Public Views Bounce up and down on Big tech and Privacy

Public Views Bounce up and down on Big tech and Privacy

A recent polling has shown that in 2015, 71 percent of Americans used to think tech companies had a positive impact on the United States and that number falling to 50 percent by 2019. Bu tech companies came to work in the field of health service amid pandemic running. As for example Google, Apple and MIT have come with the concern to support contact tracing through Bluetooth technology. All their supports were to combat COVID-19 in different manners.

According to another poll, 68 percent of Americans would now share their COVID-19 test results with officials using an app, though that declined to 45 percent on the off chance the app tracks with whom they come into contact and dispatches them alerts if one of those people tests positive for coronavirus.

The view of people is expected to be improved in this critical situation. The service activities are appreciated by thirty eight percent of Americans. On the other hand, forty eight percent think tech companies should work on their respective fields and 81 percent support large tech companies.

Verily to say that the service providing acts are appreciable that has been done by tech companies rather than any contact tracing app because such app should be adopted by 60 percent of a population to be effective. These positive feelings are not supposed to last after the pandemic is over as these businesses established with the intension of privacy as a commodity. In this modern world, privacy technologies become an essential core of any product.

The attitudes towards privacy can change over time, but people will seek for privacy and security as a universal value indeed. There are yet industrial clients such as oil or shipping companies that see the ability to share data privately and securely as a fundamentally part of their business. In the industrial world the necessity of privacy is inexorable.

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