Is Satoshi Nakamoto really a black woman?

Is Satoshi Nakamoto really a black woman?

Juneteenth, known as Emancipation day, is the celebration of June 19, 1865, when the last group of enslaved African Americans who were aware of the Emancipation Proclamation that President Abraham Lincoln had signed two years ago.

Killing of an unarmed Black man by George Floyd on May 25 created a world-wide backwash. After the incident has just taken place, a revived interest has been seen in turning the Juneteenth day into a national holiday.

In the extensive conversation panelists were agreed that black people and people of color can take part in development technologies. And meanwhile their conversation, they discussed the significant of crypto which can allow citizens to choose to participate in somewhere. The belief of Isaiah Jackson, founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group, black investment in digital assets will be more resilient than Black Wall Street, which was one of the most commercially successful and affluent majority African-American communities in the Unites States was burned down.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is out of the reach of common people and government and that’s why no such burning incident is destined to take place with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin being a censorship-resistant and scarce-money system keep us to stay more vigilant.

Sinclair Skinner, the co-founder of BitMari, a Pan-African remittance service, said Satoshi is black and also added that she was probably a black woman because a man would have never been able to walk away and not take credit.

Eyeing equality

Skinner is yet suspicion about the potentiality of crypto in hazardous situation despite it being potential. But he thinks blockchain to be full of racists. As reported cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and Black founders faced the issues in the fight for venture capital. Successively, entrepreneurs should choose investors that have diverse funds according another opinion.

The CEO of AgriLedger, Genevieve Leveille, said one source of funding that crypto entrepreneurs might be flipping more is Black family offices. As there are a lot of Black family offices, more tapping into the network is needed and we have to bear one thing in mind that the opportunities of the nascent field are not yet visible. Maybe Crypto will return equal footing in economy to the Black entrepreneurs. We can use the existing systems around us indeed.

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