Which Cryptocurrencies Vitalik Buterin Likes?

Top 7 Cryptocurrencies that Vitalik Buterin Likes?

It is Vitalik Buterin, a 28-year-old young, who has already changed the info-structure of the Cryptocurrency industry. The idea of smart contracts in the crypto industry is the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin. His-invented-Ethereum has been in the second position for a long time. Vitalik Buterin, with much prowess in the industry, is a multi-billionaire in the cryptocurrency industry. Even after all that, he is a flesh-and-blood human being, and he has his own choices. And he has his most-favorite-crypto-projects list and denying-crypto-projects list too. General crypto users have a limitless eagerness to know these things. If you are also an enthusiast about knowing this, you can read this ‘’Top 7 cryptocurrencies that Vitalik Buterin likes the most’’ article because this article will suppress your curiosity over knowing the answer. In this article, we published those cryptocurrency projects in the form of a list that VB supports directly. And the next part will contain the list of his disliking crypto projects list. So, get to read this article without any delay if Vitalik Buterin is the hub of your eagerness.

Who is Vitalik Buterin?

In the era of blockchain, Vitalik Buterin has a number of identities to introduce him. Yet, he is widely known as the founder of Ethereum, a popular Cryptocurrency project. Ethereum tops second in position right after Bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency industry. As of now, VB is busy with Ethereum 2.0. Even though Ethereum provides unique facilities through their smart contracts in the cryptocurrency industry, the issues of Ethereum’s high transaction fee and low speed are like a thorn stuck in the throat. Vitalik Buterin with his team is working restlessly to come up with Ethereum 2.0 for providing transaction facilities at a low cost.

Born31th January 1994
Known ForEthereum Founder
Twitter Followers3.3M
Instagram Followers996K

Vitalik Buterin has much power in the Cryptocurrency industry, albeit he looks simple. The reason is maximum DeFi type cryptocurrency projects are under Ethereum right now. That’s why cryptocurrency users are putting up with this high transaction fee of Ethereum blindly. But, successful cryptocurrency projects with their huge ecosystem like Avalanche and Solana have taken away the sleep of Vitalik Buterin since 2021. So, we can’t say that the time of Vitalik Vuterin is going in comfort.

Is Vitalik Buterin altcoin Cryptocurrency friendly?

  • The answer is YES. Indeed, Vitalik Buterin himself announced via Twitter that he had been altcoin-friendly since before the creation of Ethereum. Since then, the Ethereum founder has known that only real problem-solving Cryptocurrency projects would survive in the market. VB knew those projects which were copying Bitcoin at that time would not exist for long.

Admittedly, that VB is altcoin-friendly can be realized seeing the tweeter account of this creative personality. It is owing to the fact that he frequently shares his opinion about his most-liked crypto projects on his tweeter account. And sometimes, he is seen retweeting a tweet to inform his followers.

Indeed, Vitalik likes only a handful of crypto projects. And it’s also true that he doesn’t even throw his disliked projects off the shackle of criticism.

Let’s cut to the chase. Now, come to refute the projects that Vitalik likes and the reasons behind his liking. So, the question is-

Top 7 Cryptocurrencies that Vitalik Buterin Likes the Most

  1. Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Binance Coin (BNB)
  3. Polygon (Matic Network)
  4. Gitcoin (GTC)
  5. Status (SNT)
  6. Filecoin (FIL)
  7. Augur (REP)
  • To say in brief, Vitalik likes those cryptocurrency projects the most, which enrich the Ethereum ecosystem. Let’s come to know the details of those crypto projects that are liked by Vitalik.

1) Ethereum is Number one choice for Vitalik Buterin

Yes guys. That Ethereum is the number one choice of Vitalik Buterin is an open secret. Affixing the newly arrived smart contract system to the entire Cryptocurrency industry has been the want of Vitalik since the birth of the idea. Initially, Vitalik wanted to execute this desire through Bitcoin but didn’t have the support from Bitcoin contributors.

As a result, Vitalik continued his attempt to establish his own Cryptocurrency project by using the smart contract idea.

Indeed, Vitalik has hadn’t a smooth journey with Ethereum because the 2013-crypto market wasn’t like 2022. The 2013-14 Cryptocurrency market was narrow. In the present time, a potential Cryptocurrency project can easily derive a handsome amount of capital by doing ICO and IDO with their well-off ideas. But, back in the day, there wasn’t enough capital and the future scenario of the cryptocurrency market was blurry to the users. So, instability was visible among the Cryptocurrency users.

However, back to the history of 2014, when 50M ETH was sold at $0.31 in the ICO, and from the ICO, the Ethereum team rose about $16M capital.

Indeed, 2014, 15, and 16 weren’t well-off years for the Cryptocurrency industry. In September 2015, the price of Ethereum stayed at $1.3, with a $98M marketcap. Back then, Ethereum ranked at 4.

On the other hand, the marketcap of Ethereum became $626M+ in 2016, and, the price of ETH grew to $7+. Actually, by the time, Vitalik had to prove Ethereum was a legit project, and Ethereum had significance for the mass adoption by the Cryptocurrency industry.

Then came the popular 2017, which was a honeyed year for Ethereum and Vitalik. That year produced a win-win situation for Ethereum. From 2017, several cryptocurrency projects started coming under the Ethereum smart contract. And from then on, Vitalik never needed to look back.

You don’t even have to know rocket science to understand how sensitive Vitalik is to the Ethereum project. If you just-

Follow the activities of Vitalik, you can understand that. It’s true that due to the arrival of some potential projects, like Solana and Avalanche, Vitalik is now bound to bring ETH version 2.0. Actually, the arrival of those potential projects has made Vitalik go to the wall. But, don’t forget that Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum. If ETH version 2.0 becomes able to increase the transaction speed and reduce costs of transactions, then you may need to have a calculator to measure the price of Ethereum after 10 years.

2) Vitalik Buterin’s liking for Binance isn’t something new

Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance exchange, is also known as CZ, who confirmed via a tweet that Vitalik Buterin thanked him thrice in the last two months. But he didn’t obviously say why VB bade him thanks so many times.

  • In this regard, what market veterans are assuming is maybe CZ shared some impressive idea about Ethereum 2.0 with Vitalik, for which he thanked CZ. If any ranking is made based on the cryptocurreny ecosystem, Binance smart chain will rank right after Ethereum. The speed and transaction cost of the Binance smart chain is relatively lesser than that of Ethereum. That’s why veterans think that CZ possibly aided Vitalik by offering him some valuable information about Ethereum 2.0, for what Vitalik thanked CZ.

Indeed, Vitalik’s liking for Binance isn’t a new history because Vitalik and CZ were seen together many times previously. Binance has no feud with Ethereum business-wise. BSC (Biance Smart Chain) has skyrocketing popularity as a smart chain, albeit it is more successful as an exchange. If we talk about only a handful number of personalities of the cryptocurrency industry, the name of CZ must be in there, and so he belongs to great power in the industry. And Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik, and Binance’s founder have years old friendship.

So, it goes without saying that the name of Binance must be at the top of the preferred cryptocurrency list of Vitalik.  

However, once Binance wasn’t so popular. In 2017, Binance was wandering below $1. Indeed, whereas some people like CZ, some others are hatred of him too. And, especially, he needed to face it at his initial time. Even still now, many people don’t want to confess Binance smart chain as a decentralized chain because they think of the exchange to be a centralized blockchain. Many people dislike CZ because he is a Chinese citizen. Even some people suspect CZ could do something bad with Binance users.

Initially, Binance had to struggle hard. Indeed, nowadays exchange-type cryptocurrencies are highly popular. This trend wasn’t even customary 4 to 5 years ago. But, besides offering easy cryptocurrency buying and selling opportunities, Binance also provides the facility of earning money by holding BNB tokens. Due to this reason, Binance could grow massive community-based supporters within a short period. Alongside so, popular Crypto founders like Vitalik started liking Binance, which is helping the exchange to go ahead.

3) Polygon (Matic) is one of the favorite crypto projects of Vitalik

No love in the world consists of without self-interest. This example is blatant in the case of Vitalik’s liking for the Matic network. In the last 2 to 3 years, several changes have taken place in the crypto industry infrastructure-wise, whereas once people used to think that no other project could chase the smart contract-based business of Ethereum. But, the present scenario of the crypto market is different. To be frank, Ethereum went to the wall because of the pressure of Solana and the AVAX ecosystem.  

But, during such a time, Matic Network (Polygon) is supporting Ethereum’s layer-two-solution. Indeed, you all know the problems of Ethereum. Owing to the high transaction cost and slow transaction flow, Ethereum users face bars while transacting. In this critical situation, Matic Network is here for the Ethereum community as an alternative option. That’s the reason Matic Network has become a favorite to Vitalik Buterin. The evidence of the conversation between Sandeep, Co-founder of Matic Network, and Vitalik duo in recent times still exists on Twitter. In fact, it is thought that the conversation was held regarding Shiba Inu coin donation.

In the ETH ecosystem, Vitalik and Sandeep developed a friendship business-wise. On the other hand, Matic is a favorite crypto project not only to Vitalik but also in the whole ETH ecosystem.

  • Nevertheless, Polygon started through a great struggle because the hype of Polygon had been noticeable since the first day. The initial name of Polygon was Matic Network and it fell victim to hacking. That issue caused a decline in the faith of people from Polygon. And you all know that 2019 wasn’t an auspicious year for the cryptocurrency industry. That’s why Polygon had to run its struggle throughout the whole year to establish itself. But, from the beginning of 2021, the Matic network became able to capture the faith of people, and the network reached its ATH, $2.44, in the same year. This ATH is not made automatically rather a number of events play behind it, so to know this in detail, read out this article.

However, after creating this ATH in 2021, Matic never needed to look back again. Now, the Matic network is establishing its ecosystem newly. Does the Polygon team have any other way without being boosted up when popular cryptocurrency figures like Vitalik Buterin support them?

4) The Involvement of Vitalik Buterin with Gitcoin is Explicit

Gitcoin is a creative community-based cryptocurrency project. And the involvement between Vitalik Buterin and Gitcoin is something old. But, Vitalik has lately taken the relationship between him and Gitcoin to the next level. Exactly, we are hinting at Vitalink’s $5 Million donations to the Gitcoin project. Indeed, it is more honorable for a crypto project than financial support. The reason is when a talented crypto enthusiast like Vitalik donates any cryptocurrency project; it means that the project has a fundamental strength.

Actually, what we previously said too is- the cryptocurrencies liked by Vitalik Buterin are of a handful amount. In this small list, the number of cryptocurrencies that received donations from Vitalik is rare. So, now apprehend how much favorite Gitcoin is to Vitalik.

Let’s come to a question-

  • Why is Gitcoin Favorite to Vitalik Buterin?

To be honest, Gitcoin is a combination of creative cryptocurrency developers, and so this project is made of a number of unique ideas. Here, a Gitcoin community member will find all ideas ranging from cryptocurrency learning to cryptocurrency earning. Upon your will, you can contribute your fund to potential Web3.0 projects in their early stages as a Gitcoin community member. So, you may apprehend that Gitcoin is establishing a future standard internet space through Web3.0 applications.

But, despite being made of such unique ideas and having support from Vitalik Buterin, the price of Gitcoin is still at its discovery level. Gitcoin is yet to achieve something special both in its price and community. Maybe, the reason is that general cryptocurrency investors are still busy understanding the potentiality of Gitcoin.

That’s why, by the time we are writing this article regarding Vitalik Buterin’s involvement with Gitcoin, the total marketcap of Gitcoin is $120M, which is very unfitting from such a creative community-based cryptocurrency project.

On the other hand, on 27th November 2021, the ATH price of Gitcoin was $29. Then, Gitcoin’s price fell flat following the decline of Bitcoin, albeit the Gitcoin community has been showing its creativity in the Web3.0 space daily.

However, we believe that the bond between Vitalik and Gitcoin will get stronger day by day because the ETH ecosystem needs support from creative cryptocurrency projects like Gitcoin. For that reason, you may have noticed that Vitalik Buterin tweets and sometimes re-tweets at any Gitcoin’s achievement. We think that support from such potential cryptocurrency projects is essential for the sake of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

5) Status (SNT) is one of Vitalik’s favorite Cryptocurrency projects

Status, which is a Web3.0-based cryptocurrency project, incorporates the amenities of Web3.0 browser, Web3.0 wallet, and private messaging. Indeed, Status (SNT) came into the limelight by publishing a piece of news captioning ‘’Status Supports the ETH 2.0 Deposit Contract’’ by the end of 2020. After this news was uploaded, cryptocurrency users found the involvement between Vitalik and Status.

After then, Vitalk himself said cryptocurrency community in detail why he began liking Status (SNT). For example- in an interview held some days earlier, he said that he is fond of the desktop version interface of Status. Vitalik was optimistic about Status at its initial time, albeit he has some issues with the SNT coin.

Moreover, VB hopes that using Status (SNT) will increase the use-case of ETH.

Furthermore, VB’s involvement with Status (SNT) makes us apprehend that Status (SNT) may be playing a vital role in the ETH2.0 ecosystem. That’s the reason for Vitalik’s liking for Status (SNT). Being a Web3.0-based project, Status (SNT) has some extraordinary demand in the market.

But, to say honestly, since 2017 to date, Status (SNT) investors haven’t had a good time with SNT. How harsh the previous years of Status (SNT) investors went past you can apprehend by seeing the trading chart of the project. What we think is SNT got some big issues with its tokenomics because their increase in circulating supply brought no success for them in the last 3 years.

In July 2017, SNT’s price was at $0.056, but; today, when we are writing this article (8th February 2022), the price of SNT is around $0.056.

However, if the Status (SNT) team works with their current tokenomics and be able to increase their use-cases, we hope the price of SNT will increase. And it goes without saying that Status (SNT) will get additional advantage from the ETH ecosystem as the popular cryptocurrency figure like Vitalik is supporting the project.

6) Why does Vitalik like Filecoin so much?

Indeed, Filecoin, a decentralized storage system, has a motto of storing humanity’s most important information by blockchain technology. And it’s no longer clandestine that Filecoin is one of the liked projects of Vitalik. Basically, Vitalik spreads the news of any Filecoin’s achievement via tweet to his followers.

But, no clue of vitalik’s working with Filecoin has been found. However, what lurks in our mind is, maybe, Filecoin will work with Ethereum 2.0 once it becomes public. Actually, Filecoin is such a project that big cryptocurrency ecosystems badly need. So, we won’t even startle if we see Filecoin working hands in glove with Ethereum in the future.

Let’s back to Filecoin’s entire journey from its peregrination. However, what we previously told you too that Filecoin works with such a niche that maximum cryptocurrency projects badly need. That’s the reason for their getting attention from the cryptocurrency veterans from the very beginning. Notably, Filecoin got more positive attention from Cryptocurrency YouTubers, like Bitboy Crypto, Coin Bureau, etc. And its effect we saw in its chart, whereas Filecoin’s price was beneath $6 on 5th May 2020, the price accrued to $237 by 1st April 2021. Yes, the project gained hugely at price in this session. After then, Filecoin started showing us the reverse side of the coin. Its price began falling after reaching its ATH price. But, by the middle of 2021, when the price of other popular cryptocurrency projects of AVAX was increasing smoothly, the chart of filecoin was full of reds.

It’s quite natural, why are we saying so?

  • Bear one thing in mind, a cryptocurrency massively falls after it increases by 100X or 200X. So, those who are the early investors of that project can enjoy the full benefit of this increase. Consequently, after that high increase, those investors start selling their coins, which leads to selling pressure. And the same thing took place with Filecoin. Another reason for the reduction of Filecoin’s price is that they are increasing their circulating supply day by day.

But, the service that Filecoin provides indeed has future potential. So, the future of Filecoin is bright. On the other hand, the project has another advantage as it has backing from Vitalik Buterin.

7) Vitalik Buterin announces Augur (REP) as the most undervalued Crypto Project

Look, we laid bare the Vitalik’s-favorite-cryptocurrency list in this article. But, Vitalik didn’t pronounce the word ‘’undervalued’’ for any other projects, except in the case of Augur (REP). Vitalik announced Augur (REP) as the most undervalued crypto project, via a tweet from his official Twitter account. He expressed his optimism about REP, saying the project has an exclusive team, which is working on a market prediction niche.

By the time we are writing this article, Augur (REP) has a marketcap of $168M+, with its price at $15. But, Augur’s move was mere and so we can use the word ‘’undervalued’’ of vitalik in its case. Once in 2017, Augur’s price was at $100+, and since then, the coin never touched $100. So, it is expected that may be Augur’s price can grow once the prediction market niche becomes trendy.

Moreover, VB’s favorite cryptocurrency list also covers xDai Chain, Uniswap, and Yearn Finance. Indeed, Vitalik Buterin owns a weird character because he keeps saying people candidly about his likings and disliking of cryptocurrencies. Even it has also happened that once VB used to like a cryptocurrency, but now he dislikes that one, and owing to that reason, he criticizes that cryptocurrency openly.  Put simply the example of xDai. In the initial time of xDai, Vitalik was a fan of the xDai chain. However, of late, he has announced that he is no longer excited about xDai like before, saying the project is potential for a short time, not for a long time.

On the other hand, vitalik Buterin’s disliking cryptocurrency list is also not less interesting.  Basically, Vitalik’s disliking of a project depends on the relation of the project with ETH and other beneficial issues. So, it’s time to know the disliking cryptocurrency list of Vitalik.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies that Vitalik Buterin dislikes

  1. Bitcoin cash
  2. Avalanche
  3. Solana

1) Nowadays, Vitalik is seen criticizing Bitcoin cash directly

That Bitcoin cash tops that disliking list of Vitalik Buterin will make many of you startle. Nowadays, Vitalik directly criticizes Bitcoin cash on Twitter by opening threads. That criticizing thread even dubbed Bitcoin cash as an unsuccessful project. According to Vitalik, Bitcoin cash is taking lots of time to succeed even though it has a favorable surrounding. He thinks that it wasn’t supposed to take place.

Furthermore, Vitalik reminded us of 2017 when he was a supporter of Bitcoin Cash. Sharing a picture of the then Coinmarketcap, he showed that Bitcoin was at 1st position, Bitcoin cash was at 2nd position, and following which Ethereum was. So, it appears that Vitalik is not pleased with the working progress of Bitcoin cash. It is the reason for Bitcoin cash being in the disliking list of Vitalik.

2) Vitalik’s disliking of Avalanche and (3) Solana is now an open secret

When we were making you know the cryptocurrency list preferred by Vitalik, you may have noticed that the majority of vitalik’s liked cryptocurrencies covering the list are those which are useful for Ethereum blockchain. But, the scenario is fully opposite in respect of Avalanche and Solana because these projects made Ethereum go to the wall, based on their blockchain. Indeed, it’s really enviable how Avalanche and Solana grew their ecosystem in 2021. And it’s natural for Vitalik to feel worried about it. The reason is Ethereum has been monopolizing for the last 5 to 6 years. But now, Avalanche and Solana are chasing ETH in the smart contract niche. That’s why a mark of anxiety is present on the face of VB.


Look, Vitalik Buterin is a big name in the Cryptocurrency industry. And, we haven’t confined to only answering ‘’which cryptocurrencies Vitalik Buterin likes?’’ in brief, rather we made it an analysis-based article on likings and disliking of cryptocurrencies of Vitalik so you can remain a step ahead in your own research. By reading this article, you may also learn depending on which parameters a cryptocurrency becomes fundamentally strong, why Vitalik Buterin likes these 7 cryptocurrencies, and why those projects are fundamentally strong. We hope that our contribution will help you grow your cryptocurrency skill.

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