Parsiq (PRQ) Price Prediction (100x or 1000x?)

Parsiq Price Prediction (100x or 1000x?)

For Parsiq, 2021 is a memorable year so far. Even though Parsiq started this year with $0.51, eventually its price has reached $2.61 on April 12, 2021. And then, Parsiq hosted a Series A VC round totaling $3M to witch key player such as the Solana Foundation took part in and launched Parsiq IQ Protocol. Now the questions are- when will Parsiq create its new ATH? What opinions are experts giving about the price predictions of Parsiq? When will Parsiq’s marketcap reach 1B? In this price prediction article, we answered all these questions gradually.

Parsiq Token Details

Volume (24H)$909,419
Circulating Supply125M PRQ
Total Supply310M PRQ
Team Members50+
Twitter Followers22.5K

The Reality of Crypto Price Prediction

We are telling you a manifest truth that no price prediction of a project guarantees its future price. And it’s because of the crypto market volatility. For say, take the example of last week. China spread a piece of news last week that China illegalizes all cryptocurrency transactions. As soon as China spread this bogus news, all reputed and well-established sites including CNBC, Cointelegraph covered this news. What’s the result them? Bitcoin market saw a steep downtrend, and its price came down to $40K from $45K. Can you believe that how fake news affects the crypto market?

Do you know why we are saying this example? Just to make you understand that based on how many parameters this market moves. It’s really easy to create a panic in the crypto market. And so, it’s challenging to make an accurate price assumption in this market.

So, the question is……………………….

  • Is crypto price prediction meaningless then?

    Both Yes and No can be the answer. Let’s have a discussion over why the answer is yes.
  1. If you search on Google about crypto price prediction-based articles, you can see the results describing like- Chainlink’s price is at $53 in 2021, and it will reach $100 by 2022; then in 2023, it will reach $150 and many more.

Please, don’t get us wrong- we are not saying that Chainlink cannot reach $100 by 2022.But,  what we are saying is if you see a random number about any crypto price prediction without any context, then there will be nothing but a loss of time and internet. These kinds of price predictions are meaningless and absurd.  

  1. 1 Let’s come to know what types of price predictions are meaningful. Context-based price prediction is the straight answer. For example, ‘’X’’ project was at its ATH $2 in its Beta version. Now, this project is live and its team members are expecting an 80% customer increase. So, considering customer base, token utility, and community, X project can gain $5 in its price. This is just a basic example.

Crypto Project’s Price Cycles

Indeed, in the crypto industry, crypto project’s price cycles require a prolonged discussion. But, as our today’s topic of the article is Parsiq price prediction, we will elaborate the cycle in a nutshell to give you a general concept.

  1. Growing Phase: This is basically the introducing step where a project develops their team and releases whitepaper and roadmap.

When this phase is running, you will find a project at a low price. So, targeting this growing phase as the best option, you can hold this project for the long term providing that you want to gain more profit. But, be careful, you can carry a huge amount of loss if your research is wrong.

  • Development Phase: In this phase, crypto projects develop their products that lead to an increment in their community. They share their updates with their community in this development phase.

Sometimes, a few projects gain huge in their price if their crypto working products are interesting. But this is a rare sight.

  • Price Recognition Phase: After crypto projects releasing their developed products in the market for the use of customers; if those projects have enough utility and can draw attention in the market, only then it creates hype in the crypto community. As a result, the price increases.

Interestingly, in that period, crypto investors- even without researching- try to invest in that project, just watching Social media & YouTube videos.

Now, we have a question for you from our CryptoOOF team;

  • Of these 3 phases, which one seems relatively perfect to you for earning a short-term profit?

Yes, it is the transition period between the Development phase and the Price recognition phase. It’s because when a product is released in the development phase, the crypto community takes some time to absorb it, and then a BOOM occurs. We see the project’s huge price then in its chart.

Now, let’s come to the topic of PARSIQ. Do you know one thing? In this position of price recognition, Parsiq’s price is as same as the earlier. How is it? Parsiq has just released its full version of tokenomics through IQ Protocol. From now on, you can enjoy their service holding PRQ in their IQ protocol. What can be a bigger example of token utility than it? But, interestingly, Parsiq’s price recognition phase is yet to start. However, we can undoubtedly say that Parsiq’s price recognition phase is going to start very soon. Now, let’s come to know the details of Parsiq’s price prediction.

Parsiq Price Prediction

To say frankly, Parsiq is a Crypto Hidden gem project so far. Parsiq’s recognition is too low compared to its potentiality on the crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, and crypto service provider companies of the entire crypto industry, etc. That is the reason; Parsiq’s Marketcap couldn’t reach 500M till now.

But, in the meantime, Parsiq could draw the attention of some financial sources, which we will discuss in the Parsiq price prediction section. At the outset, we will discuss the price predictions and expectations of the Parsiq project by Stansberry Research Firm.

Let’s know about Stansberry Research Firm in a word- Stansberry Research Firm publishes financial information and software to millions of investors in exchange for a subscription.

Of late, Stansberry Research Firm alluded some crypto projects of the crypto industry to its customers and caused their subscribers to grab some profit. For example, the firm has made them take profit tantamount to 1.1169% from Band Protocol, 600% from Chainlink, and 480% from EOS.

After Stansberry Research was able to help their customers in taking that huge amount of profit, the customers of the firm soon became curious about crypto projects. As a result, the firm again came with a list of some hidden gem crypto projects to their subscribers in December 2020.

Yes, you got the point! Stansberry Research had brought the name of Parsiq in that list. And the firm smartly covered all the important points of present and future potential.

In fact, SR exemplified Parsiq’s oracle reverse technology with crypto lending and borrowing platform to make them understand how significant Parsiq’s reverse oracle technology is.  Besides representing Parsiq smartly, Stansberry Research drew a line describing Parsiq’s tokenomics and price prediction briefly as well as logically.

Stansberry Research believes that Parsiq’s unique technology (Off-chain to on-chain & On-chain to off-chain) will take it to 1B$ Marketcap. Therefore, if Parsiq reaches 1B$, then the price per Parsiq will be nearly 9$.

On the other hand, Stansberry Research also announced that certainly, Parsiq will be in the top 10 crypto projects.

By the time we were writing this Parsiq price prediction article, the price of Parsiq was at $0.54 with a $66M marketcap. On the other hand, Doge, which currently ranks in the top 10, has a marketcap of $29B. Parsiq’s price would be at $250+ if it were to be in the top-10, according to the prediction of Stansberry Research firm. Yes, you have seen the right amount. Parsiq’s team is ceaselessly working to increase their utility and Parsiq’s total coin supply is nearly 300M. So, it goes without saying that Parsiq’s price will touch 3-digit providing that it reaches the top-10 position.

Parsiq: Historical Price Data

DateParsiq PriceParsiq Marketcap
22-08-2020 (ATL)$0.05$6M+
12-04-2021 (ATH)$2.61$283M+

Parsiq Price prediction: Davinci Jeremie

Davinci Jeremie, an early investor of Bitcoin and a crypto influencer, is popularly known as “a YouTuber who told everyone to buy Bitcoin in 2013”. On 5th April, he published a video on his YouTube channel where he shared a list of 3 valuable coins he held with another Crypto YouTuber. In that video, the man said that Parsiq is one of the most potential crypto projects to him. He believes that Parsiq’s blockchain analysis technology is useful to crypto big corporations. Parsiq’s price was at $2.1 when Davinci Jeremie mentioned Parsiq. He entitled Parsiq to be an undervalued crypto project but he also said that Parsiq’s marketcap is too low. According to the belief of Davinci Jeremie, one may be millionaire in the long-term by investing $5000 in Parsiq. Even though this assumption appears to be impossible, many things impossible in the crypto industry became possible after a certain time. Take the example of BTC- no one even thought that BTC would reach $65K in the next 10 years when its price was at $1. In the same way, you could hardly find a person who believed that ETH would reach $4K when its price was at $0.1. Factually, Davinci Jeremie is trying to make you understand that crypto developers can save their massive time by using Parsiq, and Parsiq’s tech is enough for its price movement.

Furthermore, BitBoy Crypto, another popular crypto YouTuber, published a video regarding the price prediction of Parsiq on 1st September 2020, where he expected a 20x profit. Notably, BitBoy Crypto was so exuberant about Parsiq’s tech.

On the other hand, Ellio Trades Crypto reviewed Parsiq several times on his YouTube Channel. By the end of 2020, Ellio announced Parsiq to be one of his most favorite crypto projects. Ellio Trades Crypto believes that Parsiq is going to earn a marketcap of Billion dollars in the future just because of its use case.

Of late, a comment of Tom Tirman, the CEO of Parsiq, went viral in the Parsiq Community. At the very outset of his comment, he said that their team has no concern about Parsiq price. Because what he thinks is the degree of Pardiq buildup and user adoption add value to his project’s progress that leads to price increment. According to the CEO, they started from nothing, like there were no crypto connections and no VC backing. But they had some talented engineers and an idea. Their co-founders put their money into this project with the uncertainty that those investments could end in smoke, leaving them nothing.

Even though PARSIQ started from nothing, presently, it has 60K+ registered users, 100+ Crypto companies using PRQ, and more than 100 crypto projects are in the line for using the PRQ platform.

On the other hand, Tom reminded us of another stat regarding Parsiq price. The price climbed up from $0.0005 in August 2020 to $1.80+ in January 2021 and then $2.75+ in April. In reckoning, it is shown that there has been a 600x increment in the price in a little more than half a year.


We want to show you a comparison of Parsiq price predictions in this conclusion part, which is- Matic token on ETH chain has 223K holders, whereas the amount of Parsiq’s holders is only 16K. The objective behind showing you this comparison is to make you understand how much Parsiq is in its early phase. When Parsiq comes into the limelight as a mainstream crypto project, the number of PRQ holders will reach its 6 digits. We believe that PRQ’s price will outnumber 3 digits before 2026 due to its unique technology and tireless roadmap.

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