How to Earn Passive Income from Full AVAX Ecosystem? (CLY Staking)

How to Earn Passive Income from Full AVAX Ecosystem? (Height APY)

Who doesn’t want to earn passive income from in a valid way from Cryptocurrency Industry? A tendency of holding Cryptocurrency rather than selling has been developed among holders since the day the Cryptocurrency industry introduced the way of passive income. The reason is- by staking Cryptocurrency, many crypto holders are earning a handsome percentage of profit every year. Indeed, Cryptocurrency holders would like to have popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche (AVAX), etc as a passive income. But, validly earning these expensive coins in the long-term is onerous. But, the good news is, now, a number of brainy people are working in the Crypto industry. As a result, we are seeing newish innovations day by day. ‘’Ecosystem farming’’ is such a newish innovation we will talk about today. Indeed, the gist of Ecosystem farming is- you just have to hold only 1 Cryptocurrency Token, and in exchange for this, you can enjoy the full growth advantage of the specific ecosystem lying in the Mother Blockchain by staking. Exactly, you have nothing left to do. Let us clear now- Colony (CLY) is a Community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator. So, if you just buy this Colony (CLY) and staking on Colony’s official app, you can enjoy the full growth benefit of (AVAX) ecosystem. Thus, by staking Colony (CLY), you will not only receive the Avalanche (AVAX) for free but also get the whole Colony as a reward. Have you gotten stunned? At first hearing, we also got stunned, but after verifying, we found that the matter is 100% authentic. So, today we will narrate the whole story of how you can become a king in the AVAX ecosystem out of the thin air by staking Colony (CLY). Please join our journey to understand clearly the amazing concept of ecosystem farming.

Token NameColony
Token TickerCLY
Token CategoryDAO
Total Supply150M
Circulating Supply18M+
IDO onMEXC Exchange, Avalaunch
IDO Price$0.4

What is Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming?

The idea of Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming is the latest addition in the Cryptocurrency industry, which is getting revealed by the Colony (CLY) team. Because of this Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming, retail investors are becoming highly lucrative. This is because the money of retail Cryptocurrency investors will move into the market like institutional Cryptocurrency investors through Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming. All these credits go to the prudent team of Colony (CLY).

Indeed, Colony (CLY) will give you profit from the AVAX ecosystem in four ways, these four ways are-

  • Validator program reward.
  • INDEX reward.
  • Airdrop from Early Investment Projects.
  • & Reward from LP Program.

Look, you alone can make money in four ways from the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. Nothing additional you need to do for this except staking Colony (CLY). This is enough for you and you can start earning four-sided income from Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem.

The topic of farming isn’t something new in the Cryptocurrency industry. Among several types of farming available in the Cryptocurrency industry that generate passive income for holders, ‘’Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming’’ seems best to us; because it generates larger-in-amount revenue than others. Let’s dive deep into the detail of why Ecosystem farming is most profitable for Cryptocurrency investors.

The Best Way to Earn Passive Income in Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem

To be honest, Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem is exceptional from other ecosystem-based crypto-communities. It is not a byword rather the full Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem seemed more organized with some brainy team members to us. This ecosystem offers you a bunch of ways for generating passive income. That is what we think indeed. It’s congenial to you to earn passive income from Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem through staking Colony (CLY). There are other sufficient reasons too that are going to be described below.

Colony (CLY) looks for you potential crypto projects on your behalf

Do you know what the most challenging task is for a retail cryptocurrency investor?

  • Finding out potential Cryptocurrency projects.

After finding a potential cryptocurrency project, you have nothing left to do with it except for holding. Validity judgment of a project seems nearly impossible for a retail cryptocurrency investor when the project is in its early phase. This is due to the lack of available information and the incapability to reach the team of that new project. So, it remains elusive for a retail investor to invest in a potential cryptocurrency project when it is in its seed & private level.

But, Colony (CLY) has made the dream come to reality for the first time, allowing retail investors to join the project when it is in its seed & private level.

  • Indeed, Colony (CLY) invests 50% from Treasury Capital in the new projects of the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem during the project’s seed & private investment level. By the time any exchange lists that project; CLY will have given those stakers the airdrop in which they invested during the early phase.
  • Do you apprehend the matter? At the seed & private level, a coin’s price remains cheap, and on the other hand, the price goes to the moon after being enlisted by any exchange. It leaves a high possibility for Colony team and its community to be benefited to a great extent.

To test the validity of projects of 50% Treasury Balance of Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem, the Colony team maintains regular meetings with the team members of those projects. That is how Colony team members ensure the state and validity of leading projects and the workforce of new team members. If the over scenario seems positive, the Colony team invests in those projects.

How much amount the Colony team will invest depends on innovative ideas and overall risk factors taken by new projects.

Let us know one thing in this regard that Colony is a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator. So, all the riches and responsibilities of this project will be in the hand of Colony Community members. Once the Colony DAO is established, Colony members will run a voting process in a decentralized way to determine which projects they should invest in and which ones they should avoid.

But, before this process is in force, the Colony team is finding out all potential projects from the Avalanche ecosystem with great care. The reason is- that all the projects of the Avalanche ecosystem the Colony team has so far invested in seem very promising to us.

How to stake Colony Crypto for Avalanche (AVAX) Passive Income?

So far, we have told you how to earn passive income from the full Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem. Now, let’s come to know how to obtain AVAX as passive income by staking Colony token. Before starting this process, you must keep two things in your mind because with these two criteria, you will be eligible for receiving all services of Colony (CLY).

  1. Staking at least 50 Colony tokens.
  2. Staking for at least 20 days.

Staking at least 50 Colony tokens

Staking at least 50 Colony tokens is obligatory for you if you would like to enjoy all services of Colony (CLY) only by staking. But stop thinking that you will receive enough passive income by staking these 50 tokens only. Try to be realistic because 50 Colony tokens are worth less than $100. If you think realistically, you can easily understand that these 50 Colony tokens are few and far between. It means that you have to be more serious about staking providing that you want to earn enough passive income from Colony (CLY).

In an interview, the Colony team said, ‘’Basically, Colony is a community-driven project, and so we ascertained only 50 Colony tokens for enjoying full services as we think it will be advantageous for holders to start. At the termination of Colony DAO development, the Colony (CLY) community members will be able to change the minimum number of Colony tokens through voting upon their will.’’

Staking for at least 20 days

It’s mandatory for you to stake for at least 20 days if you would like to get AVAX free income opportunity. Let’s rebut the point.

  • Suppose- you bought 50 Colony (CLY) tokens and started staking today. Today is your first day of counting. This way, you have to pass the next 20 days to enjoy the four-sided-reward-earning opportunity of the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem.
  • Now think- you started your Colony (CLY) on 1st January 2022. On 3rd January 2022, the Colony team announced that they would distribute Platypus token airdrop among Colony stakers on 14th January.

Now the question is- will you be eligible for the passive income?

  • This answer is a straight NO. Because- 14th January will be your 14th day of Colony (CLY) staking. But, you are required to stake for a minimum of 20 days to be eligible for enjoying passive income.
  • Let’s come to know an important equation. Suppose- you have done staking for 20 days. Now, you are eligible to enjoy passive income. But the thing is- if you stop staking Colony ending up with less than 50 Colony, you have to restart then.
  • It means that if you stake 1000 Colony (CLY) coins for 3 months and then unstake that full amount, your passive earning opportunity from Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem is closed here. If you intend to stake again, you have to start from day 1.

Consequently, you have to be regular on staking Colony (CLY) in the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem if you want to carry on earning passive income. As a result, you cannot even fancy where your Crypto portfolio will reach.

Colony Staking Tutorial

Let’s come to know how to be benefited from the full Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem besides earning free Avalanche (AVAX) by Colony staking.

  • Even if you are a newbie in the crypto industry, you can easily stake using Colony (CLY) App. The Colony (CLY) developed this app simply and in a user-friendly way.
  • At first, you are required to add the Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain to your MetaMask wallet. The reason is Colony is a token of Avalanche. So, you are not allowed to run your staking by ETH chain, BSC chain, or any other chains.
  • There is nothing tough left to do after adding Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain. Then, you can buy Colony (CLY) from the exchanges where the token is available. Notably, Colony is available in both centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • After the completion of Colony Token buying, you have to bring your Colony coins from crypto exchange to Avalanche Mainnet C-chain on your MetaMask wallet.
  • Now, you have to go to the official website of Colony (CLY) and then click on the ‘’LAUNCH APP’’ option.
  • You will find the word ‘’Connect wallet’’ on the right side in the dashboard of the (Colony) app. Just click on it. By clicking here, you can connect your MetaMask with the Colony App.
  • Now, it’s your turn for the most-awaited Colony staking.
  • In the middle position of the Colony Dashboard, you will find a purplish-colored box named ‘’STAKE’’, and on this page, you have to stay now.
  • There is another section named ‘’Amount to Stake’’ right below the purplish box, where you can place the amount you need to stake.
  • At the end of the page, you can find a button named ‘’Stake’’. After determining a specific amount, you can click on this button.
  • The first transaction that will be made right after clicking on this button will be for a verify purpose. Don’t think it to be the last step. So, that 1st stake will be a verification stage for you. However, the real staking will start from the second attempt.

That is the full process of Colony (CLY) staking. Now you are fully prepared to earn passive income from Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. You have nothing more to do except for claim rewards.

COLONY (CLY) Token Distribution

Total Token Sales70% (105M CLY)
Team10% (15M CLY)
Liquidity Provision10% (15M CLY)
Community Incentives7% (10.5M CLY)
Advisory3% (4.5M CLY)

Why is Ecosystem Farming the best for Cryptocurrency passive income?

Look, as we previously said to you that investors had their attitude changed since the day passive income became available in the Cryptocurrency industry.  Today, Cryptocurrency investors benefit by generating passive income from staking, farming, and several DAOs. But to be honest, Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming seems to be the best among others because of its profitability and low risk.

That Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem came up with such an idea doesn’t even surprise us. Do you know why?

  • Since the beginning, we have been noticing that Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem has been community-friendly than other blockchain-based projects. The ecosystem nurtures a tendency to give more to its community members. That’s why such an idea didn’t startle us.

Let us point up the facts for which we think Ecosystem Farming is the best among others for Cryptocurrency passive income.

  • You may know what happened with Snowdog & Snowbank recently. If you don’t know, we are explaining it briefly.
  • Indeed, there is now the scattering of OHM Fork-based projects in the Cryptocurrency industry. Snowbank is basically an OHM Fork-based project, and its price was $6K+ some days ago. Of late, when the Snowbank team tried to update their Snowdog project, made a mistake, which took away the Crypto industry’s trust from it. That trust crash tumbled Snowbank’s price down to less than 400 dollars from 6 thousand dollars. How would you now feel if you were a Snowbank holder?
  • Before the incident happened, Snowbank was offering good amount of profit. But, the mistake (intentionally/unintentionally) changed the whole scenario.
  • However, let us tell you why we gave the aforementioned example. It is to make you understand that maximum passive income providing Cryptocurrency projects adopt only one approach for offering passive income.
  • As they don’t adopt any portfolio, if that one way fails, they are destined to end in smoke. To understand that, you don’t need to be a cryptocurrency enthusiast.
  • But, Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming is completely different. Just think of Colony (CLY) because you can get revenue from here in four ways. Besides so, Colony will provide you with airdrops of potential Cryptocurrency projects every month. Some projects from here will not be successful but the maximum ones will be.
  • The focal point is that here you are getting your investments diversified. That is reducing the risk ratio of your crypto portfolio automatically.
  • On the other hand, you will get AVAX, Colony token, and index as a reward from the top 10 Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem projects.

Can you understand? You disengaged yourself from earning passive income by participating in the Ecosystem farming in a specific way. How intelligent are you?  Exactly, we believe that Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Farming will outsmart DeFi because of its unique farming idea.

Passive income in Avalanche ecosystem

Indeed, right before 2020, innovative idea generation by maximum Cryptocurrency sectors was stuck. As a result, altcoin projects from the full Cryptocurrency industry became dependent on Ethereum (ETH). But, to those dependent projects, Ethereum’s expensive transaction cost was a major hurdle. For example: When Ethereum’s gas fee increased, you needed to bear a cost of more than $50 for transferring an amount tantamount to $100. That was really a business-disoriented environment.

That is the reason earning a handsome amount of passive income was a daydream before 2019-2020. Presently, we are seeing an ecosystem-based healthy move in the Crypto space; for example- Solana Ecosystem, Binance Ecosystem, and our beloved Avalanche (AVAX) Ecosystem.

The reason behind establishing these communities is that the ecosystem-based cryptocurrencies of 2021-2022 are more community-friendly than Ethereum. We can undoubtedly say that the amount of passive income you will get from the Binance and Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem is higher than that of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

However, it’s time to jump to the details of the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. It is unique compared to existing others. From Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem, you can earn your passive income by staking, farming, and LP.

  • For example- you can generate a 44.45% APY passive income by staking in XAVA-AVAX of TraderJoe exchange, the most popular decentralized exchange of Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. Moreover, you will get an annual passive income of 17.96% on AVAX-USDT.e from the exchange.
  • There are other subsidiary ecosystems of the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem naming Pangolin, Yield Yak, from where you can also earn a handsome amount of passive income.
  • But, we must keep Colony (CLY) apart from those passive earning opportunities. We believe that one day; Colony (CLY) will offer its community members that amount of passive income amount which is unimaginable to gain from other projects. Our belief is that Colony (CLY) will take a general cryptocurrency investor to an exceptional crypto-portfolio world.

Colony (CLY): Profit RIO

Colony PriceColony MarketcapColony Profit RIO

Is long-term passive income from AVAX Ecosystem possible?

  • Yes, long-term passive income from the AVAX ecosystem is possible, and it’s possible by staking Colony (CLY) in a standard way.

In the whole Crypto industry, you will find projects in abundance that will offer you huge profits in 2-3 months. But, you must face obstacles to finding a project from where you can expect to get profit consistently in the long-term. Even though Colony (CLY) seems to be very general outwardly, you will get startled if you calculate the total passive income from the project in the long term.

  • For example- the airdrops the Colony is giving to its stakers can appear little in amount to you. But, if you analyze the future of those projects whose airdrops Colony is giving to its stakers, you will get stunned seeing their impressiveness and bright future.
  • You cannot even imagine how much these small amounts will grow one day.
  • Furthermore, you will get AVAX coins by staking Colony (CLY) as a reward.  AVAX still has possibilities to grow. If you hold those reward-received AVAX coins without selling them, you will have many AVAX coins in your hand within 1-2 years. For so, you don’t need to buy AVAX coins separately.
  • On the other hand, Colony will develop its own ecosystem and by staking Colony Token, you can get Colony Tokens as a reward. This is so interesting.


That Colony (CLY) token is going to introduce a four-sided innovative passive income idea in the full Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem will be a massive advantage for the full Avalanche community members. The reason is that anyone can take full growth advantage of Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem only by holding one project (Colony). Others crypto-community members are also capable of taking that advantage by staking Colony (CLY) token. Suppose- some Solana community members know that the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem is huge but they don’t have sufficient time to study the AVAX ecosystem based projects. If they will, they can also take the full growth advantage of the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem by Colony staking. So, we believe Colony (CLY) will one day be in the top 10 Cryptocurrency projects. What do you think about it?

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