Trade Pharma Network- Marketplace Linking Pharma and Healthcare

Trade Pharma Network- Marketplace Linking Pharma and Healthcare

Drugs and medical instruments can be seen everywhere. € 150,000,000,000 to € 200,000,000,000 (US $ 163 billion to $ 217 billion), according to industry estimates, fake pharmaceuticals are the most profitable sector of the global trade. World Health Organization (who) accounts for 15% -30% of the total number of counterfeits in developing countries, but in industrialized countries, this number is still about 1% valid supply chain (wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals). Defective drug damage or killing millions of people all over the world and causing major damage to brand pharmaceutical manufacturers’ brand names and bottom lines.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical supply chain is one of the most complex supply chain in the world. In most cases they are able to adapt to the products covered under this pipeline, inefficient and ill-equipped. In order to meet the needs of rapid evolving Marketplace and shift from the patient, there will be a radical overhaul of pharma supply chain.

Trade Pharma Network Identity! Trade Pharma Network is a Trading Service with a European Union license and Operation Medicines Product for Everyday Exporters for an Export-Oriented #Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers of Global Pharmaceutical Industry. Trade Pharma Network, by creating a credible and innovative pharma-centric marketplace and creating a different vision for a pharmaceutical future, such as-Edge Technology aims to solve such problems. Such as AI, Block chain, 3D printing and IoT.

Leveraging Block chain technology and utilizes ArtificialIntelligence-powered Match-based construction platform, Trade Pharma Networks Mission Line Pharmaceutical Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, helping to trade safely and fairly, but Supply Chain provides the inherent processes of Transparency-Trust to their products, and to prevent counterfeit of drugs.

Operated by artificial intelligence powered platforms that apparently enabled the AI Algorithm, digital matchmaking among skilled search and main participants, it could possibly be the right choice. Meanwhile, the #block chain solution allows digital reporting on each pharmaceutical product, which allows the client to track and authorize the origin and treatment of the treatment successfully. Pharmaceutical Products, both of Europe and Worldwide.

Alongside the platform, pharmaceutical industry agents and healthcare providers offer a range of services to improve information exchange, collaboration and transaction. This service is described as follows:

Pharma IoT: Internet IoT sensor adoption and serialization and aggregation through manufacturing and supply chain management.

Printed Drugs: Additive produces 3D drug printing technology

Pharma Staffing: Pharma Healthcare Buyers Fitting Outsizing Platform Factors Online.

Charitable organizations: The healthcare charity organization’s funding is due to overall reasons.

Chatbot and Virtual Assistant: manages the entire marketplace by the world’s most powerful AI that creates natural language and then analyzes it and works for an optimal customer experience.

Crypto Exchange: Chain with the second level solution of scalability by closing atomic swaps in exchange for payment cryptocurrency

In addition, Trade Pharma Network will have mint 1,000,000,000 total tokens (Token Symbol: TXP), each TXP token value of $ 0.07-ICO TXP (50% in total token). This number will be subject to future changes based on the growth pool token published three years ago. The TXP token will be distributed in the following manner:

Growth Pool, Operations, Marketing, Team 35%

25% held by TXP

Pre-TGE, Referral, Mercenary 25%

Trade Pharma Network Team 15%

The trade pharma team believes that creativity in drug trafficking and pharmaceutical service can make the biggest difference, in order to create a trustworthy and innovative pharmaceutical-centric market, which aims to trade pharmaceutical healthcare professionals and complete the service properly. Suit, for the best interest of a patient. And based on recent technologies, preparing for the future with different visions such as AI, Block chain, 3D printing, and IoT.

Next, its mission is to provide creative importers, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital pharmacies, pharmacies, non-profits, and corporate partners on their customers or suppliers. Trade pharma helps reduce their complexity and cost, so that these activities are done in an environment of faith and artificial intelligence. The team was always sure that everything went smoothly and everyone was satisfied.

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