Top 5 Reasons Why Wax Coin Price will be $15+

Top 5 Reasons Why Wax Coin Price will be $15

We would like to start writing this intro by sharing a piece of valuable information with you, which is that the market size of in-game virtual items is expected to reach $190B in 2025. However, in the virtual gaming items industry, Wax has already attained the tag ‘amazon of the virtual gaming industry’’. We will outline the top five reasons in this Wax coin price analysis-based article, depending on which our analyzers believe the Wax coin’s price will be more than $15. Indeed, the Wax coin is the fuel of the Wax ecosystem, and the Wax team is much at the forefront than its competitors in this sector, and other details of the Wax ecosystem that are discussed in this article will surprise you. So, welcome to this informative Wax coin-based article.

Let’s head into the main area of this article.

Top 5 reasons why Wax coin price will be $15+

  1. As Wax is the blend of the Web 3.0, NFT &Metaverse industry, its price will increasemassively. 
  2. Crypto VCs are supporting Wax coin directly, which will heighten the trust of retail crypto investors.
  3. Wax coin’s strong tokenomics will force the price to reach $15+.
  4. Wax’s experienced team will establish the industry as the number one virtual gaming item buy/sell marketplace alongsidepushing the price higher.
  5. The Wax coin’s price will be more than $15 once the Wax ecosystem comes into force.

1) As Wax is the blend of the Web 3.0, NFT &Metaverse industry, its price will increasemassively

Niche is a significant thing in the crypto industry; for example- we saw a win-win situation for the crypto layer-1 projects in the 2021 crypto bull market, and DeFi-based crypto projects were also demanding at that time. On the other hand, you can see several payment problem-solving projects are still suffering in the crypto market. So, you should consider the niche before investing in any crypto project.

  • Considering this, the Wax coin is in the safest zone because the Wax ecosystem revolves around Web 3.0, NFT & Metaverse. As a result, the price of the coin will sparkle from three sides when Web 3.0, NFT & Metaverse boom in the 2025 bull market.
  • According to the Crypto research team, Web 3.0, NFT & Metaverse will be the most demanding crypto niches by 2025.
  • And you know that Wax is a virtual gaming item buy/sell platform. Despite the downstream ongoing in the crypto industry, the usecase of the Wax coin will increase several folds in the next crypto bull market. With the increment of the usecases, the price of the Wax coin will be $15.
  • When we were writing this article, the price of the Wax coins was at $0.08 with a $190M marketcap. It isto let you know that the ATH price of the Wax coin was at $5 on December 5, 2017, and at that time, the Wax ecosystem wasn’t as active as it is now.
  • Even in 2022, the Wax ecosystem seems active, which signals the Wax ecosystem boom in 2025. For example: in this crypto bear market, the amount of daily transactions exceeds 23M+, which is really mammoth given the market condition. Right now, more than 13M Wax accounts are active, and our analysis suggests the number of active wallets will outnumber 250M+ by the next crypto bull market in 2025.
  • That’s why we expect the Wax’s marketcap at least $30Bnby the next crypto bull market as the size of the in-game virtual item market will touch $1902B in 2025. And Wax’s $30Bnmarketcap means its price at $15.

$15 seems to be an obtainable target for the Wax coin ecosystem given its swiftness, game plan, and team activity.

2) Crypto VCs are supporting Wax coin directly, which will heighten the trust of retail crypto investors

Crypto VCs are highly calculative and they invest their money in any crypto project at its initial stage with great calculation. So, turn your focus on those crypto projects where crypto VCs rush to invest because some popularVCs-funded crypto projects were seen distributing more than $100X profit in the history of crypto projects.

So now the question is-

How much crypto VCs support Wax coin?

  • To put it simply, Wax coin is a beloved name to crypto VCs in the gaming industry.
  • For that reason, Wax coin could raise a whopping $52M at its funding round from crypto VCs.
  • $52M isn’t a joking amount for a crypto gaming project. Crypto VCs might have seen some extra-ordinary potential in this Wax ecosystem, so they invested such a big amount in this project, sustaining calculative risk.

Notably, Wax coin has OKX Blockchain and Node capital-alike giant names on their VClist. These types of popular VCs invest when they see the bright and doubtless future of any crypto project. So, crypto VCs’ spontaneous participation in the Wax project proves how optimistic they are about the future of Wax. As a result, we hope the Wax ecosystem will lead the gaming industry in the next bull market, driving its price up to $15. So, what is your opinion about our expectations?

3) Wax coin’s strong tokenomics will force the price to reach $15+

When we are talking about whether the Wax coin will reach $15 in the future, it cannot be that the topic of tokenomics won’t come because tokenomics is directly involved in increasing and decreasing the price of any crypto project. Let’s make it crystal clear with a realistic example.

Suppose you went to a sea abound with fishes for fishing. With ajolly mind, you threw your net on the sea. After a few while, you started rolling up your net. But, you got struck with awe when you saw no fish caught in the fishing net. Why didn’t the net catch any fish despite the abundance of fishes in the sea? 

  • Because your fishing net was torn up at different places. As a result, no fish was caught in your net.

So, these perforations in your net refer to weak tokenomics. On the other hand, those sea fishes are the targeted consumers of your crypto project. However, the synopsis of this story is that if your crypto project has massive targeted consumers but has weak tokenomics, then the price won’t increase even if there are enough consumers, just like the perforations in the fishing net.

Now come to the topic of Wax coin’s tokenomics.

How strong is Wax coin’s tokenomics?

  • Wax coin is massively strong with the combination of tokenomics, staking-Voting, NFT & Defi.
  • Indeed, the tokenomics of the Wax coin is highly strong because of the mingling of three strong pillars (Staking-Voting, NFT & Defi).
  • The Wax coin is being used everywhere from staking to Defi. As a result, the usecase of the Wax coin is automatically increasing day by day.

Now, let’s see what is the strongest part of Wax coin tokenomics. So the question is-

What’s the strongest part of Wax coin tokenomics?

  • The strongest part of the Wax coin is that 75% (1.67B) of its total circulating supply (2.1B Wax coin) is locked in staking. It means 25% liquid Wax coins are available on the market. That means the price of Wax coin is set to boom once the Wax ecosystem starts to move in an organized way. That’s why we believe $15 is an achievable target for Wax.
  • 75% locked-up coins in staking is outstanding data, which proves the community friendliness of the Wax ecosystem.

So, our research gives Wax coin tokenomicsa score of 100 out of 100. Due to this strong tokenomics, the Wax coin price will skyrocket in the next crypto bull market in 2025.

4) Wax’s experienced team will establish the industry as the number one virtual gaming item buy/sell marketplace alongside pushing the price higher

In the crypto industry, a team is a vital component because this industry is full of innovation with no room for cutting, copying, and pasting. A crypto project is more likely to fall flat if its team is not innovative enoughand a timely-decision maker. Let’s see how strong Wax coin’s team is to lead the virtual gaming industry.

How strong is the Wax coin team to lead the virtual gaming item marketplace?

  • Indeed, Wax itself isn’t a gaming project, but it is a giant empire of the virtual marketplace of the crypto-gaming industry. Wax is building its ecosystem by amalgamating all crumbled-up potential crypto-gaming projects. Amalgamating different projects altogether is really a challenging task. 
  • But, the Wax team is so community-friendly and innovative that they have solved this arduous task smartly. For this reason, all the credit goes to the Wax team.

The detailed info of Wax coin team members-

  • William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis are co-founders of Wax.
  • They both are familiar figures in the crypto industry because they were engaged with some successful crypto projects earlier. As a result, they are handling the Wax-alike giant ecosystem smoothly and smartly.
  • On the other hand, John Brechisci, Jr.-alike big profile names are also engaged with Wax.
  • Right now, the Wax team is comprised of more than 450 members, and new members are also in the process of being engaged with this popular gaming project.
  • To be more specific, Wax’s development and marketing team have always shown mastery in their respective field.

The present WAXP coin team members are as high profile for running such a heavy ecosystem as required. The team deserves all the credit as they successfully worked on every single loop. So, WAX coin is more likely to reach a high price on the next crypto bull market.

5) The Wax coin’s price will be more than $15 once the Wax ecosystem comes into force

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular games in the present crypto gaming industry. If theAxie team fails to bring any innovation to their game by any chance, they will have their popularity decrease with time. So, the popularity of any gaming industry is never permanent.

However, Wax is in the safe zone from this side because Wax itself isn’t a gaming project. Wax is a virtual gaming asset buy/sell marketplace like the current E-commerce company Amazon. So, if the business of electronics products dwindles and the sales of Robotics products increase several folds, it will cause no effect on Amazon rather Amazon will be more profitable if the sales of Robotics products increase.

  • Similarly, both increase or decrease in any project’s popularity is advantageous for the Wax ecosystem. As a result, we will see a huge expansion Wax ecosystem in 2025, and the $15 price expectation for Wax coin is much lesser compared to the ecosystem expansion. And it’s the reality.


Throughout this entire article on Wax coin price, we outlined top-5 points to make you understand how much fundamentally strong WAXP coin is. The Wax coin being fuel for the mammoth Wax ecosystem is expected to touch $15 milestone by the 2025 Crypto bull market, and the target seems achievable for the coin. The innovation that the Wax team has been showing through constant development may end up surprising many of you with a skyrocketing price. So, let us know you opinion in the comment box below about our price predication for Wax coin.

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