Solution for Global Digital currency exchange - SOOM

Solution for Global Digital currency exchange - SOOM

Hi, everyone has come back to their blog, in this article, I will be participating in a potential project of the block to inform people about the fourth ecosystem and there will be a team that knows about this technology development. SOOM Tech is available in Singapore and establishes the SOOM Foundation, a non-profit organization in Switzerland for the development of Block Chain Technology. People can refer to the following article to know more about this project.

A brief introduction to the project

The consensus algorithm for creating SOOM technology is called. It just does not allow you to use the mobile environment, which also lets you develop applications for different functions, including smartphones based on block chain platforms.

BaaS platform

SOOM technology will provide a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to integrate the business activities of their services. In addition to providing BaaS related services, SOOM Technology will provide the necessary resources to expand the platform for SOOM.

The convenience of the project will probably also come from the project independently created for themselves a platform for private help for people to easily manage their money more on your phone or computer in order to use it easily and safely. When the Block chain 4.0 platform becomes popular, for SOOM will evolve in support of all-in-one, the form of payment will vary to provide convenience for the user’s daily life.

Features technology block chain 4.0

Of course, everyone heard about block chain 3.0 technology, 4.0 technologies will be used and developed in this project, and of course it has breakthrough technology.

Blockchain 4.0 is an integrated block chain technology with the concept of space-time (Space & Time), thereby increasing security and increasing the volume and speed of the processor.

Space-time algorithm

The space-time algorithm, using the real-time time value and the value of the location space, the value is set by the algorithm, take random position values and position values at the same time, 512 owner buttons worldwide.

Save button 512

Block chain 4.0 uses the P2P trading method so that 512 people are randomly assigned to support checking a transaction in the form of a button, thanks to a button 512 people claim that Block chain 4.0 can check new transactions whenever it is for increased security.

Consensus algorithm

With the desire to exploit coin from both mobile phones, the system uses both new consensus algorithms independently developed by SOOM TECH, which are POGS (Proof-of-Group-Stake) and POT (Proof-of -Transaction). Based on these algorithms, the Bitcoin 4.0 kernel block chain will work on the P2P platform. In addition, both algorithms agree that this will also help improve transaction speed.

SOOM TECH has developed a security system that doubles to a complete halt when a hacking problem occurs. In addition to the private key of the wallet that will be used for trading, SOOM TECH also developed a group private key generated during the grouping process. The group private key is created using the public key of the group members’ wallet and the value of the current time of the group, the value is updated continuously every 8 seconds.

Accordingly, the key used in the transaction will include 2 types of the private key of the wallet and the private key of the group. Due to test transactions, the secret key type 2 must be updated to double.

Here is a brief overview of the project and technology 4.0 in the next article I will introduce people to the token, as well as the work of the project, with how people can wait and refer.

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