Why is Tsunami API so important for Parsiq Mass Adoption?

Why is Tsunami API so important for Parsiq Mass Adoption?

Parsiq revealed its Tsunami API in the data industry on July 18, 2022. Parsiq’s providing only real-time data on any blockchain in the data industry is a thing of the past, with the launching of the Tsunami API, Parsiq allows access to the full spectrum of historical data alongside real-time data on any given blockchain. Moreover, Tsunami API has already been integrated into the top four blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Avalanche with more on the way. Parsiq has also announced that they can process over 33 billion data events within 1 second by Tsunami. 

Introduction of Tsunami API 

To conclude in a word, the Tsunami API is the full data solution of blockchain, which stretches from real-time data to historical data and the custom logic built on top of that. We have already mentioned the names of the top four blockchains where the Tsunami API has already been integrated.

So, from now on, using this Tsunami API, any crypto developer or general user can track data of any crypto project- like TVL, liquidity, current and historical token prices, APR, APY, ROI, and user balances- without facing any complexity on these four blockchain-based projects.

Indeed, a blockchain developer knows well that it takes him hours to find a single piece of blockchain data. Hearing blockchain as an open-sourced network, many people think they can track down any piece of data so easily, but the reality is different. 

So, we hope the blockchain data industry will see the face of revolutionary innovation by the hand of PRQ as Parsiq is turning the complicated data industry on its head with its new roadmap. 

Why is Tsunami API so important for Parsiq Mass Adoption? 

Parsiq’s new updated roadmap is expected to work as a driving force towards mass adoption because the new PRQ products of this new roadmap fetch out any complicated blockchain data within the shortest period of time like Sherlock Holmes, the most successful fictional detective character. Indeed, Tsunami API can search out any data on any blockchain. 

Here is the list of blockchain data that you can fetch out by Tsunami API-

          •         Blockchain Events.

          •         Blockchain Calls.

          •         Blockchain Transaction Information. 

          •         Blockchain Transaction Information with Logs.

          •         Get Block Headers.

          •         Get Block Headers for a Block Range.

          •         Get Native Asset Transfers.

          •         Get Fungible Token Transfers.

          •         Get Non-Fungible Token Transfers.

          •         Get NFT Inventory and NFT Transfer History, as well as displaying NFTs on your own front-end via the NFT Data Lake.

From the long list above, you can comprehend that the Tsunami API appeals to everyone, ranging from Cryptocurrency developers and dApps to protocols.  Indeed, the Alpha test of Tsunami API has already been conducted on more than 30 popular crypto dApps and protocols. And, Parsiq has confirmed that the participant crypto projects were impressed with the impressive crypto data generating performance of Tsunami API in the Alpha test. The big advantage that you can enjoy with the Tsunami API is that the API will serve any blockchain data in an organized and collectible way. Moreover, it requires you to invest not much time to restructure the already received data. 

The Parsiq team also reported that the Tsunami API accessed the data for all Ethereum’s 17.9 million blocks and showed fast and efficient performance in fetching out data upon command. 

On the other hand, we have come to know about Tsunami API from the participant crypto projects that the API could acquire any desired simple to complex data accurately and instantly. And most project owners are impressed with that performance. 

Crypto regulation will play a vital role in the future because mass adoption of the crypto industry is impossible without proper regulation. And, Parsiq’s Tsunami API will act like magic in the area of crypto regulation. For example, you will need to acquire business-related data in the proper way to justify the regulation of giant crypto exchanges and financial service-providing crypto projects. That’s why we believe mass adoption of the entire crypto industry is impossible without the presence of Parsiq’s Tsunami API. 


We want to start this conclusion with the recently-uttered comment of Tom Tirman, CEO of Parsiq, where he added, ‘’Tsunami API is just an initial step on the newly developed roadmap.’’ Parsiq’s value is set to increase in the future with the addition of Data Lake, Data Hub, and SDK-alike products. It’s because everyone ranging from successful projects to new startups in the blockchain industry needs blockchain data for their business development. So, Parsiq’s newly developed roadmap will drive the project towards mass adoption, whereas Tsunami API is just the beginning of the chapter.

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