ.

Data Safety by Shyft Network

The safety of data that is stored in the public and private ecosystem is ensured by the Shyft Network, which is a public blockchain protocol. User acceptance is the bar here as the technology requires the agreement of the owner about using their personal data. Authentic digital reputation, identity, and credibility framework are established when individuals and enterprises work together which is allowed by the network.


The launch of PARSIQ is the result of high experiences, passions, and qualifications. PARSIQ is bridging between blockchains and off-chain applications. Monitoring and interpreting of data on the blockchain have become easy as the company brings about a proprietary programming language that supports users in so. Maybe it will pave the way for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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