Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s) that will Destroy Web 2.0 Industry

Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s) that will Destroy Web 2.0 Industry

We saw some successful cryptocurrency niches in the cryptocurrency industry over the last 4-5 years, including DeFi, Gaming, NFT & Metaverse type Cryptos. But, the regular phenomenon that we see actually is when any particular Cryptocurrency niche’s trend picks up steam, the fundamentally strong projects among them give a 20X to 30X and even more profit easily. However, if you can apprehend which crypto niche will boom, your Crypto portfolio will puff up like bread by the Next Crypto Bull market. In this journey, we are helping you by letting you know that Web 3.0 Crypto will be one of the trendiest niches in the next cryptocurrency bull market in 2025. This article will not only be limited to letting you know it but also will deliver a well-adorned list of 10 powerful crypto projects that will lead the niche. You can say that these top-10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s) will destroy the Web 2.0 industry. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Before getting into the main area of this ‘’top-10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s)’’ article, we would like to share one thing with you- four Web 3.0 projects out of the ten projects we picked up in this article work on data. The reason behind bringing 40% of the projects working on data is the centralized data that we used to receive on Web 2.0 hadn’t been authentic enough. To put it simply, Google shows you a piece of data that a site gets 100K inbound visitors monthly, and you have to believe it because you don’t have any parameter to verify the data provided by Google.

We are entering the decentralized data center through Web 3.0. That’s why we believe projects working on data analysis and tracking will lead the Web 3.0 crypto niche. Considering this fact, we kept four data-centric Web 3.0 projects in the ten Web 3.0 projects. So, the basic discussion is over now, and let’s cut to the chase.

Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s) that will Destroy Web 2.0 Industry

  1. Chainlink.
  2. Biconomy.
  3. Parsiq.
  4. Ocean Protocol.
  5. Basic Attention Token.
  6. Colony.
  7. Arweave.
  8. Polkadot.
  9. Gitcoin.
  10. VIDT Datalink.

Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto(s): Price and Marketcap

Web 3.0 CryptoCurrent PriceMarketcap
Chainlink (LINK)$6.65$3B+
Biconomy (BICO)$0.64$84M+
Parsiq (PRQ)$0.11$18M+
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)$0.20$126M+
Basic Attention Token (BAT)$0.37$555M+
Colony (CLY)$0.11$3M+
Arweave (AR)$13.12$438M+
Polkadot (DOT)$9.85$9B+
Gitcoin (GTC)$2.39$33M+
VIDT Datalink (VTDT)$0.19$9M+

1)     Chainlink (The Powerhouse of Web 3.0 Oracle)

Chainlink is so valuable crypto project in the entire crypto industry that it will remain in the top-5 cryptocurrencies as a high use case-flourished project in both cases if you make a web 3.0 cryptocurrencies list and a top use case-affluent cryptocurrencies list. So, the question is-

Why is Chainlink so valuable in the Web 3.0 industry?

  • The cardinal power of Chainlink is that it has the capacity for off-chain data integration by cryptocurrency smart contract. Indeed, Chainlink can provide off-chain data to the blockchain industry through secure oracles in a decentralized way. As a result, the data that we see on Cryptocurrency Smart Contract is authentic, and it is less likely to be manipulated.
  • That’s why Chainlink is so valuable in the entire Cryptocurrency world. Because everyone ranging from Defi-related crypto projects to decentralized crypto exchange, NFT & Gaming-related crypto projects need off-chain decentralized data through their respective smart contracts.

So, we believe that the demanding crypto niche of Chainlink will lead when the Web 3.0 wave comes into play. Right now, hundreds of crypto projects are using Chainlink for receiving the off-chain-based data service in their blockchain, and the number is gradually increasing.

What’s the realistic price prediction for Chainlink in the 2025 Crypto Bull Market?

  • Minimum $100.

Yes, it’s our firm belief that Chainlink will touch the $100 milestone by the 2025 Crypto Bull Market. Because Chainlink is developing a massive ecosystem before 2025, the LINK holders will certainly enjoy its result in the next crypto bull run.

Actually, the 2021 Crypto Bull Market was a great year for Chainlink because Chainlink’s price touched the $50 milestone in 2021, whereas its price was only $1 in 2019. That means Chainlink gave its holders more than 50X profit in the 2021 Bull Run. However, we believe 2025 will be a more profitable year for Chainlink because its ecosystem will be more grown-up then.

2)     Biconomy (The Transaction Fee Killer of Web 3.0)

Biconomy (BICO) will be one of the leaders of top-10 web 3.0 crypto because it provides such an exclusive service that is essential for everyone ranging from million dollar projects to an average retail crypto user.  So, the common question is-

Why is Biconomy so valuable in the area of Web 3.0 transactions?

  • Look, the cryptocurrency industry suffered much from the high transaction fee in the last 5-7 years. But, Biconomy has come up with an innovative solution for the high transaction fee. As a result, the transaction fees will be cheaper in the Web 3.0 industry compared to the current time. And it will drive the demand for BICO tokens higher in the future.
  • To be very honest, nowadays, the transactions of the Cryptocurrency industry are very complex, like switching networks in MetaMask is obligatory while transacting. And even cold wallets require a person to give several times confirmation for a transaction taken place on it. Biconomy will solve such complex issues.
  • Therefore, Biconomy will make billions of transactions that will take place in the Web 3.0 industry easier by taking those transactions under its technology. Hence, we strongly believe that Biconomy will be one of the top crypto projects in the Web 3.0 crypto niche.

The Realistic Price Prediction of Biconomy for the Next Cryptocurrency Bull Market

  • Biconomy’s stay in the Cryptocurrency market has been for less than a year, but in the meantime, its price moved much more bullish and hit the ATH price at $22 on December 2, 2021.
  • Seeing the Biconomy ecosystem’s future plan and the BICO team’s activities, we can undoubtedly say that Biconomy’s price will increase sharply by the next crypto bull market.
  • And, to be more specific, we are anticipating Biconomy’s price to be at more than $50 by the next crypto bull market. The reason behind so is that Biconomy is solving a big problem in the Web 3.0 industry by making transactions easier.

3)     Parsiq (True Data Tracker of the Web 3.0 Industry)

In our eyes, Parsiq is one of the best web 3.0 cryptos because it is efficient at data tracking-like challenging tasks in the Web 3.0 industry. This trendy Crypto niche will lead the Web 3.0 niche along with other crypto niches in the upcoming crypto bull market.

Why is Parsiq the best Web 3.0 Crypto project on Data Tracking?

  • Indeed, the name ‘’data tracking’’ appears to be a fancy job, but it’s not that easy in reality. However, Parsiq has been doing this challenging job since much before. Parsiq has shared its roadmap of late, which makes it clear that Parsiq will further develop the blockchain data analysis-based power.
  • Parsiq is known as a reverse oracle in the Cryptocurrency industry. The way Chainlink transports off-chain data into the blockchain, Parsiq does the reverse job, meaning Parsiq transports on-chain data outside the blockchain.

                 Suppose billions of transactions happen on Binance every day. So now, Binance wants to have all authentic data on user behavior on transactions. What is the solution in this regard?

  • Obviously, they will rely on Parsiq because it is capable of providing data in bulk instantly.

Or, think of a country where Crypto is legal, like India. Suppose the Indian government wants to know the transaction type and behavior of cryptocurrency transactions occurring in the country per month. Then, who can help the Indian government get all these pieces of information?

  • Definitely Parsiq. So, there lies a huge demand for Parsiq for data tracking in the industry. And we believe Parsiq will reign in this sector in the Web 3.0 industry.

Parsiq Price Prediction for the 2025 Crypto Bull Market

  • Parsiq gave more than 20X profit to its holders in the 2021 bull market and we saw that Parsiq touched its ATH price at $2.7 in early 2021.
  • And we believe Parsiq’s price will be more than $20 by the 2025 crypto bull market. Because Parsiq was a set of ideas in 2021, it will form a giant ecosystem by 2025. And this Parsiq ecosystem will create a massive demand for PRQ tokens.

Moreover, more than 40% of Parsiq’s circulating supply is locked in the IQ Protocol Pool, which will create an artificial crisis because of the high demand and shortage of supply. This fact will boost up PRQ token’s price in the 2025 crypto bull market.

4)     Ocean Protocol (The Powerhouse of Data Economy)

Hello Crypto Folks, do you have any notion about the data economy?

  • Actually, the data economy is comprised of live data, data applications, and data services. And ocean protocol is the leader of data economy in the Cryptocurrency industry.

What is Ocean Protocol?

  • To state easily, Ocean Protocol is the broker of digital data that links between data publishers and data consumers.
  • In fact, data owners use Ocean Market App to monetize their data before disclosing them alongside keeping their data protected. As a result, their privacy isn’t threatened.
  • On the other hand, data consumers receive such unique data using the Ocean Protocol App that is impossible to obtain from anywhere else.
  • So, Ocean protocol is arranging everything to reign in the data economy sector by quenching the hunger for desirable data of data consumers.

Look, what we think is Ocean protocol will be able to spread its data-based service across the outer world besides the blockchain industry in the future.

Our firm belief is that the price of Ocean protocol will be more than $10 by the 2025 Cryptocurrency bull market, albeit ocean protocol gave its holders a 100X profit in the 2021 Cryptocurrency bull market. We believe the same scenario we will again see in 2025 because the Ocean protocol is a fundamentally strong project, and they are establishing their ecosystem smarter day by day.

5)     Basic Attention Token (The Most Demanding Web 3.0 Crypto Browser)

Do you know that the digital marketing industry generated more than $300 billion in revenues just in 2019? So, this digital marketing industry is really massive. However, the industry is still centralized and over-priced, like the service you are getting from here in exchange for the high pay isn’t equal to the value you deserve to get. 

  • So, advertising companies are not getting quality service in the current digital advertising industry.
  • On the other hand, the privacy of general people is being threatened due to the wrong approach being followed by the current digital advertising industry.

So, what’s the solution?

  • Of course basic attention token or BAT.

So now the question is- What is Basic Attention Token?

  • Actually, the Basic attention token has developed a digital advertising system in a decentralized way through Brave Browser. They made sure to deliver fair service equal to the amount that companies are paying for digital marketing, which is not possible through any other digital marketing platform.
  • But, you are out of fear if you are a user of Brave Browser because the Basic Attention token will not sell your personal data for profit just like other browsers. Here, your data is secured, and most importantly, you can earn BAT tokens based on your activities. Because Basic Attention Token shares some percentages of profit with users that they obtain from advertisers.

And we believe the value of the Basic Attention Token will increase when the Web 3.0 trend comes to the limelight in the 2025 Cryptocurrency bull market. Because BAT token has already developed a massive ecosystem, and right now, Brave Browser of Basic Attention Token has 60M monthly users. And this number is really attractive.

On the other hand, the 2021 Cryptocurrency Bull Market was a great year for BAT token holders as they gained 15X profit in the year. So, we expect that Basic Attention Token will create a new ATH in the 2025 Bull Market, and its price will be more than $5.

6)     Colony (The Best Web 3.0 Crypto Passive Income Generator)

Projects that offer money-making opportunities could form colossal communities very easily in the Cryptocurrency industry, and so happened in the case of Web 3.0. People will start searching for decentralized Web 3.0-based projects, which offer the guarantee of passive-income generating, once the trend of Web 3.0 gets underway.

If you ask us-

Which Web 3.0 Crypto projects provide the most passive income?

  • We will answer ‘’COLONY’’ in a word.

Actually, the Colony is such an innovative crypto project that offers you the opportunity of generating passive income in four different ways by staking. Even you can also earn Avalanche (AVAX) coins for free per month by Colony staking. Moreover, Colony will give you high passive income through a liquidity provider program. Besides so, you can earn more through INDEX. And even this is not the end because you will also get tokens of potential projects in the Avalanche ecosystem as free Airdrop. 

So, what else do you want from Colony?

  • Wait, this is not the end. Through Colony, you can invest in any potential project of Avalanche at Seed and Private level as a VC.

We believe Colony is a name of an innovative project not only in the Avalanche ecosystem but also in the entire crypto industry. And Colony’s price must skyrocket once the trend of Web 3.0 gets underway.

Our firm belief is that Colony’s price will outnumber $50 by the 2025 Cryptocurrency Bull Market. So, we are not getting into a dept discussion on the topic because we have recently published a long-detailed article in this regard. If you are eager to know how much Colony’s price will be by the next crypto bull market, you can read this article.

7)     Arweave (Universal Information Archive)

Actually, Arweave (AR) preserves all information of the Web 3.0 world as an archive, and this preserved information can never be modified. The value of the decentralized data archive in Web 3.0 is more powerful than that of Web 2.0. So, we believe that Arweave (AR)’s price can be more than $200 once the trend of the Web 3.0 crypto niche starts.

8)     Polkadot (The King of Web 3.0 Interoperable Blockchain)

Interoperability of the Web 3.0 industry is a significant power because the cost of a transaction remains low due to this interoperability when any cross-blockchain network transaction is made. And we believe Polkadot Crypto is the sole owner of this power in the Web 3.0 industry.

Polkadot’s price is expected to be more than $150 by the time there will have a win-win situation for the Web 3.0 crypto niche all-around in the 2025 crypto bull market. Indeed, there are so many crypto projects that will get lost in the future, but Polkadot isn’t such a type of project. Polkadot’s interoperability is badly essential in the blockchain industry for Cryptocurrency’s adoption.

9)     Gitcoin (Creative Community of Web 3.0 Builders)

If you ask us- where will you find most of the creative builders of Web 3.0?

  • Then we will tell you to join the Gitcoin community because it is the coordinator of maximum creative Web 3.0 builders.

Not only that, Gitcoin funds potential Gitcoin Web 3.0 projects. So now you can understand how unique and potential Gitcoin is.

Do you know another thing?

So now, you can guess how skyrocketing Vitalik’s favorite project’s price can be by the next Bull Run when Web 3.0 crypto niche is in force. We anticipate Gitcoin’s price to reach $100.

10) VIDT Datalink (the King of Data Publication of the Web 3.0 Industry)

VIDT Datalink is one of the most significant players in the Web 3.0 industry for purifying data. And we strongly believe this hybrid blockchain will be able to show its potential in the future once the Web 3.0 trend gets underway.

It’s because VIDT Datalink owns a highly developed technology, especially its validation and NFT creation platform. We anticipate that VIDT Datalink will show its token holders a $7+ price for the first time in the 2025 cryptocurrency Bull Run.


Web 3.0 is a potential crypto niche in the crypto industry. Indeed, till now, we consider the Web 3.0 crypto niche as an underdog even though we saw a win-win situation for the crypto meme niche and gaming-type crypto niche in the 2021 crypto bull market. But, our firm belief is that Web 3.0 will emerge as the most demanding crypto niche as a hotcake in the 2025 Crypto bull market, and thus, it will acquaint its caste. And the aforementioned top-10 Web 3.0 crypto projects will lead this crypto niche. Let us know your opinion on the Web 3.0 crypto niche by commenting below.

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