Skynet- An interconnecting the open network platform of things

Skynet- An interconnecting the open network platform of things

Hello my friend, hope everyone doing well. Today are the Internet of issues and artificial cleverness the most popular technological areas among trade.

Skynet is an organization that is currently scheduled at ICO, hoping to identify problems, blockchain selection and the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). Skynet Group hopes to convey a conclusion to the terminal system, including a highly adaptive IoT blockchain network, and the main blockchain has contributed to the world. The joint venture integrates hundreds of millions of blockchain chips, which do not require a license and will be delivered to gadgets around the world and connected via the Skynet blockchain network.

This ecosystem will give this reality a framework to make blockchain innovations flourish. Subsequently, Skynet is expected to make the most comprehensive adjustmeIoTnt to the final ecosystem.

Skynet is an interconnected open network platform that deploys equipment around the world, provides real-world infrastructure, and uses blockchain technology extensively. It is the world’s first risk V-block chin IoT chip that can implement any chip to create optimized IoT and blockchain technologies. Skynet Core provides protection, no license and open source IP for devices to take full advantage of the blockchain network. Execute smart contracts to protect memory, securely store cryptocurrencies, and automatically sign transaction records through hash accelerators, encrypted IPs, and hardware wallets, all IoT devices will run on all nodes.

The Skynet core is the Risc-V blockchain chip without a license and a key part of Skynet. This blockchain chip can replace the current CPU and highlight a simplified blockchain innovation and the Internet of Things. The SC-1000 is a 32-bit RISC-V blockchain core that includes a device wallet square and a standard IoT gadget CPU. The SC-2000 is a 64-bit form that combines tensor preparation, hash speed, and device wallet with edge intelligence. Finally, the SC-3000 is another 64-bit RISC-V blockchain core, a complex structure with a tensor processor cluster, AI secure cold storage, and hash acceleration.

Skynet Core uses a progressive patent pending idea, including an inserted hardware wallet. It also reduces the true framework of encrypted cpu with this hybrid transport, blockchain technology can be used. The device enables Skynet core gadgets to run high-throughput blockchain networks while providing secure encryption. More importantly, in addition to cryptocurrency, Skynet Core also includes device wallets for blockchain networks in the region. As a result, Skynet Core offers hundreds of millions of gadgets to access all IoT blockchain networks as quickly as possible.

Skynet Open Network: It is a horizontally extended IoT platform that will drive functionality and value back to IoT devices. Skynet Open Network (SON) will provide scalable architecture, IoT platform, AL knowledgeNet and more.

One of the key highlights of Skynet is the encrypted wallet embedded in the Skynet core. This encrypted wallet has RSA encryption, secure memory and CC EAL6+. The purpose of this encrypted wallet is to give gadgets the opportunity to like the wearable devices and smartphones with encryption capabilities, such as those found in these records. With the Skynet core, the advanced blockchain allows four gadgets to run a private or open high-throughput blockchain that can process more than 10,000 exchanges per second. Each of these gadgets can run a protocol calculation that is considered computationally expensive, such as proof of work.

The Skynet core will communicate SHA-256 encrypted motors, especially for running fast-expanding applications or blockchains. The center should communicate faster decoding and encryption rates than 20 MBS half-duplex. The Skynet Center’s AI processor takes into account computerized switching tags. The processor is proficient in using a patent pending plan to verify an effective exchange.

The Skynet Core conveyed the Center’s initiative to accelerate the deep learning application of the blockchain network. This commitment will be linked to different semiconductor organizations as a way to embed the tensor processor into the Skynet core program, and pay attention to 8-bit precision math. These installed tensor processors will enable any IoT gadget to learn advanced neural networks while taking into account human knowledge.

It is a highly customizable blockchain chip that enables true world infrastructure, a very flexible open network, an unlimited expansion of the IoT platform for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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