Termination of the Operations of Bitcoin Miners

Termination of the Operations of Bitcoin Miners

A compelling pause happened in hydropower plants happened in China’s Sichuan province due to heavy rainstorm that lead bitcoin miners to terminate their operations. 17 counties have already become the victim of heavy rain and mudslides. The enduring level of Wenchuan County is higher compared to others. Local power supply has been smashed causing seven deaths because of mudflows.

Mining facilities also disrupted as bitcoin mining machines have been enwrapped by mud. Crisis in the field of generating electricity caused because of the water clogging and to bring the situation in control containers are being used. Three power plants of a hydro-energy company called Sichuan Minjiang halted operations. An alteration in bitcoin’s 24-hour average hash rate has been seen from 78 exahash to 73 exahash within a week.

However an operational risk is existed due to excessive rainfall. Those mining farms cover a wide area made up by the prefectures Aba. When when the alleviation of the situation is going to be seen is unknown as there is no signal of termination of rainfall situation by the weather forecast. Bitcoin mining difficulty is now at 10 trillion.

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