VeChain might hit a home run-what if it’s in reality?

VeChain might hit a home run-what if it’s in reality?

The strategic advisor to VeChain namely Jackson FU is a businessman and a private equity investor. He has experience in the field of large banking and private equity firms. He co-founded a quantative hedge fund focused on Chinese markets, with established algorithms in Alpha, HFT, and CTA focus. And now he is the co-founder and managing partner at CREAM, which is a pioneering investment incubator using blockchain and the crypto-economy to enable the potential of startups and enterprises globally.

The man first discovered the VeChain project in 2017 hoping that it will take the control of Ethereum as the leading public blockchain network in near future. He sees the dazzling future of VeChain as it is the only project which is capable of delivering the first mass adopted public blockchain.

While taking decision of investment to any company, Jackson takes two things under consideration that include a visionary but tangible application of a technology that solved some difficult and large problem and a solid, professional team.

Potentiality of VeChain

Among several other blockchain projects in the crypto space, Jackson was impressed with the business model of VeChain finding it unique being a solution-driven product. A few high profile clients were working on PoCs and it’s a company which understood the business as seemed. Being influenced by the business model of VeChain, PwC sought VeChain’s help to gather and co-conduct a survey focusing on gathering over 40 senior executives on their views of blockchain technology.

Senior management team had high achieving background and their experience really worth success. All these issues influenced Jackson to get involved. VeChain is much advanced from the technical points of view because they mastered insights from those with the oversight leveraging the expertise of industry leaders and always tried to come up with solutions to existing issues. Jackson thinks majority of crypto projects believe their technology is well-prepared to make solution to the world’s problem when in operation but their belief is wrong and they lack discernment to establish themselves in the corporate world.

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