SWINCA- The Revolution of Crypto Real-Esatate Industry

SWINCA- The Revolution of Crypto Real-Esatate Industry

We know every organization is built with a goal and so does SWINCA. It created an entresol for actually the crypto Real-Esatate Industry. It is an industry belonging of multi-properties. So it’s a craft that here users need to investment on any of their property and by allocating investment, they can take their profit. But it is prodigious that here each belonging is tokenized on the blockchain. However, it has an awkward side that only large investors are allowed here but all the processes are quite easy and handy here.


They took an initiative which is really appreciable. It is an opportunity to the investors that they are having a reliable source of investment and can participate here with their investment. Here a transaction can be accomplished instantly. Verily to say that this is the way through which all assets around them are being tokenized on the platform of the blockchain. As a result, liquidity is being scattered in the market. The system is handy and easier because every transaction here is recorded on the blockchain.

Their vision is that they are enhancing investment opportunity to both the distinct and nearest people to real estate investment source. In case of investing, people can make portfolios even if they want and this is really transparent. They always promised to give a better return compared to others who are not using the blockchain method.


Real-Estate investment is deemed as attractive but so far it still has some limitations. First, the market is in the deficit of liquidity. Secondly, it is confined to only some countries. Only large investors can participate in the investment process. Every transaction here is costly and involves much time. There is also the existence of monopolistic environment for retail investors. Maintaining a portfolio is really difficult here indeed.


-Spreading real-estate investment opportunity worldwide. Investors can have the opportunity to invest in any percentage. People can personally make their own portfolios and it won’t be rigid to manage.

-They are determined to provide a better return to the investors compared to other companies who are not actually providing higher return indeed. And the value of Swinca will be increased over time.

-All real estate assets will be tokenized on the blockchain. Both small and large investors can participate in the investment process.

Benefits of SWINCA

There are some exceptional benefits of SWINCA. These are as follows:

-Reduction of expense,

-Inert income on monthly basis,

-License from bank to manage crypto and Fiat,

-An easy method of earning crypto and fiat,

-Clearness of property information,

-Correct timing for real estate asset tokenizing,

-Comparatively higher return.

-Secure way of transaction,

-No intermediaries are needed,

-A high skilled team with real estate expertise.

Investment Strategy

SWINCA always determined to find the best asset or properties for investment. After the selection process SWINCA gathers it’s legality and make insurance for the risk of the asset. After that SWINCA tokenize the asset. SWINCA actually focus on residence, secondaries residencies, rental investment profession and personal. The properties can be under development process.

Swinca Bank

It is such a bank where swinca’s speculators are allowed to exchange. The bank allows both full and cryptocurrency to exchange under the same account. The bank generated a premium crypto bank with seamless and transparent expertise which is handy and easy to operate. All types of banking activities can be easily solved here for example online banking, using the debit card, opening saving account, transaction with fiat, issuance of securities and financial warranties.

The bank use blockchain reallocates payment automatically to every investor. Investors can accomplish their transactions with using both crypto and fiat. To store crypto they use a digital wallet. Swinca investors can get the SWI and NCA from rent payments and profit on their crypto bank accounts.

Structure and Legal Configuration

Swinca bank has taken their license in Estonia. The bank is operated by a multi-jurisdictional group of entities. As the industry is divided into two portions, one of it’s structure is located in Switzerland and another structure is based in Mauritius . First structure is based in Zug. It works with property management. The second structure is mainly investment. The second structure provides opportunity of investment to the people.

Business Model

The models are as follows:

-Swinca takes a 10% profit on investor’s profit. The way of making revenue of both investors and swinca are alike.

-Swinca reinvests 20% in SWI each time a new investor take a participation in a property.

-Investors need to subscribe to the PPI membership to enter to the deal on the platform.

-While investors pay to sell or rent their property at that moment swinca act as a broker,


The entire system of tokenizing real assets on the blockchain is secure, decentralized and transparent for investors. Small investors are not allowed for investment process. The process of purchasing and selling are quite easy as all these are recorded by using blockchain technology. Distribution of allocating rent revenue is easy because of the blessing blockchain. Digital wallet are used here to store fiat or crypto which is really safer from third party.


Those who are buyer of SWI should consider some point as SWI involves certain amount of risk indeed. SWI is designed in such a manner that is to accelerate in value and deescalate in quantity. But it is not certain that it’s value will always increase however sometimes speculators can get loss.  Due to market condition, competition, execution, regulation and production investors can face risk. Now come to NCA tokens which represent solely the properties shares. The NCA token is less risky than SWI tokens.

Opportunity to Earn Profit By the Network

Swinca offers sponsorship to the members where investors can invest if they are willing to. With an eye to earning profit every member needs to share and represent their network to as many investors as possible. The percentage to the primary level is 8%, the second level is 4% and the third level is 2%.

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