Top 5 Reasons Why Rarible Coin price will be $100+

Top 5 Reasons Why Rarible Coin price will be $100+

In the 2021 Crypto Bull Market, NFT and other projects related to the NFT industry were hotcakes. But, with the crypto market entering a full-fledged bear market in 2022, NFT and other crypto niches fell headlong. Seeing so, you shouldn’t think the future of NFT has vanished here because it’s a common scenario of the crypto bear market. Rarible is a strong name in the NFT crypto industry. And the price of Rarible is down due to the bear market. But Rarible price down can be an exclusive opportunity for retail investors because the project is fundamentally strong. And we believe the price of the Rarible coin will be more than $100 by 2025. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 reasons why we expect Rarible’s price to hit the target.

Top 5 Reasons Why Rarible Coin Price will be $100+

  1. Rarible is more than an NFT marketplace.
  2. Having strong VCs proves that Rarible’s price may reach $100 in the future.
  3. Rarible’s price is expexted to outnumber three digits due to its strong tokenomics.
  4. The $100 price target for Rarible is little compared to the innovation power of Rarible’s genius team members.
  5. The marketcap of the NFT marketplace will be a hundred times more shortly.

Rarible (RARI) Coin Price Statistics

Rarible (RARI) CoinDEtails
Total Supply25M RARI
Circulating Supply10M RARI (40%)
Trading Volume (24h)$200,000K+
All Time High Price$63.59+ (16th Nov, 2021)
All Time Low Price$0.31 (20th July, 2020)
Twitter Followers491K+
Trading ExchangesCoinbase, Gate io, Kraken, MEXC, Uniswap etc
Telegram Members18K+

1)     Rarible is more than an NFT marketplace

Right now, the crypto industry is saturated with many NFT marketplaces. Even there is a trend ongoing in the crypto industry where every popular layer-1 crypto project has its own NFT marketplace-based projects; for example- Kalao is the number one NFT marketplace-based project on the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem.

But, to be honest, it will be your mistake if you compare these layer 1 NFT marketplace-based crypto projects with Rarible-alike hidden gems. Rarible is a premier NFT marketplace where a person is allowed to do anything ranging from NFT minting to buying and selling digital collectibles without any coding skills. 

Why is Rarible the number one NFT marketplace in the Crypto industry?

  • Right now, Rarible ranks top as an NFT marketplace because of its wide variety of facilities in the NFT industry. Rarible has taken the NFT space to a new altitude from its competitors with the combination of DeFi and decentralization.
  • Even we believe Rarible is a much better option than OpenSea. And we will head into the detail about this after a while.

Top 4 advantages of Rarible Platform in comparison with other NFT marketplaces

  1. Rarible NFT marketplace offers the opportunity for free NFT creation.
  2. Rarible platform allows its community to communicate with NFT artists through direct messaging.
  3. Availability of carbon-negative option on Ethereum blockchain in Rarible marketplace. 
  4. Easy to follow friends, artists, and collectors on the Rarible platform.

So, after reading these four advantages, you may understand now that Rarible isn’t only confined to being an NFT buying and selling space rather they are endeavoring to build an active community in the NFT industry. So, we want to inform you directly that Rarible is better than OpenSea in many ways. To make it clear, we are mentioning the top-5 reasons that back up our claim.

Top 5 reasons why Rarible is better than OpenSea

  1. Rarible allows you to attach any blockchain-based wallet, which is unlikely with OpenSea.
  2. Rarible’s trading fee will be lower than OpenSea.
  3. Rarible offers messaging facility, which OpenSea doesn’t.
  4. Rarible is a decentralized community-driven NFT marketplace but OpenSea isn’t decentralized.
  5. You will find index-type features on Rarible but not on OpenSea.

i) Rarible allows you to attach any blockchain-based wallet, which is unlikely with OpenSea

Rarible’s allowing of attaching any wallet of layer-1 blockchain-based projects has kept it much ahead of OpenSea. For example- You can buy or sell Solana blockchain-based NFT on the Rarible platform by attaching its Phanton wallet, but this facility is missing with OpenSea.

ii)                   Rarible’s trading fee will be lower than OpenSea

In naked eyes, the 2.5% trading fee of Rarible and OpenSea might seem equal to you. But, the Rarible community has called for a vote on reduction of trading fees than OpenSea. Once the vote passes by the majority, NFT users will stumble upon buying NFTs on the Rarible platform. That community members can contribute to decision-making by voting is a massive advantage of Rarible.

iii)                Rarible offers messaging facility, which OpenSea doesn’t

Rarible is a step ahead in respect of the communication facility with the NFT community and artists. It’s because NFT users can message anyone alongside developing their profile by following NFT users on the Rarible platform, which is completely missing in OpenSea.

iv)                Rarible is a decentralized community-driven NFT marketplace but OpenSea isn’t decentralized

Rarible is such an NFT marketplace where you can place any proposal and your proposal will be added to the protocol once your proposal gets enough backing through voting. That’s why we said over and over that Rarible is a community-driven NFT marketplace. Contrarily, OpenSea doesn’t provide you with such an opportunity, and the OpenSea team does anything on their platform as they wish.

v)                   You will find index-type features on Rarible but not on OpenSea

In the beginning, we said that Rarible united the NFT and DeFi industry, leaving an opportunity for massive money-making in the future. A fitting example is this is the Index NFT of Rarible.

Contrarily, OpenSea is an NFT buy/sell platform with no such exclusive idea. But, Rarible is expected to take the NFT industry to the next level with its innovative power.

As of now, the size of the NFT marketplace is $100M+. However, we anticipate that this market size will be several billion dollars over the next few years and then the Rarible price will outnumber the $100 target. Since the NFT industry is still in its early phase, the projects that can adorn themselves early are the ones that will get the first-mover advantage. So, we are so optimistic that we will see the next crypto bull market NFT-luminous with Rarible coin’s price at $100+.

2)     Having strong VCs proves that Rarible’s price may reach $100 in the future

Sometimes it’s tough to measure whether the backbone of a crypto project is strong or not. However, there are some techniques by following which you can identify a sturdy backbone-flourished crypto project. Seeing the ‘’Funding Round of Crypto Projects’’ is one of those techniques.

  • Identification of a healthy crypto project becomes easier when you see that the project has high recognition and crypto venture capital firms are investing handsome amounts in the particular project. Such a crypto project is more likely to succeed in the future.
  • However, don’t get excited when you see that any anonymous venture capital firm is investing in any crypto project because the common practice of unpopular venture capital firms’ investing in crypto projects in exchange for high returns is frustrating in the crypto industry. 

Maybe now, you are thinking-

Where is the relation between the future price increase of any project and the history of venture capital firms’ investment?

  • Indeed, every venture capital firm has its analyst team, who thoroughly investigates every single parameter before taking any investment decision. So, when most venture capital firms invest in any crypto project, it hints at the project’s future skyrocketing price and strong ecosystem-building possibility.

So, does the funding round of the Rarible coin hint at the coin’s future price increase?

  • Obviously, YES.

Actually, Rarible coin raised a total of 16M USD in its three funding rounds. Raising such a massive amount in the initial stage is something huge for an NFT marketplace-based project and it strongly beckons at its future price increase possibility.

  • But the more rewarding thing is that the seed round was led by successful crypto VCs, including CoinFund, Coinbase, Ventures, Venrock and 01 Advisors. As soon as the Rarible coin entered the market, the Coinbase exchange listed it. And it proves that crypto giants are not suspicious of the Rarible coin.
  • It’s hard to predict who will lead the NFT industry in the future as the industry is still in its early stage. Rarible is in a leading position than other contemporary NFT-based projects, which you can understand by considering the team’s movement and support from Venture Capital firms. So, $100 is not a big target for Rarible. Do you have any doubts?

3)     Rarible’s price is expected to outnumber three digits due to its strong tokenomics

In the cryptocurrency industry, the issue of tokenomics is so important that even a high usecase-prosperous project can’t make any progress in the market position without strong tokenomics. So, crypto VCs consider tokenomics with great importance before investing in any project.

So, let’s head into the discussion about Rarible coin’s tokenomics.

Why will the tokenomics take the Rarible coin’s price to $100?

  • Having a $25M total coin supply in the tokenomics is the first advantage of Rarible. This amount is quite small and it will help the Rarible coin to be active in its first stage. Thus, this small amount of supply has an impact on the price of Rarible coins.
  • In this 25M Rarible coins, 30% of RARI coins are for Rarible investors and team, 60% are for NFT marketplace mining, and the remaining 10% are for NFT airdrop.
  • It’s true that sharing 30% of RARI coins with investors and teams is not a sign of good tokenomics.  But we have told you earlier that the Rarible coin’s total supply is 25M RARI coins, so if we ponder it deeply, we can predict that the price of Rarible coins may take time to increase. 
  • Let’s consider that when Binance and FTX-type exchanges intend to enlist Rarible coin, they will have to provide enough liquidity to pair up Rarible coin. At that time, these exchanges will have to buy Rarible coins in bulk which will push the price higher. That’s why we are again and again saying that the Rarible coin’s 25M supply is the strong point of its tokenomics.

4)     The $100 price target for Rarible is little compared to the innovation power of Rarible’s genius team members

As this innovative industry is something beyond cut-copy-paste formula, teams of any crypto project play a vital role here. So, crypto projects devoid of innovative teams freeze at a certain point with the elapse of time due to the lack of their teams’ prudence.

Now, let’s back to the point of the Rarible team’s innovation power and efficiency. However, Rarible’s roadmap proves how innovative and prudent their team is. For example-

  • Rarible team could only confine themselves to the NFT marketplace, but they didn’t do so. Moreover, they are developing a Rarible ecosystem in the NFT industry which NFT users can use for communication like social media.
  • Also, Rarible has already integrated almost all Layer-1 blockchains into its marketplace, which proves how beloved Rarible is to other crypto projects in the industry.
  • So, what we can predict is that Rarible will make its place in the Metaverse industry which will turn it into an unstoppable NFT project. And its credit goes to the Rarible team.

All about Rarible Team

  • Rarible has more than 200 team members, where more than 65 members are core dev.
  • On the other hand, llya Komolkin, the founder of Rarible, is also recognized as the godfather of the NFT industry. With his intellect, he will lead Rarible ahead in the NFT marketplace more than others.
  • Alexei Falin, the CEO of Rarible, is known as a leader in the NFT industry.
  • And, Alexander Salnikov is a familiar figure in the NFT industry.

Indeed, the Rarible team is full of the think tank, which has high expertise in the NFT industry. The subsequent innovation of the NFT industry will come by the hand of Rarible. Expecting a $100 price isn’t a big target for an NFT project whose team has many talents.

5)     The marketcap of the NFT marketplace will be a hundred times more shortly

Indeed, a common scenario is seen in the cryptocurrency industry that a potential sector grows too quickly, for example- Defi- Decentralized Finance.

  • In 2019, the TVL- Total Value Locked- of the DeFi industry was $400M, which increased to $180B by November 2021.

Yes, that was the growth amount in the course of two to three years.

And we are drawing your attention here that NFT is going to be the next giant thing. We believe the marketcap of this crypto niche will be more than a hundred times over the next two to three years. If the NFT industry grows fast, the marketplace will feel the warmth.

Let’s elucidate the matter with a realistic example-

  • The price of the Binance coin of Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, was around $5, which leaped to $680 in the 2021 cryptocurrency bull run.

So, now maybe you apprehend that when any Crypto niche becomes popular, the price of that niche-centric exchanges and marketplaces swells up. As Rarible is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, it will be the NFT marketplace leader in the 2025 crypto bull market when NFT shows up with pomp. And that time, the price of Rarible will grow 100X.

  • When we are writing this article on RARI, Rarible’s coin, the price of it is more than $2.50. So, a 100X gain will turn the price to $250. But, we have set a $100 price target to stay on the safe side and to ensure you a minimum profit by the 2025 Cryptocurrency bull market.


As of now, the price of Rarible is sharp at $2.51, and it ranks #543 on Coinmarketcap with a $25M+ marketcap. It means the Rarible ecosystem is still in its baby phase compared to its potentiality, leaving a golden opportunity for retail investors. That’s why we showed you the potentiality of Rarible’s future through the top 5 points. Actually, Rarible will lead the NFT marketplace, and the $100 price target is just a small fry for such a fundamentally strong NFT project.

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