Will Flock of Crypto Investors Accelerate it’s Priority in U.S.

Will Flock of Crypto Investors Accelerate it’s Priority in U.S.?

There has been an inclination over past years of appealing to voter blocks among various politics of United States which may result in ultimate beneficial to crypto industry. In the U.S. crypto market the number of crypto investors are constantly growing which is a positive sign to the crypto industry. As a result crypto has been started being listed in the list of priorities in influential public offices.

Gigantic Voter Block may be represented

8% of American is investing in crypto from a report published last year in March. Some candidates are being selected for elected offices who are actually invested in the nascent technology. Gaining a voter block of the magnitude for a national election can impact on the percentage of crypto investors indeed. But the numbers tells us the sign of expansion of crypto market.

Andrew Yang Advocates for ‘’Do No Harm’’ Crypto Regulations

Andrew Yang communicated his musings on cryptocurrencies, attracting New York State’s BitLicense while upholding for a ‘’do not harm’’ approach that enables the United States to stay on the front line of advancement in the quickly developing industry. The growth of crypto market has a critical time to the government to begin implementing regulatory framework. The government response arose because of the growth. This is the time government can make right and authentic guidance for crypto regulation people can legally invest into crypto. But Yang thinks the current position of crypto in U.S. is still ardent. Yang expected to provide clarity on token definition and security if he were to be elected indeed. He also wanted to elaborate about tax of buying and selling of crypto. All the confusions regarding crypto would be finished if any clear guidance were introduced. For the concern of Yang he became famous to crypto investors and to public.

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