UN Looking Into 35 North Korean Military-Funding Cyberattacks

UN Looking Into 35 North Korean Military-Funding Cyberattacks

Along with the dame of cryptocurrency, the amount of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. To fund weapons of mass destruction programs, North Korean territory was operating cyber attacks of bank and crypto exchanges came after sight right after the dispatch of UN report. According to the analysis done by independent experts said that North Korea was used to running increasingly sophisticated hacks because of to amalgamate $2 billion. The report was read by Reuters and then submitted to U.N. Security Council North Korea sanction committee.

It is still assumed that the country operated 35 hacks in almost 17 countries. They had wrath inside them being victim to 10 attacks and their exchange called Bithumb got hacked at least four times. Victim countries lists are Costa Rica, Gambia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam, India, faced three cyber attacks, and last of all Bangladesh and Chile had two attacks.

To reduce such incidents the nation said it employs ‘’low risk and high yield’’ methods. SWIFT bank messaging network was used by them while carrying out hacking. They also used to take over ATM network for an entire nation and bullied 10,000 payments to alleged North Korean operatives.

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