Questionable Crypto Future

Questionable Crypto Future

We know bitcoin, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management rather than relying on central authorities, as the king of all cryptocurrencies and it gets the most priority than others. The market of bitcoin is nascent and no one knows where the market will stand and to which extent the market will move in near future. So the market is not mature enough. The market has not yet reliable and stable volatility and liquidity.

But according to the thinking of crypto analysts bitcoin will grow up and settle into a wide price range as like as traditional markets. But if you think on the basis of commodities, something that settles into a range in real terms still trends in nominal terms due to inflation. But whether and when it is going to happen is a question. But in that case it is clear that BTC, the price of which had some ways to go in finding out a price ceiling, is far away from the level of maturity. The market capitalization of BTC is currently at $204.4 billion and earlier in June the market capitalization was at $233 billion.

Because of increasing market cap, the impact to BTC by large market participants is about to be less impactful in shifting price. So I think it will negatively impact on the mind of retail investors. But it is a welcome change for institutional investors. There are some similarities resembled between BTC and commodity. But it is forwarding dream of volatility in foreseeable future. But CEO of BCB Group, Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, said different thing that scarcity continues to drive prices higher is likely to remain a constant forever. He also said the market continues to march on regardless of price. He also said adoption of global currency was a long way from mainstream adoption. Established brands are steadily and purposely accepting it indeed.

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