Top 5 Reasons why Parsiq price will go up

Top 5 Reasons why Parsiq price will go up

When we sat to write the analysis-based Parsiq price article, we noticed the fresh smell of a Cryptocurrency bear market in the air. Due to this bear market, almost all the crypto projects’ price is down now, and so is Parsiq. But, you have to bear in mind one thing fundamentally strong and gradually-use case increasing products will get both their popularity and price increased at the end of the day, and Parsiq falls in the same category. That’s why we believe Parsiq’s price will climb high in the future. However, we can think of five major reasons that are responsible for this price rise. And we described these five reasons in detail throughout this article. If you are an enthusiast about Parsiq price, this article is for you. 

Since Parsiq has been in the Crypto market for several years, it has drawn the attention of a lot of Cryptocurrency followers. And so, this article won’t cover what Parsiq is and what problem it solves.But, If Parsiq is a new name to you as you haven’t heard the name before, then you can read our recently written PRQ article where we discussed all the basics.

Top 5 reasons why Parsiq price will go up

  1. Parsiq’s exciting roadmap will boost up its price.
  2. Parsiq’s is likely oversold following the recent market crash.
  3. Parsiq may be listed by Coinbase in Q2 of 2022.
  4. Parsiq’s revenue sharing model via IQ protocol will drive PRQ adoption higher.
  5. Passive earning opportunity by Parsiq staking.

1)      Parsiq’s Exciting Roadmap will Boost up its Price

If you ask us to mention only one reason that can drive Parsiq’s price higher, we must say Parsiq’s recently released roadmap with plenty of new products.

Actually, if the previous Parsiq is compared with a river, then the present Parsiq network must be compared with the ocean. 

Seeing the new roadmap, it’s crystal clear that Parsiq is now highly focused on Web 3.0. Parsiq’s core objective is to provide its clients with the best service on Web 3.0 & dApps by ensuring a smooth & user-friendly off-chain user experience.

When Parsiq Network is grown up with its newly-added features ranging from Tsunami API to PARSIQ Hybrid, maybe 2023 will appear on the calendar. Indeed, Parsiq’s outstanding roadmap will increase its use cases several-fold. So, the roadmap is self-sufficient for Parsiq’s price increase.

And it is we saw in the case of Chainlink too that when a project develops something, it doesn’t affect the price instantly. But the price increases when the product’s development is over and its use cases increase with time so has happened in the case of Parsiq. Even after revealing such an exciting roadmap, Parsiq’s price is yet to recover in the ongoing Crypto bear market. But, had it been Crypto Bull Market, the scenario would have been different.

According to our research, in the 2024-25 Cryptocurrency Bull market, Parsiq’s price is expected to increase when its current development is over and its use cases become visible. Parsiq is a use cases-affluent project, and so it is known as a long-racing horse.

2)      Parsiq’s current price is too low

Parsiq’s price is too low compared to its uniqueness and what problem it solves. Indeed, most cryptocurrency projects are in the down phase due to the Cryptocurrency bear market. When we were writing the article about Parsiq’s future, its price is below $0.15.

            •           To be honest, it was beyond imagination that we would see Parsiq’s price so far down in 2022. But, it’s the reality of the Cryptocurrency market. For example, Parsiq was one of the most profitable crypto assets in the 2021 Crypto bull market. Whereas Parsiq’s price was around $0.1 by the later part of 2020, it jumped up to a new ATH price at $2.7 in 2021.

            •           So, Parsiq gave its holders a 27X profit in the intervals of a few months. And now, Parsiq’s price is down from its ATH by 95%.

            •           You have to understand that when Parsiq reached its ATH, its IQ Protocol wasn’t live in full swing, and the existence of highly-valued features like Tsunami, Data Hub, SDK & Parsiq Hybrid on the current roadmap wasn’t also available at that time. Even then, Parsiq became able to give 27X profit to its holders.

We hope you have already conceived that a Tsunami is going to hit on Parsiq’s price in the Next Crypto Bull Market. Right now, the amount of Parsiq’s market cap is $23M+. On the other hand, more than 60M PRQ is already stored in the liquidity pool of IQ Protocol. So, we can understand how undervalued PRQ is.

3)      Parsiq may be listed by Coinbase in Q2 of 2022

In the Cryptocurrency industry, there are some facts that are true regardless of whether you like it or not.

            •           The price of Cryptocurrency projects becomes down in the bear market despite how innovative a crypto project is. 

            •           Listing in a popular Cryptocurrency exchange drives a project’s price increase.

Coinbase confirmed to enlist some potential Crypto projects in Q2 of 2022 through an official blog on April 12. Most importantly, they incorporated the name Parsiq into that list. Indeed, Parsiq has already been enlisted in a top-level exchange named Crypto dot com Exchange in 2022. And the next one is going to be Coinbase. So, which one could be the further one to enlist Parsiq?

            •           Binance?

Actually, what happens when a top-level Crypto exchange enlists a coin is-

            •           In a popular exchange, many giant crypto investors wait for new potential coins. So, it is being thought that these investors will stumble upon buying Parsiq after this fundamentally strong coin gets enlisted.

            •           Contrarily, if we see no positive price movement of Parsiq even after being enlisted by Coinbase due to the crypto bear market, it goes without saying that the maiden combination between PRQ and Coinbase will be highly interesting in the next crypto bull market.

            •           So, we believe that Parsiq (PRQ) token will be more trustworthy from institutional crypto investors to retail investors once the coin is enlisted by top-level crypto exchanges. As a result, Parsiq is more likely to create a new ATH breaking the previous one in the Next Crypto Bull Market.

4)      Parsiq’s renting facility in IQ protocol will drive PRQ adoption higher

Verily to say, adoption of something is more precious than its price increase.We hope Parsiq’s adoption will accelerate in the future as the Parsiq team made an arrangement for a subscription fee in their IQ Protocol. Maybe, our talks seem disorderly to you, let us make it clear-

            •           We heard people complain against some cryptocurrency service providers like Chainlink and similar others that they are expensive. That’s why they can hardly enjoy the service of Chainlink.

            •           But, Parsiq leaves no room for complaining. Because Parsiq’s service is within the range of people’s ability because of their subscription-based facility.

            •           As a result, Parsiq’s adoption will never take a pause.

Eventually, this practice will give the Parsiq ecosystem a shape and drives its price increase in a stable way.

5)      Passive earning opportunity by Parsiq staking

Right now, earning by staking is a popular term in the Cryptocurrency industry, and Parsiq has been offering this opportunity for a long time.

            •           The engrossing fact is that current stakers are getting double rewards from the Parsiq team for staking Parsiq (PRQ) tokens in the IQ Protocol.

            •           Alongside, PRQ token stakers who are staking in 2022 will get free $IQT tokens once the IQ Protocol launches its own $IQT token.

            •           While writing this PRQ token price-related article, the amount of total staked PRQs was more than 60M. It’s a massive amount considering the total circulating supply of Parsiq, which amounts to $157M+. So, it means more than 38% of the PRQ tokens have already been staked, which shows the dedication level of the Parsiq community.

Therefore, Parsiq’s staking reward will increase several folds with the increase of its use cases. Eventually, it will help Parsiq’s price increase by inspiring stakers.


Parsiq (PRQ) is a long endurance racing horse in the Cryptocurrency industry. We are now getting Parsiq available at a cheap price as the coin is still in its building phase. We believe when Parsiq Network starts to go on its own way, it will cause an impact on the price, making us see the reflection. A time will come when people hardly believe that once Parsiq’s price was at $1, the way newcomers now hardly believe that Ethereum’s price was at below $10 once. Because the Cryptocurrency industry is going to be entrapped by Parsiq’s blockchain data tracking mesh and thus Parsiq is developing its ecosystem. Do you have any doubt about it?

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