Guidance to recover from your private data vulnerability

Guidance to recover from your private data vulnerability

How much important data privacy is that can only be verbalized by netizens because sometimes a piece of data worth limitless value. That is why CEO of Orchid, a privacy tool, Steven Waterhouse was expressing his concern over the issue while coronavirus crisis is gripping the entire world. He was focusing on establishing habits of data privacy to protect digital lives. According to his view, extra vigilance should be placed to make sure data privacy as people has become home-confined.

Waterhouse posing good experienced as worked for a long time in the field said that everything we do online leaves a trail of data behind and if we are not watchful about it, this data can be used to surveil us. That is the reason he was asking internet users to maintain their privacy of data.

He was asking people to accomplish two-factor-authentication (2FA) on all your accounts with a confirmation code sent to you by text or email. According to him Google Authenticator is much better for authentication rather than your phone number or others.

Reticulation of Network

The networking system we follow is very much fragile that is a risk to us. We should be aware of our internet connection like hole wired and wi-fi networks. The man gave a good idea to set up a guest wi-fi network and use that to connect non-essential devices like TVs and electronic assistants.

Waterhouse asked users to oversee their routers and he prefers EERO wi-fi system because of its malware and ad blocking software. He also suggested splitting your internet browsers between two parties. If you don’t do this then your personal data will be at a vulnerable position. Another recommendation was to use a virtual private network or VPN. VPNs route traffic through their own servers, making it harder for third parties to see what we do online.

He mentioned about the vulnerability of data by Zoom, the popular video conferencing app, which has been highly criticized for its admin features, which allow hosts to see location and device data about participants. But Waterhouse mentioned Whereby and WhatsApp as it offers stronger privacy using end to end encryption. He wants not only making privacy maintaining practice amid coronavirus crisis but also afterward of the crisis. This way will save our private information and thus will keep our existence on internet alive and protect us in this new reality.

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