Will Shiba INU reach $1 by 2025? (Expert’s Opinion)

Will SHIBA INU Reach $1 by 2025? (Realistic Price Prediction)

Since Shiba Inu saw a massive increase in its price in Q2, 2021, it was a great experience for the Shiba Community. At that time, Shiba Inu saw their all-time high price, which was $0.0000388. This sudden growth in price caught sight of others. This incident that took place in Q2, 2021, was really a hot cake for Shiba Inu. Such a massive gain in price gave birth to a thought in the minds of the members of the Shiba Inu Community that the next Bull Run may take Shiba Inu to $1. In this Shiba Inu price review, we illustrated Shiba Inu Price prediction with technical and fundamental explanations, which proves whether Shiba can meet its target. The core attraction of this article is that we directly mastered the opinions of several crypto project veterans along with the Shiba Inu authority about the $1 price target of Shiba Inu by 2025. It took us three months to make a complete analysis about how valid the $1 target is for Shiba Inu. Let’s jump onto the article………

Shiba Inu Chart: PRICE, ROI & MARKET CAP

$0.00000001X110M USD
$0.0000001X10100M USD
$0.000001X1001B USD
$0.00001X100010B USD
$0.0001X10000100B USD
$0.001X1000001T USD
$0.01X100000010T USD

How does Crypto Market Cap Work?

  • You are probably thinking about whether the SHIBA INU price will reach $1 by 2025. So, why are we talking about the market cap?
  • Look, there is a direct relationship between Coin price and Crypto market cap. How is it? Just look at the formula below-

Crypto Market cap= number of token or coin x price per token or coin.

Let’s describe the formula differently-

Price per Crypto Coin=Market Cap/number of tokens or Coin

  • It means that the multiplication of the total circulating supply of a coin/token and the price is the market cap. In another sense, the price of the Crypto market coin/ token is the quotient of the market cap of the coin and its total circulating coin.

Does it seem difficult to you? Don’t worry then. We are making the matter easy for you with an example. According to CoinMarketcap, the price of Bitcoin was 32K USD while wrting this SHIB token Price Analysis. Now, using this price, we are figuring out the market cap of Bitcoin.

There are nearly 19 million Bitcoin in circulation right now, and each Bitcoin is valued at $32K. This means that the market cap of Bitcoin is roughly $610billion dollars (19 million x 32 thousand), at least at the time of writing.

How the Crypto market cap works is now clear. We believe that you have gotten an obvious concept of how the Crypto market cap actually works.

Now let’s say, why have we been trying to explain to you how the crypto market cap works? There is only one reason. What is it?

  • Just to make you understand how much will be the market cap of Shiba Inu when its price is $1? It’s not like Shiba Inu’s price will reach $1 without any context.
  • Do you know how much Shiba Inu has in its total supply? It’s 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000), meaning the market cap of Shiba will reach $10 trillion once its price becomes 1 cent. Such an amount will exceed the GDP of many countries. Besides so, it would also have to be worth 10 times the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined. It has not that significant use cases that will drive its adoption. So it’s quite unlikely to happen with such a meme coin.

Shiba INU Community’s logic behind $1 price

A calculation behind Shiba Inu’s reaching at $1 will fall upon your eye-sight once you visit their Reddit, Twitter, telegram channel, and others Shiba Inu social media. By showing you this calculation, they want to prove how Shiba Inu will reach 1$ by 2025. In their language, this is the Shiba Inu $1 price roadmap by 2025. But the time appears to refute their claim. But before that, let’s move onto the logic behind the calculation:

  • Shiba coin is required to increase by 12,000,000% in order to reach the $1 target. This coin has increased by around 2,000,000% since January. Shiba Inu market would approach $1 by the end of 2021 providing that such consistency of growth continues.
  • Reaching $1 will be possible within five years only when the percentage of rising is 20% every month.
  • With a two-month interval, the Shiba Inu has grown by 150%.
  • It will exceed the $1 milestone by 2025.
  • Violating above $0.00001100 can make the market value of the meme-coin double.

This calculation can seem tempting to you if you are a newbie in the crypto market. Isn’t it actually? We must say it’s your ignorance about the crypto market if such logic seems tempting to you. It is because nowhere in the world, you can see a unilateral up-trend in any market; especially it is very much unlikely in the crypto market. Every market has some phases by which that market moves.

YearMarket TypeBitcoin Price Range
2011Bull Market$0.17 to $31.5
2012Accumulation$2.01 to $7.11
2013Bull Market$12.22 to $1178
2014Bear Market$1178 to $163.65
2015Accumulation$163.65 to $250
2016Re-accumulation250$ to $650
2017Bull Market$657.61 to $19,800
2018Bear Market$19,800 to $3180
2019Accumulation$3,180 to $12,156
2020Re-accumulation$6,191 to $29,000

Nothing is impossible to happen but things that are close to impossible are rare in sight. This is the reason holding your breath about Shiba Inu is really tough. We are just recommending what is better for you and whatnot, but we are not desisting you from investing in Shiba Inu. It’s fully up to you now. You should have normal expectations over what you are doing here, like having 10x would be awesome, focus on those types of stuff, but not 1 dollar, because that is not going to happen. What we think after analysis is if Shiba ever reaches 0.0001, it will be a great deal for Shiba.

 How does the crypto market’s price move actually?

  • 4 year cycle.

There is a very common term in the Crypto market which is till now very effective. This is known as the Bitcoin 4-year cycle. This 4-year cycle is affiliated with Bitcoin halving. We can see starting from the halving in 2012 that the first BTC halving was held in 2012, and the subsequent year, 2013, saw Bitcoin’s then ATH at 1178$, whereas the price in 2012 was at 12$. The second halving took place in 2016 when bitcoin’s price was 657$, and the next year, 2017, saw a giant increase in price that was at 19,800$.

Could you now capture bitcoin’s 4-year price sequence?

Yes, the year followed by the halving year sees bitcoins ATH in price and the same trend has been in existence from 2013 to 2021. 2020 was the recent halving year of BTC, and BTC’s price was 5,225$ on 17th March 2020. And till now in 2021, BTC is at its all-time high price, and on April 14, 2021, the price of BTC was nearly 65K USD.

However, you are probably thinking about what is the relationship between the price of Bitcoin and Shiba Inu? Yes, there is a big relationship. Not only Shiba Inu but also other Altcoins have a direct relationship with the price of BTC. There is an invisible rule too and it is also effective enough. The rule is that other Altcoin’s market falls when Bitcoin’s market sinks. On the other hand, the price of altcoins reaches stability following the price increment of BTC. And the third phrase is that when bitcoin’s price is stable, altcoins start moving. Now, do you understand?

So, in the crypto market, it is foolish to expect that any coin can continuously increase by 20% every month, which is what the Shiba Inu community is doing. That Shiba Inu Community has a great lack of market research is proved by such a calculation.

Now, come to the real attraction for which we are writing this Shiba Inu price article. 

Expert’s Opinions on SHIBA INU Price at 1$

As we said earlier in writing this Shiba Inu price analysis article, we just tried for three months to get an estimate on Shiba Inu price from all the famous coin’s community members of crypto. Luckily we were able to collect the opinion of MilaRoc, Mod of Shibarmy Reddit. When we asked MilaRoc, ‘’is it possible for Shiba Inu to reach $1 by 2025?’’ He said,’’ If the bull-run that we saw in March continues, Shiba can get to $1. But it is yet unpredictable as past performance and future performance is not always the same. My estimation is nearly $.0009 until 2025.’’

He added that the market cap of Shiba would be almost 5 trillion once its price becomes $.01. He said chuckling that you better believe a hamburger would probably cost you $500 if Shiba ever reaches $1.

There will be something like $28 mil per coin if not more (my calculator doesn’t have enough digits) if BTC ever reaches $500t. But Shiba may reach $1 one day, but who knows when that day will be!

So, you can see the Moderator of Shibarmy Reddit himself is expecting the price to be $0009, which is very far from the prediction of $1, and even too far from 0.001$.

Opinion of Shiba Inu Community on $1 SHIB Price

  • Krystle M. Lemaster

Krystle, who is a research-based crypto investor, is an active community member of Shiba Inu. His crypto portfolio encompasses popular Crypto coins like BTC, ETH, and DOT. About $1 Shiba Inu Price, Krystle said,

 ‘’I will pay no comment about whether Shiba Inu will reach $1 by 2025 or not. I would like to say that if Shiba Inu can dispel their major hurdles like fixing blockchain problem of speed processing for transactions and lowering transaction fees, it can attain its goal.’’

  • Ryder Ridgeway

Ryder added Shiba Inu to his portfolio on 9th November 2020, and he is an old investor in the crypto industry. He continued buying Shiba Inu for the rest of 2020. About Shiba Inu target price, he said,

 ‘’BTC halving can lead to inflation, drive adoption, and community support, and all these can lead to 0.035 at most. Many altcoins will leave the market owing to poor regulation. That’s why crypto is so much dam fun…..this crap is akin to a dam digital gold rush.’’

  • Rafael Lima Araujo

Araujo has a flourished profile in Shiba Inu community. He raises his voice everywhere from reddit to telegram in favor of Shiba Inu. Let’s see his comment on this 1$ Shiba Inu Price issue,

‘’I won’t say it is impossible but truly difficult for Shiba. Reaching that milestone is also difficult for Dogecoin even with its far lesser supply. Many people had high experience over Dogecoin to cross 1$, but Dogecoin is still too far from fulfilling that expectation. It’s foolish to expect Shiba Inu to jump to $1 in the short time with its hundreds of trillions in coin supply. So you should research properly before investing.’’

He suggested investors wait for the growth of Shiba Inu. He said that you have to wait a long time for Shiba to reach $1. So, if you are not patient enough, you should be aloof from such an investment.

Now move on to other popular crypto community members, and let’s see what they about Shiba Inu price. Obviously, we will commence with the Bitcoin community as this community is the highly reputed one in the crypto industry.

Opinion of Bitcoin Community on 1$ SHIB Price

  • William J. McVey

William is a very familiar figure in the Bitcoin community. He bought BTC in 2012-13 when BTC’s price was less than 100$. When we asked William, what would be the price of Shiba Inu by 2025? He elaborately answered saying,

 ‘’I think the total supply is a major factor here, which is nearly 1 quadrillion dollar. I don’t think reaching that easy is as easy as thought. If you think it is possible, then put your fund in it and you will surely be super-rich. Like if you invest just 100 dollars into this, you will become richer than you have ever imagined. Even you will be richer than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk combined.’’

Saying so, he also added that just go ahead and invest a few thousand dollars into it, if you are confident enough. But no one will go for this just because everyone knows chasing such a target by Shiba Inu is quite impossible. It is 100 trillion dollars even if you talk about 10% of that. So, it’s beyond imaginable to think of 100 TRILLION dollars.

  • Felix Peters

Felix is a popular name in German-Bitcoin Community. His Crypto portfolio consists of 90% BTC and the remaining 10% of other top Altcoins like ETH, ADA, and BNB. Hearing our question, Felix chuckled and said,

 ‘’Many people imagine to get rick quickly through crypto, and it is their visible misconception indeed. Even you look at Bitcoin and can see how a long path bitcoin has navigated to come to this price. So, I think resisting one’s greed and keeping patience can pave the way for success from any investment. $1 is a drastic price increment for Shiba Inu, and it is nearly impossible to attain. Therefore I suggest these investors not to be too influenced by influencers.’’

Opinion of Ethereum Community on 1$ SHIB Price

  • Jonas C. Bech

You might haven’t seen the price of ETH below 10$, but when Jonas first bought ETH, its price was below 8$. Till now, his crypto portfolio covers 48% of ETH. His comment regarding the 1$ SHIB Price was,

 ‘’The use of Shiba Inu depends on the community to a large extent as it is a meme coin. The community largely uses this meme coin for entertainment purposes. Secondly, Shiba Inu isn’t a preferable coin for speculation. And I think large supply is the third and big factor for Shiba not hitting 1$ target.’’

  • Jouko Putkonen

Jouko is an utmost ETH believer, and he believes ETH will outgo BTC and rank top once its mass adoption becomes excessive. His Crypto portfolio covers 100% of ETH. His comment on Shiba Inu target price was,

 ‘’I feel like it’s quite impossible for Shiba Inu to reach 1$ considering its current price. It’s a far-reaching target. I suggest the holders of Shiba Inu set a more reasonable target. What I think is there are multiple reasons responsible for Shiba Inu not reaching the $1 price.’’

Opinion of DOGE Community on 1$ SHIB Price

  • Marshall Casgrain

Being an expert crypto trader, Marshall is well-famed in the French DOGE community. 34% of his total crypto portfolio covers DOGE. VET, ADA, LINK, and XRP cover the remaining portion of his portfolio. When asked about Shib’s price prediction by 2025, Marshall said,

 ‘’I guess SHIBA can hardly reach $1 target owing to its massive 400 billion circulating supply. Firstly Shiba is new in the industry, and secondly, 100 billion circulating supply will cause it to struggle to survive in the bull market. I say don’t pay heed to wild prediction and don’t expect too much due to hype.’’

  • Zachariasz Ostrowski

Zachariasz is a very familiar figure in Doge Community. He proudly says he bought Doge in 2015 when people used to call this coin scam. It’s a matter of fun that 90% of Zachariasz’s portfolio covers Dogecoin. When asked about Shiba Inu $1 price target by 2025, he said,

 ‘’I suggest holding Shiba Inu for a long time if you are a true believer of this target. You can investors have been holding Dogecoin for a long time, and all at once, its price has increased. Anything can take place in the crypto industry, and not sure what will happen with Shiba Inu in the future. But, you should invest such an amount of money that you can afford, and if lost, you will never regret.’’

  • Harry Freeling

Basically, Harry is a crypto influencer and a Doge believer. He believes that one day crypto investors won’t grimace at meme coins like what they do now. But Harry is not optimistic about Shiba Inu and he thinks Shiba authority has to prove many things down the road. About the price target of Shiba Inu, he said,

 ‘’I think if Bitcoin’s price reaches $1,00,000,000, Shiba Inu can reach $1. Shiba Inu needs a very high price increase to reach the targeted level from its present position. Although the situation of the crypto market can take a turn anytime, Shiba Inu can do this. Maybe it can reach $0.0001 at the most. So it’s very unlikely to happen. Personally, I am not sure if the price of Shiba can reach $1 in the near future.’’

Opinion of BNB Community on 1$ SHIB Price

  • Tyson Huffer

Tyson is a popular crypto face in Denmark. He has another identity which is that his BNB wallet is among the top 100 BNB wallets. Furthermore, he is known as a Crypto-Guru in the local crypto community. His reaction and comment of Shiba Inu price is,

‘’Seeing the tagline of Shiba Inu, Dogecoin killer, several large marketplaces are starting to trade it. Even after that, what I think about Shiba Inu is it is a very much difficult target to obtain. Massive amount of circulating supply and being likely to other manipulative shitcoins are major hurdles for Shiba Inu. Another reason that I think responsible for not obtaining the target is the emergence of the Shiba Inu is the result of the NFT hype that is now engulfing crypto.’’

  • Timothy Symons

Timothy bought BNB in September 2017 when BNB’s price was below 1$. Moreover, Timothy is famed as an early investor of several popular crypto projects. Regarding the Shiba Inu price, Timothy said,

 ‘’The calculation shows that someone will be richer than the top 10 richest people alive all combined. I think it is never going to happen because it is something cheesy. Another reason is that mathematically that would make it the biggest asset in the world by a hundredfold. How does it happen? There is a horrible tech behind Shiba, and we should focus on no more Shiba ever be created. If I want, I can create one in 10 seconds, and it’s not hard. How funny is it? I hope we never see this type of period ever again because that is stealing money from the real market.’’

  • Nate Labilliere

Labilliere is an old supporter of BNB, and he also has a big own community on Crypto on YouTube, Telegram. In a crypto class, we found Labilliere and asked him, do you think Shiba Inu will reach $1 by 2025? In reply, Nate said,

 ‘’As the thing is out of our hands, I can’t specifically explain. Everything changes like no one expected that Dogecoin would get where it is today. After getting attention, it started being traded on most top exchanges. The total supply was not much considered here actually. I think total supply isn’t a big deal and the fruition of a coin depends on the team. Hype and products are other factors accountable for mass adoption. Nothing but only hype can take Shiba Inu to $1, but I don’t think it will happen so soon. I think the reduction in total supply will help Shiba Inu achieve the target.’’

Opinion of PARSIQ Community on 1$ SHIB Price

  • Rasmus Abelsen

Rasmus participated in PARSIQ ICO, and till now, he is among the top 50 PARSIQ holders. Furthermore, he is an early investor of some successful projects like Chainlink and DOT. When we asked Rasmus about the Shiba Inu price analysis, he candidly said,

‘’There is a chance for Shiba Inu to reach $1, providing that they burn a large number of Shiba Inu coins. It needs strict burning but no swap because owners will also lose many zero’s if a swap will happen. Musk is active in social media. But I don’t see the market reacting exaggeratedly anymore unlike his first and tenth tweets. Investors should be good listeners and seers as well to whatever he updates in Twitter.’’

  • Ole Lundblad

Lundblad is notorious in the crypto industry as an oracle enthusiast. He was very much active in Band Protocol. Then, he moved his attention to Parsiq too when Parsiq introduced its reverse oracle technology. He got himself involved in lending through the IQ Protocol. His portfolio covers 75% of Parsiq, 3% of Chainlink, 1.5% of Band Protocol, and others. When asked about Shiba Inu price analysis, Lundblad said,

 ‘’Shib must cut down their total amount of supply. Scarcity improves the pricing of anything. 394,796,000,000,000 is the current supply of Shiba, and the market cap is over 3 billion. Even if Shiba wants to reach 1 cent, we need over 3 billion dollars. Bitcoin and Ethereum have come to this position just because of scarcity. Shiba doesn’t have any actual product, and that’s why it is just using swap as their future product. So, obtaining such a value without a real product is really difficult.’’

Why are crypto experts not expecting $1 Price of Shiba Inu?

  • Shiba needs to sail a long way to reach its 1 dollar milestone. It needs 119000x to meet the target. Whereas the entire crypto industry has a marketcap of 2 trillion dollars, then how could experts think of Shiba Inu to reach $1? We don’t actually know.

It is true that upon searching on Google you will receive a number of articles that are confidently writing that it is possible for Shiba Inu to reach $1 by 2025. Whether they are over-optimistic or if they have any knowledge about the market cap is unknown.

  • You may see that many in the crypto industry think of Dogecoin as an example of a successful meme coin. But the beginning of Dogecoin wasn’t that much flourishing what it is now. Many institutional players are now supporting Dogecoin. But at its initial time, that support wasn’t available for it. Doge coins have had to prove a lot to come to this place.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu is a newbie in the market, and it has to prove a lot of things. Their only feat to mention is the launching of Shiba Swap. Except for Shiba Swap, they don’t have anything else significant to mention. Till now, many crypto experts are viewing Shiba Inu as an experimental project. Who knows, maybe one day Shiba Inu will do something unique and it will change people’s minds.

  • There is another strong reason. Do you know what? The niche of Shiba Inu is controversial. Yes, we are trying to comprehend that this crypto meme niche appears to be controversial.

Many crypto experts claim that the hype that the meme coin has got will not remain so in the future. Yes, you got it right. What experts think is this meme coin niche will be vanished one day just like the ICO bubble that took place in 2017. That is why they drop their comment on Shiba Inu very carefully, not being optimistic.

  • There are many old crypto projects which have been in the market for a long but with no price increment. Do you know why? It is because those projects don’t solve any problem of the crypto industry and they are also fundamentally too poor. So having all these projects in the market is just like staying. They don’t have any use cases. So is Shiba Inu. Do you have any doubt? Can you say what problem is Shiba Inu solving in the market? Nothing indeed! As just a community-based project, Shiba Inu cannot even reach 0.0001$, let alone $1.

Historical Price Data for Shiba Inu Token

DatePriceTrading VolumeMarket Cap
July 26, 2021$0.00000636$498,257,871$2,495,811,676
July 22,2021$0.00000654$280,680,850$2,554,511,154
July 17,2021$0.00000662$268,313,051$2,686,074,943
July 11,2021$0.00000767$298,920,323$3,103,829,297
July 05,2021$0.00000873$414,501,521$3,287,801,932
June 30,2021$0.00000888$774,601,888$3,490,688,334
June 23,2021$0.00000633$538,227,669$2,698,312,257
June 17,2021$0.00000832$645,884,625$3,140,842,180
June 11,2021$0.00000683$402,206,125$2,452,556,919
June 04, 2021$0.00000982$819,027,578$3,479,283,776
May 29, 2021$0.00000791$520,184,994$3,116,350,241
May 23, 2021$0.00000844$1,585,032,040$3,211,108,115
May 18, 2021$0.00001652$1,743,302,789$6,172,163,280
May 12, 2021$0.00003043$7,320,441,816$7,007,387,314
May 08, 2021$0.00000281$6,118,033,567$6,228,540,595

Is 1$ Shiba Inu price really possible?

  • Yes, but it doesn’t end there. If the whole crypto market gain massively, like the price of ETH becomes 250,000 USD, Binance Coin reaches 90K USD, and DOT reaches 10K USD, it can be possible for Shina Inu to reach $1 milestone then.
  • We again say that it is not something to blame that you expect Shiba Inu to reach $1. It is quite natural that you, as an investor, will be happy to know about the price increment. But you have to consider the reality indeed.
  • Shiba Inu cannot even reach 0.0001, let alone $1, without the context of the entire crypto market. So, full market momentum plays a vital role here.
  • Now, return to the issue of 2025. Maximum crypto experts think that Shiba Inu cannot afford to reach $1 even by 2050, let alone the talk of 2025. As Shiba Inu doesn’t solve any problem of the market, the Shiba Inu community should expect a realistic price.


Verily, making a price prediction of a project in the Crypto industry is really difficult as the crypto market is too volatile. But the $1 price prediction of Shiba Inu is out of their station. We don’t think Shiba Inu will reach the $1 price by 2025 because it has less possibility. Owing to no mentionable use cases, it’s foolish to think that Shiba can get to $1 in the next bull-run. How come is it possible? We again let you know that the mod of Reddit of Shiba Inu assumed Shiba Inu’s price to be 0.00009$ at the most by 2025. So, expecting Shiba’s price to reach $1 is nothing but a surreal imagination. We really struggled to make this Shiba Inu price article because we needed to take the full scenario of Shiba Inu into our consideration to figure out if Shiba can attain this target or not. We hope you enjoyed the article. Now, the question is to you……..

Do you think Shiba Inu can reach $1 by 2025? Let us know your yes or not by commenting below.

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8 thoughts on “Will SHIBA INU Reach $1 by 2025? (Realistic Price Prediction)”

  1. Miracles do happen, but not very often. I think $1 is well out of reach for Shiba Inu by 2025. I hope it reaches .0001 for a 10x+ gain. Every 10x beyond that is very much unexpected, but will be much appreciated.

  2. don’t think 1 dollar or a cent is possible due to the amount fo supply at hand. 0.0009 will be the most possible. Only a burn ( coin burn) can change everything.

  3. I agree with the comments. 10 x seems conceivable, given the bizarreness of ‘cryptoland’, I think 100 x is remotely possible by 2025, but that’s about it.

  4. I don’t know. There’s a lot of things that could push Shiba towards the 1 dollar millestone in less time than predicted. Burning is one of them. It’s been on, and will be on for a long time. Shiba Swap low fees is another. Those who dealt in Ethereum network know how expensive it can be. The other day i was trying to buy $10 of a given coin, the network fees were so absurd that i cancelled the transaction. Then i tried to buy using Bibox (coz they say fees are very low there) but i didn’t trust the app, so i deleted. If i had a Shiba Swap Exchange with low fees to buy that coin, i would go for in a blink. There’s a crypto problem that Shiba could help solve in future. Plus, right now there’re no little amount of information that Shiba will start to be accepted in real world. Even Tesla’s website code had shown Shiba as a coin accepted to buy those electric cars. So yeah, there’s a lot of ways “off” coin’s market that could increase Shiba coin value over time. Most critics of Shiba now and future situations had failed in the past to predict its value today. How about that wallet, the one who bought 8k dolars in shiba about an year ago, now it’s worth 5 BIL? Did the experts predicted that too? Not even far, let alone close, for the vast majority of them, if not all of them. Why listen to them now? And last but not least, you don’t need to put huge amount of fiat cash in case of shiba, unless you are a trader. Buy 100 dolars and forget. In 5 years we talk again. If the coin withers, no problem, you lost a 100 bill. But what if it doesn’t? Would that 100 dolar bet worth your while? Wouldn’t you loose a lot more if you miss that train? All coins have a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), but Shiba is no longer only a meme coin. And it’s not alone. Remember that it has, along a long lists of truly meme coins that use Shiba name, the other 2 coins of shiba environment, Leash and Bone. Plus an incubator, an NFT space, and other projects in dev’s sleeve. Funny thing how a massive quantity of money can make some projects, out of nowhere, get traction and become an inhabitant of higher grounds. Surely, things are only starting, but they have to start sometime. Who wants to be a millionaire?

  5. So no mention then of all of the Bitcoin predictions of 5.2m by 2030, Ether 150k and Doge 100…. Only the possibility of Shiba never reaching highs. OK…. But of course the people with heavy investments in other things will tell us this as they do not want people putting their money into Shiba as it prevents their investments rising. Just observation.

  6. Hype and speculation is how Bitcoin became popular. Shiba Inu is enjoying some of the same too. It seems an important part of the driving force of the Crypto market. With them passing through Kraken scrutiny well enough to be listed by them can only be a good sign.

  7. #ShibaInu

    One Dollar that’s the question. Your math is all wrong. You aren’t taking in consideration that Half of all Shiba Inu went to the creator of #Ethereum #VitalikButerin which isn’t in the mix anymore. Then all the companies and Shiba founder as well burning Shiba Inu coins. The Quadrillion hitting a dollar your right never happen, but a trillion hitting a dollar can happen.

    Bitcoin when it first came out was so off the wall odd that when I heard about it in 2009. I thought this has to be a joke or scam. The way I read it was you had to send a person or meet a person with a cashier’s check. Then this person gives you something called a Bitcoin which isn’t real and is mined from a Blockchain from random people’s computer’s. Then on top of that this person also gives you 12 random words so you can unlock the account and a username and password. Seemed really shady.

    However I was a dumbass because had I spent just $100 on Bitcoin say I bought at double the price I saw it at when it first came out I would have over 25 billion coins and at the high of $60,000 a coin but let’s be honest I would have sold when it hit say $1,000 or $100 that is still $25 2.5 Trillion or $250 Billion USD.

    Everyone, even myself was a naysayer. Heck when I rediscovered it in 2014 it was at $5 a coin. Then just that year it went to $50 USD maybe higher I can’t remember exactly. But still I was like it doesn’t make sense. No one really explained it and everything was new. So Shiba Inu can hit $1 it could hit $100 USD or more. As long as they burn and keep making Shiba Inu the talk of the town and getting companies to invest in it and use it like Flexa with it’s over 40,000 companies. Companies like AMC and Meta-verse and gaming Shiba Inu can easily make it to a dollar.

    With NaySayers constantly being horses then true it could bottom out. But if companies like Fool start saying it is worth investing then it will go to a dollar faster. We all know the people at the fool own Shiba Inu. Because they bet in logic and also in just Incase luck. You yourself probably own Shiba Inu because just Incase. It’s why I buy a bunch of different coins when they are just coming out for the just Incase.

    Now if every firm, talk show, bloggers, etc start saying Shiba Inu is a good bet then everyone will become rich. Those who want it to hit a penny will sell and pull out which will give more for people to buy up then as more people buy it hits a dime then people sell and people buy up as they buy up it hits a quarter and fifty cents then a dollar then 5 dollars then ten then so on and so on. As long as people keep saying it is a good investment and Shiba Inu does good things with it. Like make their own Blockchain to eliminate high Ethereum fees and get gaming companies and Meta-verse companies to use and invest into Shiba Inu then the bigger it will get. Why Bitcoin? No reason except it was the first. No reason Ethereum can’t pass Bitcoin and no reason Shiba Inu can’t pass both of them. It is all about the naysayers and how loud they are and who they are compared to those who stay positive. So be positive and let your readers feel happy and positive. We can all make a small fortune as long as the majority of us stay positive and happy.

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