Samsung’s Blockchain Partnership for Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung’s Blockchain Partnership for Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung is one of the largest tech companies in the world has taken initiative to extend their area to blockchain network with the release S10 series.  In this phone there is a Blockchain keystore to affiliates and customers. There is a logo for Cosmee, a stunner network administration DAPP from the Cosmochain crypto project, just as that of the Enjin crypto gaming platform. The relationship between Samsung and Cosmochain was confirmed by Cosmochain. The venture boosts clients to make content for example reviews with remunerations in its ethereum-based ERC-20 token, cosmo coin(COSM). In the S10 wallet users can store cosmo coin.

Cosmochain has been chosen as an accomplice since the blockchain group of Samsung Electronics Wireless Division has been looking for dapps of Galaxy S10. They completed many gatherings to confirm the model and innovation. Promotional shots tweeted Monday additionally demonstrated a wallet application on the  S10 that appeared to be indistinguishable to the Enjin offering. Enjin offers a platform for blockchain game development. An individual acquinted with the S10’s innovation said Samsung has been in discourses with Enjin for around a half year. All these make the use of the App easy to the users.

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