Receiving of Blockchain Challenge is a Human issue

Receiving of Blockchain Challenge is a Human issue

There is always a never-ending race in our existence which is for proficiency and productivity for the perfect model of crypto society. The problem emerging from human search whose discoveries frequently revoke applications of technology that otherwise seem perfect on paper. The passage is definitely in regard of blockchain. Blockchain is not seemed to be a technology. Blockchain can be a good problem to our problems publicized by a lot of hyped-up articles. When we will change the direction and purpose only then blockchain has the possibility to be superior and powerful. Blockchain is willing to produce a seemingly unchangeable record of history which left us a rethought to our behavior. It will also assist us in organizing our decision-making. When human inefficiencies come to light, it forces transparency. Human is the core barrier to the attempts to construct the best versions of the societies.

A megalomaniac culture

We have a culture that sometimes makes us do like sometimes we depart monetary line products from one place to another frequently without attaching any outcomes. Our egos get the most priority to us and we make charts and presentations to uphold out smarts which is really complicated. The culture is universal as well as flourish on fear. New ideas will have a meaning when our appearance towards it will be positive. Except this there will remain no meaning for blockchain. We have to address the existed fears that safeguard against meaningful change. We should not be greedy otherwise impact of blockchain will differ place to place.

Human Issue but Not Technological

According to scientists, scaling problem is the core cause for the limits to blockchain. Replication the processing of the world’s transaction on chain across multiple nodes is costly ands to for doing so a huge amount of computational power needed to be amassed. Lacking of imagination to create models that do not feed into the current capitalist system is the another barrier. In the crypto world peer to peer collaboration exist within crypto developer communities. So a resistance of change is needed to evade the problem. Several companies are trying to launch their own blockchain and trying to create an competitive environment to dominate others while everyone can all together solve the issue. To drive the crypto startup in a well manner we should bring a structural change in our behavior and motive.

A basal changing in metaphysics

By the revolution in surveillance capitalism is going to claim that organizations are rejecting centralized control over data and assets, re-empowering users. It is making companies to encounter with decentralization. Social medias are also trying to get involved with the decentralization technologies. Actually it is true that our data are exploited and owned by corporate giants and government so we need to have the right to privacy. In this circumstance decentralized structure help us get the privacy indeed. Here there is a role to play by blockchain indeed.

We should make pan-company consortia to create solid measures and scaling arrangements that are not seized by special interests inside either corporate occupants or prevailing crypto new business. We should characterize a job for government and common society in setting the privilege lawful and self-administrative system inside which blockchain innovation can create in the basic intrigue.

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