Retail Miners can be Embraced by Subsequent Bitcoin Halving

Retail Miners can be Embraced by Subsequent Bitcoin Halving

People are confused about the feasible effects of the programmed reduction of the miners’ reward is coming ahead. The 2020 bitcoin halving is expected to have an impact on the bitcoin price. Previous events of halving marked the commencement of the subsequent bull market. But yet question remains that how strong that bull will be.

Upshot of Price

In regard of the price effect expected to be happened with next bitcoin halving, there is pessimism inside the mind of many individuals among them one is Jihan Wu, co-founder and ex-CEO of Bitmain. He thinks the first two updates caught up with the economic ups and down stage over time. He mentioned the price decline of litecoin after the halving in August. He thinks the period of bullish cycle will never come. He showed a cause behind this and he said people might prate much before the halving but after it is done no speculation is seen.  

Hearing the news people begun betting on the price growth issue. The first two halving were engaged with several problems and that’s why the outcome wasn’t according to expectation. But now people are expecting the third one to be different.

But chairman of Bloq, Matthew Roszak, thinks the price of bitcoin around the globe is gradually increasing over time. Bakkts and other household names entered the space which is increasing the fidelity. Tech giant Faceboom launched their Libra which arouses a high level of interest.  

On the other side, several custody platforms, insurance, compliance and regulatory is getting better for bitcoin.

Bringing New Mining Machines

The halving event is carrying significance to the miners globally. ASICs, old versions of specialized mining machines, will pull up bringing profits for their owners as the reward has been reduced and profitability is also expected to be cut.

Among the most widely used mining equipment two are the Antminer S9, has already put an end its productivity limit, and Canaan Creative’s Avalon A851 series. On the other hand a great number of miners are running on a margin of profit. These models have a profit margin of 50 percent at bitcoin’s current price.

An aid can be found by replacing them with new machines but there is risk too. So miners should maintain a limit in buying new machines. 

Maintaining Profitability

Verily to say that less hardware in circulation will serve the industry well in the long run. The industry is burdened with longer life-cycles of the machines. A lot of miners are expecting the price to go up. The effect of the halving will be wiping out of individual small miners that account for less than 20 percent of the market. The market is getting less volatile as the main players are becoming larger and larger.

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