Whether Liberty OS can Beat Microsoft A Big Question

Whether Liberty OS can Beat Microsoft? A Big Question

When an emerging technology appears, people always have adverse standpoints in opposition to the technology. But by lapse of time when the technology snatches out an auspicious position and is able to prove it as a blessing to the universe, people even who were in disfavor of the technology, rush to adopting the technology and that is historically proved. The similar effect we are observing in blockchain industry.

We are at the age of science and we had a revolutionary change by the last decade because of the blessing science. More than half of the blessing came from Internet, which is integral part of our modern universe. But along with all these innovations, the cybersecurity is a major issue and internet involves are much concerned about the issue. Cybersecurity issue always keeps people at hazard that they can lose their information any time. Though blockchain industry is also internet based, the industry is also prone to the issue and users have also experienced a number of issues.

But now I think this issue is no longer going to be permanent because of the involvement of a high skilled team to the industry. In order to ensuring accessibility, user privacy and ease of use, the experienced team, which worked for industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM and researched at the top universities such as UC Berkeley, Stanford University and Harvard University,  has developed this crypto-security-oriented Operating System, having some most conventional or common pre-installed crypto wallets. Though the technology is at its initial stage, it needs additional developers, consultants and marketing experts.

The team introduced Liberty Token (LIB), which is basically a cryptocurrerncy, runs on the Binance blockchain. The usage of liberty token was made simple via the incorporation of the Liberty Wallet into the OS.

The token is present with a number of features indeed which is spreading vantage of more investment and hopefully will augment the involvement of large companies. An enhanced opportunity has been spread for advertiser as they can buy adds in the start menu.  Users of the Liberty OS receive the liberty token for viewing and interacting with ads as they choose.  As a result there is no need of middleman. It’s an income source via the Liberty OS.

There is an app store Liberty OS users who can easily purchase and install applications. The submission, which is done without the need for registration or developer membership payment, and processing of apps to the Liberty app store, is very simple and straightforward. The approval for the apps takes less time. Users can easily create high-quality freeware and open-source projects through the app system. At the time of installation, users can be able to choose a number of programs to be installed with the Operating System. For the installation and updating the Liberty OS system, there is a network connection.

This operating system consists of some parts including task bar, plank, start menu, search, current users, shut down menu, setting menu. The domination level of Microsoft in the industry of Desktop and laptop computers is known to us. The Liberty OS has been brought in by a team with an eye to racing against other existing OS like Windows and Mac OS.

We know Windows operating system, having over 800m users, being a popular one globally lack in security and vulnerability to viruses malware which is one of its gist problem. If you pay a closure look at the cost level then you can see Liberty OS can be downloaded without any pay but downloading of Windows 10 requires pay and its expensive. Taking license for Windows 10 is really hard. On the contrary to that the free Liberty OS requires no complexity in its licensing model or any upscale pricing strategy. Compared to Windows 10, Liberty OS is much more lightweight, quicker, faster and smoother.

Liberty OS requires less hardware requirements and runs fewer amounts of applications that made it quicker than Windows 10. One of the most exciting features of Liberty OS is that it is more efficient in thread scheduling and is three generation ahead of Windows 10 in thread scheduling algorithms and processes. 

Third party possesses in Windows 10, is prone to having too many programs running in the background, posses 95% of the CPU usage causing further system hardware degradation. The performance of Windows 10 deteriorates over time because of periodic software update installations. Sometimes lacking of RAM is seen while working is an issue.

On the other hand Liberty OS, which is basically platform-independent, is designed on the basis of high performance, stability and dependency. The OS can easily support upgrades of components without causing effect to other components. Upgrades are optional in the operating system. Liberty OS is also ahead in terms of hardware capability compared to Windows 10.

Basically Liberty OS system has been originated to ensure privacy of protection of data of users indeed. It collects huge amount of data from their users and takes advantage of such aggregated data. Periodic updates will be pushed by the company and those updates will be optional and sudden updates won’t interrupt your work in opposition to what Windows 10 does. Here the updates are free of rebooting hardware which is available in Windows 10 is annoying. Downloading and installation won’t be forced upon you in the Liberty OS. Another major facility of Liberty OS is that it is fully customizable so here you have flexibility.In the end of the discussion, I can say that Liberty OS is really a big step in such emerging blockchain industry. It will produce more public involvement and must make sense in the mind of people over the blockchain industry. A technology can’t take place globally until the users of the world adopt the technology so making people aware is the compulsory duty of involves and entrepreneurs. If concretization of all principles of Liberty OS is done successfully, a dazzling future is waiting for blockchain industry.

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