Stellar blockchain Runs its Own Version

Stellar blockchain Runs its Own Version

By the early period of 2019 an experiment namely Lightning Torch or Lightning Trust Chain was launched by an unnamed individual to test the lightning protocol that actually makes it less expensive to send money. The Steller blockchain has been passing around its own version of the torch as a demo since June 26 with an eye to testing how simple it is to move money around on the base layer of the proof-of-stake blockchain created by Jed McCaleb who basically wants to bring the community together. The torch is presently 1150 XLM or about $67 but participants don’t add the same amount to the torch as per Arkink.

Arkink, innovation manager at Asito, got encountered by them at the first Stellar conference in Mexico city and he commenced the torch, which is a personal project, and the website. The torch is believed to have connected the community.

Adoption of Keybase

The Stellar community has adopted Keybase, a messaging and file sharing application and the end-to-end encryption suite of apps, and the Stellar Development Foundation has been airdropping XLM on the app. All torch participants need to use keybase and users can send something to someone on the app even without using it. Only who wants to receive it, to whom you can send it through Stellar torch but if two twitter friends want to pass the torch on the other hand the receiver has no stellar wallet in that case Keybase provides a solution.

Users post their coordination in the memo field only if the torch is passed as it assists the experiment’s website track the torch. The listing by the site of torchbearer is at 77 and the website even after going long way hasn’t reached a single penny in total transaction fees.


‘’Claim’’ is the first challenge to the users that means allowing a user to ‘’claim’’ a country by being the first person to send the torch to someone in that nation meaning a holder needs to know someone they trust in a new geography. Getting the torch into the hands of famous people is another challenge. The matter of challenges got introduced by Arkink and his collaborators. Another fact is that the Stellar burns on quietly, the way things on Stellar tend to do. The main attraction of Stellar is the facet of the community’s culture.

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