How much has the Parsiq team grown this year so far?

How Much Has The Parsiq Team Grown This Year so Far?

Finally, we have gotten to start writing about one of the most productive teams in the DeFi industry. This year is really a dazzling year for Parsiq indeed. What have they not done in these 7 months? Among bundles of achievement, we will be at fault if we don’t mention the name of IQ protocol, which is considered to be a game-changer as being the world’s first risk-free, collateral-less DeFi protocol to tokenize SaaS subscriptions in the DeFi Space with a circular economy. Such a kind of innovative crypto product never grows overnight; rather is the result of pursuit and perspiration. The number of PARSIQ team members is also on the rise with time. Whereas at one stage in 2020 there were less than 10 members in Parsiq team, now in August 2021, the number of members of Parsiq team is more than 40. It can be easily assumed that soon the number will reach 100 seeing the open positions of jobs on their website.

Why is an innovative team essential in Crypto project?

  • Do you see the blood circulation system of your body? You don’t. Our body remains healthy as the blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body cells.
  • The role of a team in Crypto projects is akin to the blood circulation system. The way blood circulation system ceaselessly works in an invisible way, teams in crypto projects also work the same way surreptitiously. We see nothing but the result. How much time and how many nights are sacrificed to bring a successful crypto product to market cannot be explained by an article.
  • However, now come to the point. Why is a good team in crypto market essential? There is no space of cut-copy-paste theory in crypto market as it is in its early phase. Crypto is basically a space full of innovations. For example, PRQ launched its IQ protocol last month and it is a clear instance of innovations. The reason behind it is the IQ protocol is the first time 100% risk free DeFi protocol.We cannot even expect such unique crypto products if any project is not consisting of a proper team.
  • You would have noticed one thing if you had been in the crypto space for a very long time that there were a number of crypto projects in the span of 2017-2018. But they have been lost with the flow of time even with their massive roadmap. The uninventive crypto team is one of the reasons many projects could not survive for long. Many projects were also leading a specific crypto niche, but today they are at the bottom of the market. Do you know why?

So, we hope you understand why a crypto project needs an innovative team to become successful.

Qualities of Parsiq team

So innovative

We will certainly write an article down the road regarding how innovative the Parsiq team is. But, since this article we are writing to introduce Parsiq team members, we will just allude to the names of Parsiq’s unique products. And every single product here bears the kindling examples of true innovation, for example, IQ protocol, which is a decentralized finance (DeFi) solution for the SaaS market.

  • IQ protocol enables users to enjoy several DeFi services including lending, borrowing, passive earning opportunity etc. This risk-free and collateral-less DeFi protocol tokenizes SaaS subscriptions in the DeFi space with a circular economy.
  • Then comes to smart-triggers that extend the functionality of smart contracts into the real-world. They are automated work-flows that push on-chain data to web services and applications to trigger off-chain actions.
  • No coding is required for their monitoring wizard, because of which you can get instant notifications on the blockchain activity you care about. Smart triggers can monitor across multiple block-chains and off-chain apps and include the conditional logic and data formatting you need.
  • They have a domain-specific programming language namely ParsiQL. Developers can build and deploy custom automation solutions for any use case.


Parsiq team has proved them true to their words several times. Such as, they have recently burned their PRQ tokens, which was one of their commitments. Parsiq had a total supply of 500 million that has gotten a huge cut of 189 million leaving a residue of 310,256,872 PRQ.

In fact, burning 189 million was not as easy for Parsiq as it seemed. So, it goes without saying that Parsiq team has taken such a difficult step to keep their commitment and to increase the value of PRQ.

Community Friendly Team

Whether you believe us or not, do you know what is the intense truth? Maximum successful crypto project’s teams are moody and reserve. That is the reason they are not community-friendly material. But Parsiq team is completely different from this side. You will wonder hearing that such instances are also available that PRQ team even immediately helped those PRQ holders in recovering PRQ coins who lost their coins being victim to hacking because of their own faults. And they helped them selflessly. Can you imagine that? This is a reason you can alienate Parsiq team from other crypto projects.

We would like to share a case with you today. Recently we noticed a telegram channel under Polkadot where if you ask a question twice, then you will be muted and even you can be banned too. There are too many projects like this in where if you enter you will feel like you entered into a monarchy family. But Parsiq is extraordinary and quite different than these projects; you can ask any question through Parsiq trading chat on telegram. You will have 24 hours of active support from their admins here. Their community members are so helpful that they will answer your questions selflessly. Do you know one more thing? Sometimes Parsiq’s CEO Tom or Co-Founder Anatoly themselves come to answer your question. Can you believe that?

Let’ move onto the introduction section of Parsiq Team members.

Parsiq Official Team Members

Co-FounderAnatoly Ressin, Andre Kalinovski & Tom Tirman
CEOTom Tirman
CTOAlan Durnev
Head of BDTom Matta
Product ManagerIvan Ivanitskiy, Daniil Romazanov
QA EngineerDmitriy Lisitsyn
Senior Blockchain DevAlex Rehov, Vsevolod Mihailov
ParsiQL LeadPavel Lepin
Blockchain Lead EngineerSimon Yakunin
Senior Software DevArtur Klesun
Marketing DepartmentAnastasia Nesterova, Eleonora Pakhomova
Community DepartmentDaniel Poulsen, Ross Bates

Anatoly Ressin

  • Co-Founder/ Chief Blockchain Architect

The skill of Anatoly has led the company to come to this position and is also driving ahead. He received an MSc Computer Science Degree from Transport and Telecommunication Institute. Besides this, he is an experienced university lecturer with over a decade of experience. In the Baltic States, he is famed as a blockchain architect. He founded Blockvis, a software development company. With a ton of experience in cryptography, he has been involved in the development of Civic and Deloitte blockchain solutions.

Andre Kalinovski

  • Co Founder/ Digital Forensics Engineer

With a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, he served several government and private institutions and thus received a wide range of knowledge. He has expertise in data engineering, algorithm design, security audits and forensic analysis. In 2016, he established a venture capital fund focused on cyber security.

Tom Tirman

  • Co-Founder/ CEO

With a ton of experience in business and finance, he worked in both traditional banking institutions and fintech companies. He knows well how to manage finance and operations and to transform existing teams to deliver exponential improvements. He has passion for working in bringing disruptive next-generation technologies. He has prosperous knowledge in law as he holds a law degree from TalTech University.

Alan Durnev

  • CTO

We can mention the name Alan as an enthusiast, Ethereum Guru, and a software engineer. Even though his career commenced with an online gambling platform, he ended up with a blockchain staking service. He has a knack for Java, Python, React, Dockerization, Solidity, and Rust. His involvement with software analytics and development management piled a vast experience for him.

Tom Matta

  • Head of BD

Tom’s high sales and management skills helped grow Carta to 1000+ employees and $100M+ in ARR. He is an experienced operator scaling startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He is playing his role in ops, sales, and sales and management as an employee at Carta.

To talk about his educational qualification, we have to say he has a Materials Science and Engineering Degree and a MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Anastasia Nesterova

  • Marketing Executive

With a number of professional certifications and an MSc in Digital Marketing, she is an adept digital marketing executive. She has experience working in the field of FinTech, renewable energy, and blockchain as from agency content manager to marketing chief. He mastered a lot of expertise in targeted ads, digital PR, and branding. Currency she is with Parsiq and playing her role as a strategist and brand promoter.

Eleonora Pakhomova

  • Marketing Manager

Eleonora also worked with different FinTech startups as a content creator and guerrilla marketing. She serves Parsiq as a marketing manager focused on research and building relations with third-party channels and bloggers. Expansion of awareness about Parsiq in people is her responsibility too. He keeps her research and campaign performance running by testing new tools.

Daniel Poulsen

  • Community and Content Manager

Daniel served in a number of positions in different tech-related companies, all the way from being the guy that fixes your printer to the CEO of several companies. Since the IEO on CoinMetro, he has been a follower of Parsiq. His role is to bring Parsiq and its community together by translating the advanced technology that Parsiq utilizes to the masses.

Ross Bates

  • Community & Social Media Manager

Ross’s involvement with Parsiq was happened all at once, and he believes in the power of strong communities. Although his graduation was completed in 2013 from Coventry University, he sunk his teeth into learning about blockchain in 2019. He had been a trader at that time and besides trading, he decided to expand his knowledge by completing Ivan on Techs Blockchain Academy. After his theoretical knowledge earning was done and came to reality, he got his attention of Parsiq and then he got involved. He creates marketing content for Parsiq for community engagement, marketing and social media presence.

Ivan Ivanitskiy  

  • Product Manager

Ivan serves Parsiq as a product manager, and so he considers users’ needs and makes the products according to that. With a high mathematical and analytical background, he worked in several IT firms in the field of software development, information security, and blockchain. Ivan completed his graduation with honors from Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, Chair of Particle Physics and Cosmology. He played his role in his previous companies as a developer, manager, analyst, and security auditor that left him with a ton of experience.

Daniil Romazanov

  • Product Manager

The man poses the quality of both as a manager and a developer. He learned programming from his passion and got a full-time job too in the field. Among his other roles, some notables are taking various roles in projects at, Mobile Telecom Systems, Playtech, CINEMOOD, and others, doing all sorts of things-backend, frontend, and mobile development, team management, planning, analytics.

Dmitriy Lisitsyn

  • QA Engineer

Dmitriy’s previous working experience includes working in banks VTB 24, Gazprombank, and others as an analyst. He serves Parsiq as a QA direction developer. Although his career started in sales, he later moved onto the technical side.

Alex Rehov  

  • Senior Blockchain Developer

To utilize the programming expertise of Alex, the Parsiq team has invited him to work as a senior blockchain developer. He has high experience in blockchain and solidity smart contract development. He mastered his coding skills at Riga Technical University. As a full-stack web developer, he worked with ambitious WalletZilla startup.

Simon Yakunin

  • Blockchain Lead Engineer

He has a Master degree in computer science from Transport and Telecommunication Institute. Since he has software development experience, he can deliver logistics and optimization algorithms, heuristics, and metaheuristics. His involvement with Adara Technologies, one of the largest television cable providers in Canada, provided him with some experience.

Artur Klesun

  • Senior Software Developer

He has expertise in languages and programming for programmers. He completed his graduation from ‘Progmeistars’.

Vsevolod Mihailov

  • Senior Blockchain Developer

A massive experience of more than 8 years in the field of software development made him a perfect choice for Parsiq. The man holds a bachelor degree in E-business from the RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology. He can develop web services, APIs and back ends for large e-commerce websites. He has a great passion for blockchain industry. For on-demand and secure identity verification, he was participating in development of and his engineering skill is driving him ahead in this profession.

Martins Paberzs

  • Full Stack Developer

Martins gathered his experience working on different projects from personal websites to online booking apps and ambitious web apps. He takes pleasure in working on analytics solutions and dealing with data-related challenges. He also has a slight knowledge of Typescript, React, python, Firestore, PostgressSQL, and AWS solutions. Although he is a self-taught software engineer, he gained more than 8 years of experience in this field.

Artyom Aminov

  • Blockchain Lead Engineer

The role Artyom in Parsiq is as a blockchain lead engineer as he obtained a software engineering degree from Rigas Technical University. He is a pioneer of Blockchain development and Blockchain integration since 2014 and has developed crypto currency exchange platform.

Andrey Gubarev

  • Software Developer

He is an expert in finding simple solutions to complex problems. Even though he is a self-taught software developer, he belongs to 20 years of long-time experience.

Pavel Lepin

  • ParsiQL Lead

In the field of team-leading and software development, Pavel is highly experienced with 25 years of experience. His career is also kindled with the expertise of working in several advertisement industries and complex business applications. His enthusiasm and passion for programming language brought him to ParsiQL. One of his achievements is that he won the annual ICFP Programming contest in 2014.

Aleksandr Dezhurnov

  • Technical Support

His love for technology led him to obtain an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Bauman MSTU. He provides the role of technical support in Parsiq.

Parsiq Advisors

Kevin Murcko

  • Strategic Advisor

Kevin’s name is inseparably related to FXPIG brand, which is an international forex broker operating under the license of the Republic of Vanuatu. The brand is unique in the FX space. The man ceaselessly pushes to close the profit gap between international and retail traders. In the same way, Kevin is guiding his exchange CoinMetro, which is a centralized exchange based in Estonia.

Evan Cheng

  • Strategic Advisor

The profile of Evan Cheng is too high and he is a familiar figure in tech and blockchain industry. He was an advisor of projects like Chainlink and Zilliqa in their earlier stage. He was previously in the position of Director of Engineering. Besides being involved in all these projects, he is the Head of Novi Research at Facebook.

Deanna Dong

  • Strategic Advisor

Deanna’s role in Parsiq is to advise on growth marketing and user acquisition strategies. She was previously involved with Dropbox, a successful file hosting giant, as the Global Marketing Lead. After she left Dropbox, she became the VP of Marketing for fintech company Wealthfront. Working with these companies helped her extend experience.

Mike Zajko

  • Strategic Advisor

Zajko has almost 7 years of experience working at Facebook as a client partner. He is a strategic advisor at Parsiq and struggling for the progress and development of Parsiq. He is also the Head of sales and Partnerships at Coinlist, a trusted platform for new crypto offerings.

Now, if you think yourself qualified to join PRQ, then it’s magnificent news for you. So do you………….

Want to get a job in Parsiq?

Parsiq Open Positions:

ProductSoftware Engineer
ProductSr. Software Engineer
ProductInfrastructure Manager
ProductBack-end API Software Engineer
ProductFull Stack Developer
Marketing and DesignSenior UX Engineer
Marketing and DesignSocial Media Manager
Marketing and DesignDigital Marketing Manager
Marketing and DesignContent Writer
Sales and SupportDigital Sales Manager
  1. Software Engineer: As being one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe, Parsiq is looking for an experienced software engineer to join the team in Tallinn. Presently they have five engineers in Latvia, and they are expecting to appoint 5 more engineers by the end of the next year.


  • Must be fluent in Rust or C++.
  • Good expertise on OOP and clean code.
  • Having experience with reactive UI development using React Typescript or similar, experience with Flutter is a plus.
  • Sufficient knowledge over RESTful APIs.
  • Focused on Customer.
  • Passion for writing unit tests and TDD.

Additional Qualities preferred

  • Having great understanding of Agile principles, Scrum/Kanban, Lean Startup principles.
  • Experience in distributed and concurrent systems.
  • Knowledge over DevOps.
  • Working experience in crypto, blockchain, payment platforms, alternative banking, FinTech.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • You can become a part of the team.
  • Your responsibilities will get grown up over time.
  • Vast learning opportunity about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Enjoyment of motivation package and better salary.
  • ‘’Work smarter, Play Better’’ culture.

    2) Sr. Software Engineer- Blockchain: Parsiq is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer in Tallinn. This is a brightest opportunity for those who pose the qualities to be so. Their priority is for top-level talent people to join their elite team.


  • Experience and Bachelor’s degree.
  • Programming ability in high level languages.
  • Having experience in modern web development with HTML5, CSS 3, and JavaScript frameworks.
  • Ability to build applications using Google Cloud and AWS services.
  • Enterprise and large scale deployment experience.
  • Experience with billing systems, billing data, revenue systems.

Additional qualities preferred

  • Having expertise in all aspects of Security and containerization and orchestration using Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Ability to build Microservices and best practices related to their implementation.
  • Having general knowledge on software architecture & software design concepts and experience of applying them in the development of enterprise level software products.
  • Ability to architect highly available systems that utilize load balancing, horizontal scalability, and high availability.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • Ensures an inspiring working environment that motivates innovations.
  • Opportunity to join an expanding team.
  • No corporate BS.
  • Learning opportunity about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Better salary and motivation package.
  • Flexible working hours.

    3) Infrastructure Manager: Parsiq needs an infrastructure manager who can play his role in the growth and development of the company. They are looking for a person who can bring up with innovative ideas to tackle hard problems.


  • More than 8 years of experience in IT industry.
  • Must have a Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science, Information Systems.
  • Ability to build CI/CD pipelines.
  • Ability of hard problem solving and must be hard working.
  • Having expertise in data center management and data governance.
  • Required to have hands-on experience with helpdesk support, computer networks, network administration and network installation.

Additional Qualities Preferred

  • Magnificent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to interact across all levels of organization.
  • Experience of ITIL/Agile Service Management.
  • Posing the ability to develop and maintain an active codebase in any language.
  • Having experience with load balancing and proxy technologies.
  • Good amount of experience of running Docker containers as microservices in production on a container orchestration platforms.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • Competitive salary and motivation package.
  • Nice career opportunity.
  • No corporate BS- but soon you will see.
  • Better environment and culture.
  • Impactful work.

    4) Back-end API Software Engineer: In Tallinn, Parsiq needs to appoint an API software engineer. They required some qualifications for so.


  • More than five years of experience in the field of designing, developing and supporting web based APIs.
  • Ability to build elegant and maintainable APIs using Rust, Node.js, and REST principles.
  • Required to have expertise in software revision and control systems, and various SQL databases and NoSQL.
  • Acquainted with testing frameworks and test driven development.
  • Tirelessly working ability.

Additional Qualities Required

  • Acquainted with AWS, Terraform, Docker, Github, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Linux.
  • Quick learning ability.
  • Having a Master’s degree.
  • Proven experience with Python/Flask or NodeJS/Express.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • Being a part of the incredible team.
  • Learning opportunity.
  • Working with a large team.
  • Better salary and motivation package.
  • Encouraging environment.

    5) Full Stack Developer: Parsiq needs a full stack developer in their team in Tallinn, and they are offering the chance for anyone to be on board early and create his future himself.


  • Required to have experience relating to software development life cycle best practices.
  • More than five years of experience in the field of developing complex enterprise software systems and more than three years of experience in the field of building UI components using the latest in web technologies.
  • Must have knowledge over the use of programming languages.
  • Strong OOP skills and design patterns knowledge.

Additional qualities preferred

  • Priority to those who are acquainted with AWS, Terraform, Docker, GitHub, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Linux.
  • General knowledge of the Lean Startup Principles and software architecture & software design concept.
  • Expertise in applying software in the development of enterprise level software products.
  • Using experience of Agilemethodologies.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.

    6) Senior UX Engineer: In the Design Team, Parsiq needs a Senior UX Engineer. Anyone who is going to be appointed in here will be empowered to create a best-in-class, and inclusive-by-default platform. And through this platform, engineers and product designers can express and build sophisticated user experiences. Enabling great customer experience is the prime responsibility of the Design Team. They serve internal and external customers with tools.


  • Making sure the technical feasibility of UI/UX design standards.
  • Must be known of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Proficient communication ability with engineers and designers.
  • Good understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platform (SASS).
  • Ability to develop User Interfaces in a component-based approach.

Additional Qualities Preferred

  • Communication and presentation skill in English.
  • Ability to develop cross-platform desktop apps with Electron.
  • Expertise in developing systems with complex visualizations requirements.
  • Good understanding of colour systems, layouts, typography.
  • Having enthusiasm for innovative solutions and analytical thinking skills.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.

    7) Social Media Manager: Parsiq is looking for a social media manager to appoint in Tallinn. Ther want dedication, hard-working, and perseverance in their employees.


  • Writing ability for different platforms.
  • Verbal and written communication skill.
  • Constant in self-improvement.
  • Sufficient knowledge of social media KPIs.
  • Magnificent organizing and management skill.
  • More than 4 years of experience in social media for B2B companies.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Additional qualities Preferred

  • BA/BS from any field, marketing, communications, and journalisms are highly preferred.
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams.
  • Teamwork skill and superior collaboration.
  • Having the creativity to create compelling ad copy specific to the identified target audiences. Having experience with paid social media.
  • Action feedback from reports, analyses, and recommendations into concreate plans.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.

    8) Digital Marketing Manager: Parsiq is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to join their growing team in Tallinn. They have required some qualifications: if you find a match, you can apply.


  • Broadened knowledge of digital marketing principles, primarily in site strategy/execution, search strategy, social media.
  • Highly experienced with long-term working in digital marketing, marketing communications with an emphasis on B2B sector and target audiences.
  • Good channel management ability and campaign development.
  • Strong writing and communication skills.

Additional qualities preferred

  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • Affinity Maker.
  • Having enthusiasm for content and video production.
  • Well-known of Excel & data visualization; skill in SQL and R.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.

    9) Content Writer: Parsiq needs a content writer to be appointed in Tallinn, who will write for them.


  • Must be a veteran in web copywriting, content marketing, digital marketing.
  • Experience in SEO.
  • Having technical knowledge of HTML, Markdown and web publishing.
  • Project management and organization skills.

Additional Qualities Preferred

  • A Bachelor’s degree is highly preferred.
  • Marketing skill.
  • Writing ability.
  • Having experience capturing video and still content.
  • Acquainted with Adobe Creative Suite and management of post-production.

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.

    10) Digital Sales Manager: To grow the sales and energize leadership, Parsiq is looking for a proven Digital Sales Manager. He must be staying up-to-date with the evolution and should be well-understood of digital marketing strategy. His communication with the internal and external customers should be effective.


  • Well-versed in digital marketing strategies.
  • Excellent interacting ability with people of all levels.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Well-known of pricing and inventory management principles.
  • Management and supervising skill.
  • Creative, innovative and effective.
  • Should have belief in A/B testing.

Additional Qualities Preferred

  • Ability to motivate a sales team.
  • Team oriented.
  • Ability to analyze business and show great and thoughtful leadership.
  • For achieving built-in-quality, he should be well-versed in applying automation, continuous integration and continuous deployment. 

Parsiq’s Offer for You

  • The same as aforementioned.


If you give your insight into all crypto projects, then you can see almost all projects are quite aloof from the traditional business portfolio. But turning your eyes to Parsiq, you can see that Parsiq has reduced this gap to a large extent and they keep their attempt running for further innovation in this goal. They have been successful too. Through contacting them, we have come to know that they are working actively on it for mainstream adoption.

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