Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? (Expert’s Opinion)

Top 6 Reasons Why You aren’t too late to Buy Bitcoin

We are entirely unknown of the time when you are reading this research-based article of Bitcoin’s real value. But, by the time we started writing this article, the price of Bitcoin was at $60K, according to Coinmarketcap. Probably, it seems to many readers like- $60K per Bitcoin? Really? It is highly overpriced. Is it actually so? Is it too late to buy Bitcoin now? We developed this bitcoin-based article logically explaining all the answers. If you intend to know the answer in a word, we will say that it is not too late for you at all. Even if you buy Bitcoin at $100,000, we will say that it’s not too late for you. Because-Bitcoin’s technical and fundamental factors are so unique that it poses the ability to reach its 1M milestone within this decade. In the meanwhile, Bitcoin has gained the status of the best-performing asset. But losses will be your companion if you adopt any wrong strategy for investing in Bitcoin. So, be careful. In this research-based article, we mentioned all techniques that will help you evade losses from your Bitcoin investment. And we also covered the Top 6 Reasons why you aren’t too late to buy Bitcoin now.

Bitcoin: Price vs. Value

Can you remember the Q4 of 2017? Do you know what we are trying you to remember? Yes, we are talking about Bitcoin’s ATH price of 2017. Exactly, at that time, bitcoin’s price was nearly $20K. Suppose- a person namely ‘X’ purchased a Bitcoin at the time of its ATH. Then, BTC’s price sank down to $4K on 21st December 2018. Maybe, at that time, the ‘X’ named person would have thought what he had done. He started repenting thinking I purchased such an overpriced Bitcoin for $20K. He was thinking that he had taken the worse decision ever. Afterward, the imaginary person in this example sold his $20K-priced bitcoin for only $4K owing to the bearish trend of the market.

The story could not have ended here. How? Here the scenario could be different like- the ‘X’ named person didn’t sell his Bitcoin during its slump without being panicked. The reason is that he knows well how strong Bitcoin is fundamentally and technically. And so, he stopped watching the Bitcoin price every day as a long-term holder. Hitherward, ‘X’ became busy with his routine works.

Kept turning over the pages of calendar…………………

‘X’ sold his $20K-priced bitcoin, bought in 2017, on 20th October 2021 at the $67K price, finding a massive opportunity. By investing in Bitcoin, ‘X’ earned more than 300% profit within less than 4 years. ‘X’ is now blissful, earning that high ratio profit from his bitcoin investment.

Wait a minute…………………!! Can call up the previous scenario? The scenario where ‘X’ sold his bitcoin for $4K thinking it was overpriced.

Even though the aforementioned story is cooked up, there are thousands of homogeneous examples in reality. We are confidently saying that maximum investors faded away after selling their Bitcoin at $4K. Do you know why?

The reason is that Bitcoin’s price slump snatches away the belief of people from this. They even forget that Bitcoin is the first currency in history for humans but not for governments. So, no borderline is a hindrance to Bitcoin.

However, we can assure you that Bitcoin can gain $1000, 000 market prices within either December 21, 2021, or 2022. At that time, there may have many people who will like to purchase Bitcoin at $100K. Probably, they will also sell their Bitcoins at a cheaper rate as the above story. Do you have any doubt about it?

Whatever, before cutting to the chase, we again want to remember you the current price of Bitcoin, which is $60K. We added two stories just to make you understand that Bitcoin is still undervalued even with its $60K price. We are adding two narratives. We hope the two narratives are able to make you understand what we are trying to understand you. It’s not an issue if you don’t understand because meanwhile this writing, we will discuss these two narratives in detail. But, our request is to you to retain these two narratives in your memory for a long period so that you can quickly call up when we make any reference.

  • Line number one: Someone (Bitcoin user) just moved 16,006 BTC worth $1 billion for a transaction fee of $1.75 (20th Oct 2021).
  • Line number two: Bitcoin took its first 10 years to reach $20K, and Bitcoin gained $22K at its price only within October 2021.

That’s it. Try to find the answer out from within here. And let us explain in the meantime.

Why is Bitcoin Valuable?

Maybe, seeing this question, you are thinking, what a surprise! From where the question is flown and sat in here within meanwhile? Actually, this question hasn’t come flying rather it is a logical question. Why are we saying so? We have to understand the real value of Bitcoin to understand whether Bitcoin investment is now too late or it is in its early phase. You might have already noticed that we are using the word real value again and again. Yes, we are doing it intentionally.

We have to understand the value of Bitcoin properly to comprehend whether the price of Bitcoin is over-valued or under-valued till now. So, the topic that has become essential to discuss is………..

Comparison Chart: Fiat, Gold VS Bitcoin

ParametersUS DollarGoldBitcoin
Interchangeable Score8065100
Portability Score8530100
Divisibility Score6070100
Security Score6560100
Transactable Score953090
Decentralized Score00100
Total SupplyVolatileUnknown21M BTC
Total MarketCapVolatile$8T$1.2T

What’s the Real Value of Bitcoin?

  • Do you know that the native currency you have in your pocket is having value decreasing day by day owing to inflation? On the other hand, Bitcoin has a total supply of 21M, which means the currency won’t see any increase in its limit exceeding that particular limit. According to Wikipedia, there are 21,951,202 millionaires right now, 20th October 2021, in the USA. That means there are more than 21M millionaires in the USA. So, if those millionaires want to buy a single bitcoin each, they can’t do so even after investing crores of dollars. Why are we saying so? Because- whereas Bitcoin has a total supply of 18.8M BTC, the USA alone has nearly 22M millionaires.
  • So, try to understand that we are getting Bitcoin in how much cheap price as institutional investors don’t understand the value of Bitcoin.
  • Let’s cast back to the past. You may know that there was a custom of barter trade at the outset of our civilization. In that system, people used to exchange products in their possession in exchange for another product.  Thereafter, came the age of precious metal, like Gold and Silver, as a medium of exchange. That age is followed by metallic currency. Then we saw the evolvement of printing technology because of which we could see paper money. The next chapter emerged with the introduction of cards, online payment processes like PayPal.
  • Now come to the matter of Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you cannot do anything except storing or using Bitcoin as money. Such as, you cannot use it as you do with jewelry like Gold. You can neither create nor copy it. The interesting fact is that when you have money in Bitcoin, it is just yours.  No one has dominance over your Bitcoin. You can send your Bitcoin to anyone you want without relying on any third party. 
  • Now come to the first narrative mentioned above which is a very significant facility for Bitcoin. That is the low transaction fee.
  • Now, cast back to the reality. Forbes published an article in 2020, where they wrote- there was a 7% of transaction costs against the remittance of $550 billion, and that giant percentage of fees had eaten up $38.5 billion.
  • Now, look at the first narrative where we mentioned that against Bitcoins worth 1 Billion dollars, only $1.75 was charged as a transaction fee. We hope you understood why there is a necessity for Bitcoin in the real world for our own welfare. It goes without saying that if the amount that Forbes mentioned was transacted in Bitcoin, the transaction fee wouldn’t be so high.
  • Indeed, the real world is still ignoring Bitcoin. But, also there is no hindrance to say that there are being seen some tendencies of accepting bitcoins. For example, PayPal has accepted Bitcoin, and EI Salvador has given Bitcoin an official status as a native currency. That the acceptance rate of Bitcoin will potentially increase is being understood seeing some other positive incidents like these. So, when we see Bitcoin being used in the real world, we will also see the bitcoin value going up along with that.
  • Bitcoin has a uniqueness which is solving a real-world problem. The uniqueness is that bitcoins can be transacted without relying on any third party. But, in reality, we need two things to rely on for committing a transaction. These two things are:

    1) third parties

    2) And trust relationships.

But, there is no necessity for these two things while transacting with Bitcoin.

  • Everything of a bitcoin transaction is recorded instantly on a ledger. And everyone around the globe has access to this ledger. So, everyone’s activity is open to others and as a result, no one can deny any recorded transaction. Records like transaction amount, times, public addresses, and other relevant information are recorded on this ledger. Unlike our current payment system, the transaction fee of Bitcoin doesn’t depend on any place.
  • Now, mentioning a cheap point. Although we had no intention to mention this point, we are mentioning it due to some relevant reasons. Do you know how much amount is Gold’s marketcap? The amount is eight trillion U.S. dollars. Please tell us how much the Gold’s total supply is. Is the question absurd to you? Yes, Gold has no market supply. For purchasing a building, you cannot pay the owners with Gold in exchange for the house. The security issue prohibits you to carry Gold. However, Gold has a marketcap of eight trillion U.S. dollars. On the other hand, you can transfer BItcoin from any corner of the world. No one can even guess if you carry $1B Bitcoin in your wallet. The marketcap of that Bitcoin is $1 trillion. So, we believe you can understand how much Bitcoin is in its early phase in determining its actual value. So, no one is actually too late to buy Bitcoin in 2021.

So far, we have discussed the real value of Bitcoin, and that’s why now, we would like to move on to the topic of whether we are in the late stage for buying Bitcoin or there are still sufficient opportunities for buying.

Top 6 Reasons Why You aren’t too Late to Buy Bitcoin Now

  1. Look at a simple calculation; Bitcoin makes its ATH in every of its bullish trend. For example, in 2011, Bitcoin’s price went up from $0.17 to $31.5, and 2012 was Bitcoin’s first halving year. Bitcoin’s price got pumped up in the following year of the halving year, 2012. This high pump in price in 2013 took Bitcoin up from $12.22 to $1178. Can you imagine the ending price? There is a huge difference between $12.22 and $1178. The subsequent halving too carried a fortunate price increase for Bitcoin. Such as the second halving year, 2016, took Bitcoin’s price up from $250 to $650. The next year, 2017, was the halving year and then Bitcoin created its new ATH of $20K.
  2. Let’s make a pinch word. Can you understand the matter? Exactly, the following year of halving provides Bitcoin with a huge price increment and thus creates a new ATH.
  3. So, according to this practice, Bitcoin is supposed to create an ATH in 2021 too. And Bitcoin is also walking across this way. The price of Bitcoin sank to some extent and reached $30K. However, Bitcoin’s recent price is $67K. It means that it’s an increment of a little more than double.
  4. But, according to the history of Bitcoin, it is supposed to go up more down the road. Maximum crypto analysts expect that this ongoing bullish trend will take Bitcoin nearly to $120K, and there is a strong possibility to exceed that limit. If so, the price probably will end up with $150K.
  5. So, technically we are not too late to buy Bitcoin. Is there any doubt?
  6. Now come to another point. Try to remember the second narrative we have discussed above in this article. Yes, Bitcoin has just moved $22K within a month on October 21st. Such a scenario was never seen before. This is for the first time. What does it prove?

This proves that the ongoing bullish trend has high strength and we are not too late to buy BItcoin.

Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

Maybe, this question seems similar to the previous one, but there is a technical difference. But, we won’t go into detail. We will just try to understand the matter from an investment point of view that is it actually too late to invest in Bitcoin or not?

  • Let’s make you understand precisely. If you are a short time investor like daily, weekly, monthly, or even 1-2 yearly, then we will say it is too late for you to invest in Bitcoin.

The reason is that Bitcoin is a too volatile asset, and so its price has no certainty. So, if you today buy $60K-priced bitcoin, maybe you will find the price quite cheaper next year. But the scenario can be different too. What we are talking about is the possibility. So, be careful if you are a short-time Bitcoin investor.

  • On the other hand, if you are a long-term Bitcoin investor, then our suggestion to you is you can undoubtedly buy Bitcoin at $60K. The reason is we have shown the real value of Bitcoin. We believe that there should not be any suspicion about Bitcoin in your mind.
  • So, it’s not too late for you to invest in Bitcoin if your target spans the next 5 years.  

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin in April 2021?

Probably, you are thinking when it is now October of 2021, then why we are talking about April of 2021. Actually, what is present today will be past tomorrow. In April 2021, there was a hustle-bustle regarding whether bitcoin’s price was over-priced or under-priced. So, our analysis will include whether buying Bitcoin at that time was too late or not.

  • Before starting the discussion, we would like to remind you of the price of Bitcoin in April 2021. Bitcoin was at $59K on 1st April 2021, and the price became $57.7K on 30th April 2021.
  • Whereas Bitcoin’s price was under $60K by April, it is currently at its ATH, $67K, in October 2021.
  • So, you would be profitable by now if you purchased Bitcoin at under $60K in April 2021. As April falls in the early stage of a year, it means you had a long time on your hand for continuity of Bitcoin’s bullish move. So, it can be said undoubtedly that time wasn’t too late for you to buy Bitcoin. Maybe, many will repent at the end of the year, thinking why they didn’t purchase Bitcoin for under $60K.

What will happen to Bitcoin in 2025?

YearBitcoin’s Price

After analyzing the price history and technical facts of Bitcoin, it is crystal clear that we are going to see a bullish move in Bitcoin’s price in 2025. Indeed, the bullish move of 2021 is not yet finished. But, already in the meanwhile, Bitcoin gained a price of $67K. So, we believe BTC will soon create a new ATH breaking this current ATH.

How are we saying in advance that 2025 will see Bitcoin’s bullish move?

  • It has become likely to a universal truth that Bitcoin gains huge in its price following the halving year. For example, 2013 saw the first $1K price of Bitcoin after halving took place in 2012. But the following years saw a big slump in Bitcoin’s price. In 2015, Bitcoin’s price was at $150. So, it’s clear that this was the result of the bearish trend. At that time, many started criticizing Bitcoin saying it was a scam, dead currency, etc. Thereafter, Bitcoin’s price reached $20K in 2017, following the halving year 2016. So, Bitcoin is back once again.
  • But, in the next two years, 2018 and 2019, the Bitcoin market saw a massive downtrend. The Bitcoin market again started ascending uptrend after the halving took place in 2020.
  • So, we hope you understood the backdrop behind Bitcoin’s price increase. The subsequent year of the having year always follows the bullish trend.
  • So, according to this calculation, as the next halving is going to take place in 2024, 2025 can see the next bullish move.

What will Bitcoin be worth in 2030?

Bitcoin is the most volatile asset in the world. So, it’s significantly unguessable what its price will be after nine years from now. But, we can make a slight prediction seeing the recent acceptance rate and trading chart of Bitcoin of last 10-12 years. In this section, we are showing you the most probable scenarios of BItcoin in 2030.

  • As we have been saying that the real world financial giants are not giving the desired space to Bitcoin. For not giving this space, they have some hidden self-interested points. But we will not disclose these points in this article. If the relevance comes later, we will write for you. Even if financial giants want, they cannot suppress the dominion of Bitcoin. The reason is that Bitcoin has value in this real world. The real adoption of Bitcoin will be in rush in the next 8-9 years.
  • In fact, we are too keen to see the layer-2 solutions of Bitcoin very quickly. Alongside, we are also excited to see the Bitcoin DeFi. The addition of Layer-2 solution feature will lessen the time of sending Bitcoin from one place to another. At that time, there will remain no obstacle in worldwide Bitcoin transferring and receiving.
  • On the other hand, DeFi feature will extend the opportunity for Bitcoin to earn passive income. As a result, the tendency of holding Bitcoin will get increased. Consequently, there will be a massive possibility for Bitcoin price increment.
  • We also hope that many countries like EI Salvador will accept Bitcoin as their native currency. And Government-based use case of Bitcoin will get increased.
  • What we believe is we will see Bitcoin’s price at $1M before 2030. Even though it hears ridiculous, we mentioned that amount after enough analysis.

What’s the right time to buy Bitcoin?

This Bitcoin research-based article has not been written to provide you with any financial advice. The purpose is nothing but didactic that will widen your Bitcoin knowledge. We see maximum retail investors buy and sell Bitcoin at the wrong time. So, we will teach you some such prudent techniques at this Bitcoin price VS value-based article so that you can easily understand the right time of buying and selling Bitcoin.

  • The mistake maximum Bitcoin investors commit is when they see the price increases, they buy Bitcoin. And they sell their Bitcoin being frustrated when the price falls. For example, now, Bitcoin’s price is at $60K, and so people are flocking to buy Bitcoin, but when Bitcoin’s price was at $40K two weeks ago, there were not that many buys.
  • But, the scenario should have been the opposite. So, you should buy Bitcoin when its price falls or remains in the bearish trend. And when the market comes into a bullish trend, you should sell the order.
  • Another technique to capture the right time for buying Bitcoin is when you see no Social Media and TV Media is talking about Bitcoin. Actually, they restrain from talking about Bitcoin when it is in the bearish trend. This is the perfect time when you can take an order seeing the strong support level of Bitcoin in the daily chart.

The Future of Bitcoin

In a word to say, the future of Bitcoin is quite bright. So, you don’t have anything to worry about Bitcoin’s future. Take the example of Bitcoin ETF; once, it was a dream, and now, it is a reality.

  • Bitcoin will essentially give our current banking system a new shape. For example, if you want to send your cousin a $1M, you have to perform several paperwork procedures which are meaningless, and one day, Bitcoin will cut off all these paperwork-related complexities. You will just have to send Bitcoin.
  • In the real world, inflation is known as a big problem. Giant businessmen are thoughtful about the value of Bitcoin whether it declines over time. When Bitcoin’s DeFi will completely come into effect, Bitcoin will be the best option for those businessmen. The reason is that the Bitcoin holders can passive income is just by holding Bitcoin through Bitcoin DeFi. We don’t even need to wait so long to see this feature.


The cardinal purpose of the above discussion is to make you understand the real value of Bitcoin properly. $60K or $100K price for Bitcoin is nothing compared to the kind of exclusive problems Bitcoin solves. Make a long-term plan for investing in Bitcoin if you are willing to earn profit. We hope you will surely be profitable. The last 10-12 years trading chart proves that. So, the final word is it’s not too late to buy Bitcoin in 2021. And we believe that, these six reasons helped you understand that you are not too late. What opinion do you have in this regard?

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