Is PARSIQ a Good Investment?

Is PARSIQ a Good Investment?

Making profit investing in a crypto project for the Short Term is comparatively easier than investment in long-term projects. Why are we saying so? For example, if you see the top 10 Crypto project’s chart of 2017, you will see a maximum of those projects got lost or staying in the market as a dead letter in 2021. But those projects were hot-cake in 2017, but 2021 came as a different scenario to them. And you have to bear in mind this Crypto market reality as an investor. What typed crypto projects can survive in the Crypto market? Those crypto projects can, which have innovative technology to solve real-world problems. We believe, Parsiq is such a kind of fundamentally rich project. Many of those experts consider Parsiq as a sleeping giant. In this crypto investment-related article, we will describe in detail why we think Parsiq is a good investment and also about the enlightening future of Parsiq.

We would like to commence by mentioning the tweet that has recently been tweeted from Parsiq’s official Twitter account. The tweet was like, ‘’PARSIQ (PRQ) token price change YTD 12100% $0.005 to $0.605! Yes, you are viewing right; it’s 12100%! Although the recent ATH of Parsiq is 2.60$+; so, we hope you understand how much more the YTD% is.  Definitely, Parsiq is a good investment. In the next part, we will elaborately describe why Parsiq is a good investment as both long and short term investment for retail and institutional crypto investors.

Parsiq as a Short-Term Investment

Now come to say why Parsiq is a good investment opportunity for short-term Crypto investors. At the very first, we would like to remind you of the Parsiq price history. For example, Parsiq’s price was at 0.09$ USD on 12th October 2020, but the price accrued to $2.61 by April 2021. So, what happened in these 5-6 months that the price went up by 2800%? Did Parsiq launch its IQ protocol in this period? The answer is NO. Was Parsiq enlisted in any T1 exchange in this period? NO is the answer. The only eye- popping thing that happened during this period is the release of Parsiq 2.0 Tokenomics.

Historical Comparison of Parsiq Price Data

17th Sep, 2020$0.12$9,485,743
29th Sep, 2020$0.13$11,557,662
13th Oct, 2020$0.11$11,001,027
22th Oct, 2020$0.08$10,461,525
3rd Nov, 2020$0.14$13,990,798
10th Nov, 2020$0.21$21,648,478
20th Nov, 2020$0.18$21,046,855
15th Dec, 2020$0.13$14,470,836
19th Dec, 2020$0.24$37,230,590
21th Dec, 2020$0.49$42,607,025
10th Jan, 2021$0.56$52,831046
23th Jan, 2021$1.45$152,011,312
22th Feb, 2021$1.77$171,847,838
7th Apr, 2021$2.10$231,731,097
12th Apr, 2021$2.53$261,490,438

At that time, IQ protocol was just an idea to let PRQ holders earn passive income. But what’s now? The IQ Protocol is live. By the time we were writing this Parsiq crypto investment article, the amount of lending on this protocol was 17,127,892 and the amount of borrowing was 7,919,285. The PRQ was supposed to take the bullish trend after the release of IQ protocol; but, unfortunately, it has not happened. So, ascending to the bullish trend remains in arrears to us; because the launching of such an innovative crypto product should have left the market in a bullish trend. Bad market momentum or absence of manual borrowing option can be responsible for not taking the bullish trend. Therefore, this due bullish movement might be a short time entry point for Parsiq Crypto Coin.

Now move on to the second point for Short term investors. Even though it is not a fundamentally significant point, but it is fact to consider in the long run. What is that? It’s enlisting in a T1 Exchange. You know that Parsiq crypto project is missing on leading exchanges. If you have enough experience in the crypto industry, then you know that when leading exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc enlist a project after long-waiting, the price of those enlisted projects gets boosted instantly. Even the rate of price growth is 200% or 300%. Generally, immediately after enlisting, investors and traders in bulk stumble upon this new project and invest in it. That is reason gaining price is so easy at the time. We mentioned in our previous articles that Parsiq had submitted all paperwork to get enlisted in Binance. So, to get enlisted in Binance is nothing but waiting for the time. So, these two combos will come with fruition for short time traders. Another thing we want to remind you is, the ATH of Parsiq was at 2.60$+, but the current price is below $1. So, we guess you understood what we want to make you understand.

Why Parsiq is a good investment for long-term traders is now on discussion. To be honest, Parsiq is a multiple times better investment opportunity for long-term investors than short-term investors, according to crypto experts. To express in a word, Parsiq is still in its growing phrase. So, now buying Parsiq for below 1$ means buying ETH for $10, and Chainlink for 0.20$. Yes, we meant it actually.

 In the below, we will describe why Parsiq is a good investment for long-term traders. We will also recount what aspects a project needs to have to become a good one for long-term investment. And of those aspects, which ones Parsiq has. What are those aspects making Parsiq a strong ecosystem? Now, the topic of our discussion is…………

Parsiq as a Long-Term Investment

Parsiq: The on-chain data is set out for off-chain through the PARSIQ platform. Investment in this project is augmenting because of the role played by Machine Learning, which helps in data analysis and build ready analytical models for businesses.

From the investment point of view, crypto sectors are different to a large extent than traditional sectors. For example, cost efficiency, tax efficiency, transparency, easy management are the issues considered in the traditional sectors. But, good investment parameters of traditional sectors are different than those in the crypto industry. Put simply, sometimes Parsiq’s CEO Tom Tirman himself answers some questions of Parsiq community members on their official telegram channel, which is beyond imaginable in traditional sectors. There thousands of differences between traditional investment opportunities and crypto investment opportunities.

Now let’s move on to the topic of those aspects a crypto project must have to become a good investment, according to the analysis of crypto experts. And let’s dive deep into a long discussion about which ones of those aspects Parsiq has.

  1. Fundamental Analysis:

    At first, let’s know what fundamental analysis is actually. The fundamental analysis means to go through the information about a financial asset to uncover the value of this asset, like, its use-cases, amount of traders and investors, team effort, roadmap, and many more. Fundamental analysis can provide you with a far better insight into cryptocurrencies than technical analysis. The indicators used for analysis in traditional sectors are not usable in cryptocurrency sectors. As a different framework, identifying strong metrics is the first process to be done here. Social media analysis is not considered to be a good metric.

No measure can give you a full picture of the network indeed. But only active addresses on a blockchain can provide you with an idea. But as indicators, there is the use of several crypto FA metrics. On-chain metrics, project metrics, and financial metrics are three categories of crypto FA metrics that will be described in the following sectors.

Parsiq’s Fundamental Analysis

Aims to cater & roadmap 
  • PARSIQ links the outside world with the blockchain, and that’s why it is known as the dual to oracle model. Using extensive tooling, Parsiq notifies the external world about any detected on the fly arbitrary patterns that take place within a blockchain.
  • So far we have come to know that Parsiq links the outside world with the blockchain, and here, blockchain is the source and the outside world is the destination. Production of a new blockchain transaction is possible by the entity notified by Parsiq. And so, Parsiq can consume data directly from oracles or private proprietary sources to fulfill information.
  • Maybe smart-triggers are going to enhance some more use-cases in the coming years. They will not only perform off-chain to on-chain actions but also on-chain to on-chain actions as well.
  • In the meantime walking its way, Parsiq has achieved many things of their roadmap as per its commitments. Among those achievements, some notables are ParsiQL 1.0, Layer 1 blockchain integrations, IQ Protocol V1 Mainnet Beta and PRQ Tokenomics 2.0 & Parsiq Coin Burn. The current roadmap of Parsiq is flourished enough. Milestones that Parsiq is going to achieve are New Portal UI/UX, ParsiQL 2.0, Smart Templates, Retrospective Smart Triggers, and Marketplace for Public Smart Triggers, IQ Protocol V2, and Reverse Triggers & NCase Updated version.
  • In detail to say, Parsiq has many things left to build down the road. As Smart Triggers can collect any data and analyze it upon request, so it is being undoubtedly said that the further expansion of Parsiq will rely on Retrospective Smart Triggers. After such an expansion is over, Parsiq will offer the services of real-time monitoring and triggering actions, pull-based historical analysis. This will really help in a value proposition.
  • With the help of intellectual and impressive individuals, Parsiq is growing well from the perspective of ecosystem and partnership.
  • Parsiq’s development plans surround Smart Triggers, Ncase, and IQ. These developments will be being run in the next 1 or 2 years.
Parsiq’s Competitors

The Graph is the first one to come to mind as a competitor immediately when we think of the competitors of Parsiq. Now, let’s see why Parsiq is way ahead of its competitors. The PARSIQ team have also hinted in a recent AMA that they are close to releasing Historical Data.

  • The Graph: It is a decentralized and open-source indexing protocol for blockchain data. The Graph allows developers to query data from indexed database.
  • PARSIQ: It traces what is happening in different chains and then allows a user to process the data on the basis of his logic. To make sure users can trigger off-chain actions, Parsiq pushes the logic (filter/map/compute/transform) to the user in real-time. Among many technological approaches with respective use-cases, processing live streams events are gaining serious momentum in IT. And Parsiq is taking a lead in here by allowing to process events from off-chain sources.

Why is Parsiq ahead of other competitors?

  • Parsiq is working with a prosperous idea from the very beginning. They have an acceptable different approach to delivering data at scale. That Parsiq has introduced a strong foundation in its ParsiQL and with the impending version, 2.0 of its language led it to move behind many of its competitors to a large extent.
  • Only internal talking is not fruitful to obtaining any goal, and Parsiq believes that. They have a goal to become an IFTTT platform for on-chain to off-chain, vice-versa, and on-chain to on-chain. They are not worried about the tools and ideas they have, but they need to have some talented developers to execute their goals in the right way.
Parsiq Tokenomics
  • Tokenomics 2.0 is considered to be a game-changer.

Parsiq Tokenomics consist of 4 parts; these 4 parts are

  1. It is a significant public project with greater use. It is used for PRQ gamification.
  2. You need to hold a sufficient number of PRQ to monitor. What amount is required is depended on monitoring. That means the more you need to monitor, the more PRQ you need to hold.
  3. PARSIQ introduced IQ Protocol that offers risk-free collateral-less loans.
  4. There is PRQ Boost, which is a new PARSIQ utility token to increase rewards for liquidity providers.  
  • The IQ Protocol has come in place as a solution to PRQ 1.0 tokenomics. The necessity is PRQ token is based on PRQ services. And PRQ also benefits those projects that leverage this open-source protocol.
  • Holding PRQ is essential for using Parsiq tech.
  • Whereas IQ Protocol is a platform, tokenomics is a subscription model.
  • For using a product, it is necessary for users to hold PRQ. PRQ holders can earn interest by borrowing through the IQ protocol if they find holding PRQ risky due to fluctuations.  


  • The skill of a team is very important as it drives a project to fruition. How much skills a team has so far grown can be understood by the members’ track record. A team’s expertise leads a project to attain its milestone.
  • Having a public GitHub in a project helps track the activity and number of contributors. How a developer community will look without a team is unknown. Definitely, constant development is very essential for a coin.


  • Bearing in mind the mass adoption of blockchain technology, Parsiq has developed its team. They hired highly experienced and qualified industry professionals. They are working hard to easily integrate blockchain infrastructures into existing businesses with an additional layer of monitoring and automation for blockchain-specific asset management.
  • PARSIQ has support from Evan Cheng in rolling out the new ParsiQL language and also in the sector of technical and product-related aspects.
  • Parsiq’s official website contains all information of Parsiq team members, including their picture, Linkedin ID with further info.
  • The Parsiq roadmap is the harmonization of creativity and tasks. They are capable of being so only because of their expert team members. When there is no fitting between idea generation and execution, there exists an asymmetry and disorder. But as per Parsiq, this is not happening with them only because they have the best developers on their team. As blockchain space is new, many new projects are stumbling upon here with new ideas and goals. However, Parsiq has a goal to help the blockchain industry grow and flourish. They are allowing their talented developers the freedom to process ideas and to come up with new solutions and products as they still have a ton of things to build.
  • If you would like to know about the details of the Parsiq team, you can visit our recently written article, where we described the Parsiq team from A to Z.


Technology is the thing that is all in all in the crypto industry. Nothing but technology brings fruition to a crypto project. In that case, you can take the example of Ethereum, which has come to this position owing to its high technology.

Considering the technology, Ethereum is at number one position because of-

  • ETH Smart contracts Idea: This technology assists in exchanging the value of anything. To read more, click here.
  • Using the friendly technology of Ethereum, developers can easily integrate the blockchain with their own applications.
  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine Technology (EVM) helps in creation of applications at a bigger scale.

Parsiq Technology

PARSIQ implemented third party data into their Smart Triggers, from uppsala, that gives risk score data to exchanges which helps with AML Compliance.

  • Due to Parsiq’s reverse oracle technology, data is now flowing from on to off chain through Parsiq smart triggers.
  • Parsiq is undervalued because it helped Kucoin with their hack and also helped Bondly rebuild their token because of their hack. It has become possible just because of Parsiq’s new solution.
  • To bring the commitment to reality, Parsiq is trying to make a partnership with non-crypto companies in the regard of utilizing blockchain technology and integrating Parsiq Monitoring solution.
  • Parsiq belongs to a rich technology that requires a long discussion to describe. But here we only focused on one point, and the point is………

Parsiq blockchain monitoring against money laundering

The feature of anonymity is helping criminals to run secretly run their operations. In the famous dark web marketplace Silk Road, we saw the use of Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is now being used for buying banned products, ranging from illegal drugs to weapons. But, what we see is the transaction history of most cryptocurrencies is traceable.

Several techniques and protocols have appeared so far to improve the privacy of cryptocurrency transactions, but sadly these techniques are not flawless indeed. However, our today’s discussion will cover the way to use Parsiq to trace laundered funds.

The common ways of Money laundering are:

  1. Perilous Staying Anonymous

As we know, anyone can see every transaction made on blockchains owing to its transparency feature. Generally, balances are maintained for each account in account-based blockchains. On the other hand, a set of unspent transactions outputs are stored in UTXO-based blockchains. If you want, you can unlock those unspent transactions using a private key. But both types offer the opportunity to see one’s transactions history to make a judgment over him. Considering so, we can say the system provides a lot less privacy than fiat transactions.  

  • Confusing Manual Approach

In the crypto industry, there we see a practice of converting dirty coins into fiat. To do so, users blend their dirty coins with other transactions. As a result, the origin of each participant’s funds becomes untraceable. But, in recent times, the maintenance of KYC procedures by cryptocurrency exchanges has been causing a problem with these manual methods. So, selling cryptocurrencies privately is the only way to convert dirty coins into fiat currency. For resisting such untraceable activities, the manual services have recently dispelled their cash payment option.

  • Centralized Mixer Services

This centralized mixer services obfuscate transaction history by offering mixing transactions with other users’ transactions using an algorithm. You will find these services available as unlisted ‘’darknet’’ websites. The word ‘’unlisted’’ means they are anonymously hosted on the tor network.

  • Smart Contracts and Zero-knowledge Proofs

Smart contracts can enable the transfer of everything from bitcoin and fiat currency to goods transported around the world. There lies the necessity for controlling an intermediary account’s private key while sending money from several sources to a single address and re-distributing to other addresses. And Ethereum has transparent Smart contracts to perform this role as an intermediary. And here, they perform these jobs in a decentralized way. Smart contracts make sure no one can withdraw more than they have deposited.

Parsiq Solution

In tracing funds, software assisted blockchain analytics and mixer services have become successful to some extent. They can accurately detect known addresses and repeated patterns. However, detection process becomes quite difficult for them when certain coins pass through some form of laundering process.

Parsiq reverse oracle technology is so far the number one product from Parsiq. Recently we have come to know that besides crypto-projects, several non-crypto projects like traditional organizations and several corporations have paid their will to embrace Parsiq technology. Depending on the price and development factor, Parsiq is still in its growing phase. But, we believe Parsiq’s mass adoption will lead these organizations to embrace its tech.

Transparency & Reputation

Lack of transparency and bad reputation impede investors in investing in a project. On the other hand, credibility and trust make a project successful. To know about a good crypto project, run some Google searches & social media, and look through crypto communities.

If you see your interesting crypto project did something questionable, then you should avoid that project and it refers to your intelligence. If a crypto project’s team consists of talented but dishonest individuals, you can never expect something good from them. In the crypto industry, there is a popular term named ‘’cryptocurrency exit scam’’, which we think you know. So, keep you abstain from investing in questionable crypto projects, and you should invest in legit crypto projects.

PRQ’s Transparency & Reputation

Within the short journey, Parsiq has proved numerous times that they are honest. In the meantime, two incidents are worth mentioning.

Hacking of CoinMetro in the Middle of 2020: CoinMetro hacking made 150 PARSIQ holders victims. But, soon after the incident took place, PARSIQ helped them by launching PRQBoost and distributing these to the holders. PARSIQ holders could recover a few of their losses due to this aid.

The second incident is Parsiq coin burn.

Parsiq had cut 189 million from its total supply of 500 million. Such a cut created a massive response from its community, and Parsiq ascended to the bullish trend.

There is no way of raising any question about the Parsiq team’s activity as they perform all functions flawlessly.

Now, let’s come to talk about the reputation factor of the Parsiq coin. Suppose you are holding a coin named ‘’X’’. Usually, the reputation of this X coin is limited within its community, but the fact is really wide in the case of Parsiq. Why are we saying so? The reason is Parsiq is a name of trust not only to its community but also to other crypto projects communities. We think you don’t understand what we are hinting at, and so we are making the point clear to you now.

Basically, Parsiq is also a security expert helping mitigate exploits in Kucoin, Coin Metro, Paid Network and currently Bondly. Parsiq not only monitors but also write their own language to handle this.

Parsiq offers specialist analytics services, along with critical failure asset recovery, like PRQ just did for Kucoin, Coin Metro, Paid Network and Bondly.

That is the reason, many crypto communities call Parsiq the Crypto Police. PARSIQ is the first one to come to rescue those crypto projects that fall victim to hacking. You just think the coin you hold today gets hacked suddenly. And PARSIQ has come to lift you up from this loss; will you ever forget the name of PARSIQ? This is what happening in Paid Network and Bondly community. When PARSIQ helped these two projects, one of these two communities joined Parsiq. So, it goes without saying that this exclusive feature is increasing the reputation of Parsiq. On the other hand, in an interview, PARSIQ CEO Tom said that Parsiq is trying to upgrade its hacking-related features. It is undoubtedly believed that such kind of feature will create a very positive impression within the whole crypto community.

Crypto Community

Maybe you will startle to see the name of Crypto Community in this list. But, do you know how much important a crypto community is for a crypto project to succeed? A Crypto project’s team members can hardly run the project successfully without the help of a good community. Support if you search Ethereum on Twitter, you will have many tweets regarding Ethereum. Are they the team members of Ethereum? It’s a NO. They are the community members of Ethereum. Now think a crypto newbie wants to know about what ethereum is and what services ethereum provides to the Crypto industry. They can know that because of the contribution of the Ethereum Community, which provides him with a ton of information. It is the notable benefit of having a strong community.

On the other hand, we believe that the marketing cost of crypto projects becomes narrow when there is a strong crypto community. Only creative members of a crypto project can do community-based marketing. That’s why good crypto projects have recently turned their focus on building a creative crypto community. Certainly, it’s a positive move in the crypto industry.

Parsiq Community

Social MediaCommunity Members
Official Telegram 7K+
Telegram Trading Channel2.2K+

With the improvement in the Parsiq project, its community is also flourishing. If you ask something through the Parsiq official telegram channel, you don’t even need to wait for the admin to respond to your asking; rather its dedicated crypto community members will willingly help you. This support from the community is very much significant for Parsiq. In recent times, we have been hearing a special plan from Twitter and Reddit accounts of Parsiq community members to promote Parsiq-related news, and this is a nice initiative.

Parsiq memes are so popular in Parsiq community. And you will wonder knowing that a maximum of those memes is regarding Parsiq’s Co-founder Anatoly Ressin. At outset, we were also wondered how such memes are allowed in Parsiq social media. Then we came to know that Parsiq respects all types of creativities of their community members; keep this line in mind, we will say something in detail about the line a little further.

This friendly environment of the PARSIQ community hasn’t been grown overnight. Parsiq team members struggled to grow this. Parsiq team considers their community as a family and always encourages them, like what they did through their recent Parsiq weekly competition. This competition begot a huge response.

Now, let’s come to the detailed writing of the aforementioned point ‘Parsiq team respects the creativity of Parsiq Community’.

Verily to say, the Parsiq team brought their creative members a step closer through the PARSIQ SWARM. We don’t know if any crypto project provided their community members such a wide space before that. So, it goes with saying that PARSIQ SWARM is an exclusive idea from the Parsiq team.

Parsiq Social ParametersScore (Monthly)
Social Volume49.3%
Social Engagement225.8%
Social Contributors16.7%
Social Dominance1.5%
Bullish Sentiment48.1%
Twitter Volume54.2%
Coin Rank425

So, here we need to know, what is the PARSIQ SWARM?

  • There is a status for those who represent the PARSIQ project. SWARM status is the PARSIQ badge of honor. They have a role in raising awareness on the effectiveness of PARSIQ technology in helping traders, developers and businesses achieve success.

After launching this Parsiq SWARM, the Parsiq community saw drastic growth. This initiative rewards quality and establishes an organized community of uniquely talented individuals regardless of geographical boundaries.

What is the best time to invest in Parsiq?

Parsiq: Smart triggers take data from blockchain to off chain in the smartest way. As the first non inflationary and risk free lending platform, IQ protocol is the next product to come. Ncase is another special one, which is a wallet deployer cheaper than anything on the market.

To make you understand simply, we have to say the oracle niche wasn’t that hyped-up in 2019 and 2020, what it is now. Whereas Chainlink’s price was at 0.61$ in May 2019, the present price of it is 30$. Chainlink’s features are still of high demand in the crypto industry. The marketcap of Chainlink was near about 200M when its price was nearly 0.60$. But now, Chainlink’s marketcap is about 13B.

So, just think how much profit you can gain investing in such a crypto project that solves real-world problems. But, the fact is that your profit from Chainlink will get doubled when its marketcap will be 26B from 13B, present marketcap. But this will not happen so sooner than happened in Chainlink the time when its marketcap became 400M from 200M. The reason is 200M needs another 200M to become 400, but on the other hand, 13B needs another 13B to become 26B.

The reason for giving this example is to make you understand that you will undoubtedly receive full financial freedom if you invest during the developing phase of a potential crypto project.

Parsiq solves a huge problem in the crypto industry which is useful for crypto exchanges and even functions of Governments. Parsiq’s technology is so innovative that it reduces the pressure of its developers. In recent times, giant media(s) have been writing about Parsiq, and that means giant institutions have their eyes on Parsiq.

Now, if you invest in Parsiq during its developing phase, who knows a sudden swelling in its price can give you a massive amount of return. Maybe, at that time, you will need to have a calculator to calculate your Parsiq Profit Percentage.

If we look at the vision of PARSIQ, then it seems to us that 100M or 200M is nothing indeed. The profit percentage will take a massive increment providing that you invest in Parsiq typed projects that solve real-world problems. Such as, Parsiq’s price was near about 0.1$ last year, whereas this year Parsiq’s ATH is 2.64$. And the current price of Parsiq is 1$. However, we won’t be wondered if we see Parsiq’s price at 10$ or 20$ by the next year. Because Parsiq’s innovative technology deserves that growth. Any doubt?


We hope you got understood seeing the Parsiq-related long description that why we think Parsiq is a good investment. Parsiq team is constantly struggling to make Parsiq more expensive. For example, Currently Parsiq is the king of Real Data monitoring and willingly works with historical data. There are other expensive pieces of news, and Parsiq will get its price at 10$+ by the time Parsiq community members will come to know those pieces of news.

We will be surprised if Parsiq fails to work with Amazon, Visa, Facebook, and other leading typed companies on Smart Trigger & payment verification solutions within the next 10 years. It’s because Parsiq’s leading technology deserves that position. It goes without saying that Parsiq coin has the capacity to be among the top 10 positions.

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