How would be VeChain’s role on healthcare system?

How would be VeChain’s role on healthcare system?

The infrastructure of VeChain, which is a blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management processes, has introduced two new apps for healthcare including a web app for certified medical institutions to upload a patient’s medical records and a mobile app for tracking disease tracing and other diagnoses.

It’s a better technology in the healthcare systems making faster and smarter diagnoses. This is to ensure a better experience to patients. Data sharing having an impact on improving patient experience remains a critical pain point.

E-NewHealthLife and E-HCert Apps

These two apps were introduced with the intention to improve medical data sharing, giving patients control over their health records and to increase hospital operational efficiencies. Doctors can upload a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) onto the blockchain. Individuals can keep track of their health history and quickly identify themselves through a unique personal card and an app. Because of this digitization of system, healthcare institutions can better track and monitor a patient’s hospitalization journey.

A Cyprus-based development team namely I-Dante worked with VeChain ToolChain to develop the E-HCert app. Actually less volatile transaction fees makes it easier to develop a B2B solution but having a permissioned network is tough for privacy and security concerns. There is necessity of a modular architecture as it enables I-Dante to add more functionalities and services into the platform.

Patients can receive, verify and validate their medical test results with third parties through the E-HCert app because this one performs the role as a certification wallet. And E-NewHealthLife contains full health history of a person.

As for example to say that on the off chance you are tested negative for COVID-19, you will be able to provide your immunity through the app and gain access to public places or travel abroad. The plan regarding the app is to extend it to all lab tests.

With the app there is no possibility of countering falsified medical records and prescriptions as it allows accredited institutions to upload medical records. Mediterranean Hospital is initially implementing the project. As many tools could be integrated into the platform, it is yet to see which ones will get priority. It is highly expected that the project will carry a good fate to healthcare system.

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