TWILIGHT COIN- All excavators a reasonable favorable position to mine

TWILIGHT COIN- All excavators a reasonable favorable position to mine

TWILIGHTCOIN will be a coin that will give all the excavators in my currency a reasonable favor. It utilizes an advanced class rewards tool and takes the latest X11 hash calculation to make this currency more efficient and powerful.

0.5% can be premine and it will be a half-generation biometric sensor / POS coin of 30% biological efficiency than current mining system. Another remarkable instrument that is this coin is ASIC RESISTANT, which in turn has a possibility of this currency’s mineworkers and there will be no major ASIC BOYS mining system. For those who have more shots, those who have sunny days or cash and more delightful dispersion for them in TWILIGHTCOIN

A little more than 86,000,000 rupees can be found, which should then be spent on a truly well-timed frames for one more selected and important currency. I and a string have been prepared in the Chinese part of the Bitcointalk forum, so it will be around a well-Asian / Chinese plot!


Here are the details for TWILIGHTCOIN for your convenience.

Reasonable mining with square reward equivalents to: int(10/(D/2000+1)^3+0.5)

Max remunerate begins from 10 with 0.5% lessening every 30 days (each 43 200 squares)

Quick square age time – just 1 minute

Trouble retargets utilizing Dark Gravity Wave v.2

Not powerless against Time Warp Exploit

No heartbleed bug

CPU and GPU mining, no ASIC mining.

Max number of coins – 86 400 000Yutaka Yamamoto, Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya, has an arrangement to help the Japanese anime industry. cryptocurrency Through the evening coins, he looks straightforwardly to combine another way for Anime fans to become their most favorite creator.

TwilightCoin is expected to have more creator-to-consumer relationships, which will help develop the culture of Japan’s Anime.

Fans will have the capability to buy computational cash systems and thereby they have the ability to contribute specifically to artisans and artists they are cherish. The fact is, the coin will end in the spring, like the twist of this spring

Token TwilightCoin

Image TWC

Type ERC20

Value token 1 ETH = 5,000TWC

Add up to 1,000,000,000 tokens TWC

Token for the offer of half (500,000,000 TWC)

Presale 12:00 (UTC) November 15, 2018

Date of finish – will be reported later

The base speculation – the ETH proportional to $ 5,000

Reward 30%

Award 30%

Crowdsale- will be reported later. Base ETH equals $ 100 Non-sold TWCs will be dependent on Airdrop through dispensed person. Approximate top ETH equivalent $ 1,500,000 Hard Top Comparison $ 20,000,000

It is a platform for crowdfunding that stores anime studio and standalone maker. Anime Studio and Individual Institution on this platform may have the right to further improve the nature of the TWC (Evening Currency). They compute the Computator (DIT: Digital Item Token) on their own future and blockchain of past work and combine resources with crowdfunding.

Issuable computing is the signature, unique pictures, sound information, affirmation tickets, and it is out. Additionally, the optional use permit (formula: secondary usage token) claims to be done by saving TWC. This helpful use permit could increase the wealth by going magical.

With these lines, I state, TwilightCoin is cryptocurrency, which can create a complex class-rewrite equation as reasonable by using another updated X11. Quick square time (1 minute) is encouraged in exchange for quick rolls without postponements. Its light green, it sprouts 30% more life force and it keeps the word your GPUs.

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